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Winter Juice Feast. Day 15. Detox Yoga.

The first several days of the fast felt like an early morning yoga session- one where I’m not feeling balanced or warmed up yet, and I might be a little grumpy or groggy and questioning whether I really want to be doing this or not. Fifteen days in and I’m feeling fully warmed up and so much more in the flow of things. This morning I had several hours worth of “is my body really feeling this way?? Could it always feel this way if I keep heading in this direction???”. I felt so light and effortless, my head felt like it was just floating on top of my shoulders, not in a weird spaced out way, my body felt really grounded but buoyant at the same time. After getting to work I felt myself tense up a bit throughout the day and had my challenges but even at the end of it I feel really positive and happy and confident that I’m doing the right thing for myself right now.

Speaking of yoga, I’ve been alternating pretty challenging days with some lighter, stretchier, twistier classes. Here is a series of “detox” themed classes that I’ve loved and that also happen to be free on YouTube!

Today’s Juice Feast: 32 oz cucumber/apple/zucchini with lemongrass essential oil, 24 oz celery/zucchini/lemon, 32 oz carrot/kale, 32 oz grapefruit/orange/apple/kale, 32 oz orange/parsley.


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My Top 5 Favorite Yoga DVDs

For several years I’ve gone the typical “detox lifestyle” route in terms of exercise and stuck with rebounder workouts and long walks in the fresh air. As much as I love those things it’s been wonderful to let myself fall in love with yoga again. When Britney was out of town I got a pass for a Baptiste style yoga studio and loved it so much I got weeks worth of yoga DVDs from the library and pulled out my entire collection to practice with again. Here are the top 5 that I enjoy:

Bryan Kest’s Power Yoga

Kathryn Budig’s Aim True Yoga


The Trainers Edge: Long Lean Yoga

Tara Stiles’s Yoga Anywhere


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Catching up Post-NYC

Hello from the airport again! I really did not expect to get this behind in posting, I fully intended to update every day! Unfortunately the place I was staying had a suuuuuper slow internet connection and well, a post without pictures is a little boring.

Hopefully my updates aren’t boring but on my end It’s just been the most inspiring week and I might explode if I don’t share bits of it! I’ll try to throw recipes in between New York updates to break it up.

Day one was Sunday! Class wouldn’t start until Monday so I drug my baggage up to my new temporary residence (airbnb for the win, we paid almost nothing to stay 5 days in the city). Shortly after I arrived, Lola joined me and we hunted the city, unsuccessfully, for comfy yoga class attire. This was the first time I’d met Lola and our connection was instant! By the end of the day it felt like I’d known her my whole life.

Our wanderings led us to a meet up at Organic Avenue with Ana who had taken Natalia’s course previously and whom I was also meeting for the first time (again with the insta-connection). Seriously folks, this girl is amazing. We had an inspired afternoon chatting about future blog collaborations and even recording one of our conversations with the intention of sharing it here 🙂

Later on in the evening we made a stop at One Lucky Duck for more green juice and enthusiastic (read: too loud for this tiny cafe) chat about colon cleansing and detox life.

This day alone would have been worth the trip to NYC- how often to you meet three friends who immediately feel like sisters and who you gladly deprive yourself of sleep to stay up with and chat about everything from dramatic energy healing sessions to bowel movements 😉

It may also have been worth the trip for a meal at Pure Food and Wine. Renae joined us for an evening of decadence at this famed raw food restaurant, little did I know it would be my first of three meals at this extraordinary place!

I’ll leave this post with a few pictures, next go-round I’ll chat about our first day of class with Natalia!

Outside of Pure Food and Wine


Ana and her Caesar Salad.

Renae with the Raw Taco Salad.

Lola turns a Caesar Salad shot adorable.

Outside with full bellies. Don’t let the mat fool you, we never quite it made it to yoga 😉

After three hours of sleep the night before we all should have crashed but I think we were lucky to get more than five hours on any given night. We may have finally come close to running out of things to talk about by that last day!


