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Creamy Sesame Almond Dressing

This dressing is decadent and versatile, we had it over a medley of colorful, crisp veggies with a side of soft, steamed broccoli.

Creamy Sesame Almond Dressing


2/3 cup almond butter

1/3 cup tahini

2/3 cup water

1/4 cup white miso

2 Tbsp lemon juice

2 Tbsp apple cider vinegar

a thumb size of fresh ginger, peeled

2 cloves garlic, peeled

a drizzle of toasted sesame oil

salt, pepper, and red pepper flakes to taste

Blend until creamy, add more water if dressing is too thick.


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Coconut Ice Cream with Maca, Tahini, Cacao Nib Swirl

Heaven in a bowl, the perfect almost-Summer treat.

Coconut Ice Cream with Maca, Tahini, Cacao Nib Swirl


1 can full fat coconut milk

6 Tbsp maca (raw or roasted)

6 Tbsp cacao nibs

6 Tbsp tahini (raw or roasted)

Pour coconut milk into ice cream maker and process according to ice cream maker directions. Swirl remaining ingredients into completed ice cream.


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Zucchini Rolls with Curried Hummus Kelp Noodles, Sprouts, and Rainbow Peppers

zucchini rolls with curried hummus kelp noodles, sprouts, and rainbow peppers

Summer freshness at it’s best.


2 small zucchini, ends removed
1/4 cup raw tahini
1 jalapeƱo, stem and seeds removed
1 Tbsp curry powder
juice of 1 lemon
sea salt to taste
2 cloves garlic
handful of cilantro
red, yellow, and orange bell pepper slices
your favorite sprouts
1/2 bag kelp noodles

Use a mandoline to make thin, lengthwise slices of one zucchini. Combine tahini, jalapeno, curry, lemon, cilantro and garlic in food processor or blender and blend until creamy. Add salt to taste. Coat kelp noodles in hummus. Lay zucchini strips down across a couple of large plates, overlapping each other. Place a row of peppers, a row of sprouts, and a row of kelp noodles in the opposite direction of the zucchini and roll up like sushi. Cut into bite size pieces. Make a double batch of the dressing if you want more for dipping.


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Extremely Green Detox – Friendly Recipes

The weeks following the juice feast have been a little bit of a free for all. Not that I’m eating pasta or cheese sandwiches or anything but there has been a mish mash of fruit, gourmet raw food, a lot of nuts here, a little cheese there (raw and goat of course), forgoing of the green juice for straight carrot, some complicated combinations, and a smattering of wine, coffee, chocolate and emotional eating. The basic principles are still there but my body is definitely asking for a little simplicity and a LOT of greens. I’ve been pretty lazy about greens, especially dark ones. Enter, Natalia Rose’s Extremely Green Detox. Nothing sounds more ideal right now and I’m so excited that a lot of you will be involved as well. I’m ready to get my wheatgrass on!

The recipes you find below are my collection of Extremely Green Detox friendly recipes. The only thing you’ll need to tweak is using raw green stevia powder in place of NuNaturals stevia in the recipes that call for it.

Cardamom Roasted Cauliflower

Tahini Creamed Pico de Gallo over Kelp Noodles

Gingerbread Coated Wheatgrass Shot

Herbed Avocado and Hearts of Palm

Creamy Lemon Thyme Dressing

Aloe Lemonade

Chilled Cucumber Tahini Soup with Basil

Citrus Ginger Wheatgrass Cream

Hemp Butter Hummus

Sweet Citrus Kale Salad

Cinnamon Ginger Green Juice

Frontera Guacamole Salad

Salsini Dip

Cucumber Gazpacho

Chilled “Brocco-Cado” Soup with Smoked Sea Salt and Garlic

Guacamole Creamed Salsa

Spiced Avocado over Veggies and Romaine

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Tahini Creamed Pico de Gallo over Kelp Noodles

Tahini Creamed Pico de Gallo over Kelp Noodles


1 small box cherry tomatoes
1/2 a red bell pepper
1/2 small onion
big handful cilantro
juice of one lemon
handful sun dried tomatoes
1-2 Tbsp tahini
1 package kelp noodles

Pulse all ingredients besides kelp noodles in food processor until well combined but still chunky. Pour over kelp noodles.


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Salsini Dip

Despite not being particularly appealing to look at, I love this dip because it requires NO crazy kitchen tools. It can be whipped together in a matter of seconds with a fork and a bowl and used as a dip for veggies or a dressing for salad! Creamy, as-spicy-as-you’d-like it, and completely travel-friendly.


1/4 cup your favorite organic salsa
1/2 cup raw tahini

Mix with a fork.


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Dollar Store Veggies and Life Since The Rose Cleanse

This week I bought a pound of organic kale…for a dollar. I’ve struck leafy green gold at a dollar store near my hotel! I hop in every morning to see what sort of organic selections they have to offer me. Lately it’s been packs of romaine for juicing and today I was thrilled to snatch up their last box of organic cherry tomatoes!

Dollar Kale!

Britney and I have been working our way through this box the last couple of days- yesterday I threw together a kale salad dressed with creamy avocado, fresh garlic, a bit of plain tomato sauce, and a scoop of dijon mustard. The tomato/dijon combo was surprisingly amazing as a sauce!

Adorable Banana Babies

I’ve also been melting over these cute-as-heck baby bananas- they are so dense and cake-like. I’ve fallen in love. Speaking of fruit, I thought I’d mention some tweaks I’ve made since doing The Rose Cleanse last January. I happily juiced-til-dinner for the majority of February and still do on most days now. As long as it feels good, that’s what I do. I did however, find myself feeling a little lackluster once in a while and thought I’d tentatively experiment with some fruit. I used to get really bloated and sleepy eating fruit and doing a sugars cleanse felt really right. The first time I had some fruit post-cleanse though (and I’ve been eating similarly for a lot longer than just this year) I felt incredible! It was so filling and light at the same time and while I don’t indulge every day I’m able to feel out which days it’s really going to feel awesome and which days I’m happy with my veggie juices. I’ve tried out coffee and tea and amazingly (which was never the case before) the fruit feels better. I’ve gone the coffee route a few times in a frantic work pinch but it’s definitely not the norm.

A few other changes I’ve made: I like to eat some nuts and seeds with my dinner sometimes (tahini dressings make the top of the list), early veggie snacks before dinner tend to happen on long work days, and I’ve been toying with raw-honey sweetened desserts. I try not to take in any more sugar than my usual dark chocolate bar feeds me and sometimes a raw honey/cacao treat really hits the spot! That’s about all the changes I can think of. How are all of you post-Rose Cleansers doing?


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