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Indulging my Girly Side

Today’s post has nothing to do with vegetables. Or juice. Or food of any kind…It’s kinda like Good Stuff Friday!…on a Tuesday…and for those inclined towards feminine things 🙂

Recently, I’ve fallen in love with the work of Sera Beak so I was thrilled to discover this new radio show: Shooting the Spiritual Shit. According to the webpage you can “Catch Redvolutionary Sera Beak and Soul Whisperer Elisa Romeo dishing about spirituality in a raw, real and radically feminine kind of way.” The first show was fantastic, definitely have a listen:

Yum Universe! How did I not know about this place?? The link below is a great tutorial on how to make your own eyeshadow or liner out of charcoal! I don’t wear makeup often and when I do it’s not much but I thought this was pretty cool:

I’ve been loving incorporating more dance movement into my routine. I’ve always been a timid dancer but I’ve been feeling more and more drawn to things like Nia, Zumba, and “whatever-feels-good-to-my-own-soundtrack” with the help of Alexandra:

If you haven’t signed up for the WISH summit you absolutely have to! I’ve listened in on these free calls for the last two years and they are absolutely invaluable:

Why a day at the beach is better for you and your wallet than a day at the spa:

TMI? I totally use these. And I love them.

Don’t forget, you can enter the Vegus Juice Giveaway as many times as you want this month- just leave a comment here and check back Friday to see if you won!


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Sweet Potato Enchilada Salad and Rose Cleanse Day 24

Day 24! As much as I’m loving this I can’t deny I’m pretty excited to have creamy tahini salads and the occasional glass of wine (which I cut out during the cleanse) back. Today felt really excellent all the way through. I went for an hour-long walk in the rain sans umbrella, I think I’m exhibiting signs of a true Pacific Northwester 😉

Speaking of exercise, I’ve noticed that lately it’s almost like I have to. Physically, my body just craves movement, not exercise in the “traditional” sense though. When I was in high school I was a runner. At one point I was running nearly 40 miles a week and was still quite a bit heavier than I am now. I ran to make up for my hidden binge eating, and to deal with all of the conflicting things going on in my head at the time. I’m so grateful to feel physically and emotionally balanced most of the time these days without needing to put myself through hours of running, intense aerobics classes, and weight lifting. Not that there is anything wrong with that if you like it! Nowadays, I happen to really love movement that is gentler on my body. And I actually enjoy the process. When I’m working in Bellingham I’m hooked on my rebounder and walking to work when I can. The days I spend in Seattle I love doing yoga from My Yoga Online, taking chilly walks around the lake, and…*hangs head in slight embarassment*…zumba. Youtube it. It’s nice for an especially rainy day 😉 I’ve linked a couple of my favorite videos at the end of the post…and now, Sweet Potato Enchilada Salad.

Sweet Potato Enchilada Salad

For the sweet potatoes:

1 large sweet potato
1/2 cup Frontera Enchilada Sauce

For the salad base:

1 avocado and/or 1/2 cup black olives
1 head romaine
1 lime
large handful cilantro
2 cloves fresh garlic
1 ear fresh corn

For the cumin-veggie saute:

1/2 cup mushrooms
1 small onion
1 can roasted green chilies
sea salt, black pepper, and stevia (optional)
1 tsp cumin
pat of organic butter

Preheat oven to 400. Dice sweet potato and dry roast for 30 minutes. Saute mushrooms, onion, and green chilies (with liquid) in a pat of butter until soft. Squeeze lime over veggies. Chop romaine, cilantro, and fresh garlic. Slice corn from ear. Toss in a salad bowl. When potatoes are finished, remove from oven and pour enchilada sauce over the top. Layer the salad greens, sweet potatoes, and lime-veggies in your salad bowl, topping with chunks of ripe avocado and/or black olives.

What sort of exercise do you enjoy?


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