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“Warm Pumpkin Pie” Carrot Juice


1 cup carrot juice
1 cup unsweetened nut milk
1 dropperful Nunaturals stevia
1 dropperful NuNaturals vanilla stevia
pinch of pumpkin pie spice

Bring nut milk to a boil in a small pot on the stove. Pour into a 16 oz mug, add stevia and pumpkin pie spice and stir. Add carrot juice and stir again.


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What I Ate Wednesday

Before I begin…look what came in the mail this week!!! I. am. drooling. Natalia and Doris’s Fresh Energy Cookbook is a MUST buy, I highly recommend it and I can’t wait to dig in myself!

So here’s what today’s looked like:

“Warm Pumpkin Pie” Carrot Juice- recipe to come!

A big cup of Celestial Seasoning’s Cinnamon Apple Spice tea with stevia.

I made a batch of this Thick and Creamy Avocado Lemon Tarragon Dressing (with stevia instead of agave) and ate half of it as a soup for lunch. Later in the afternoon I also ate a huge honeycrisp apple.

I haven’t had dinner yet but I’m planning on a big kale salad with the remainder of the avocado dressing and some steamed broccoli.

I’ve been on a huge baking kick and made several batches of macaroons the other day. I suspect I will be dipping into the stash for dessert AND sharing a new recipe tomorrow 🙂

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What I Ate Wednesday and the 14 Day Sugar-Free Challenge

Back to normal posting! I forgot for the first part of the day that I’d be posting this so there is no juice picture but I did manage to snap up the rest.

Wednesday Food Goodness:

16 oz. spring water

24 oz. cucumber/romaine/cilantro/ginger/lemon/lime juice with lemon stevia

32 oz. Pumpkin Pie in a Bowl with ginger and fennel plus half a box of cherry tomatoes.

Dinner was veggie wraps made with cabbage leaves, asparagus, sun-dried tomatoes, chives, fresh corn and apple cider vinegar mustard.

We had planned on going to a raw potluck but my dish ended up a bit of a disaster due to leaving my food processor at my other place. I ate several of the disastrous treats anyways 😉 I made the crust with coconut instead of pumpkin seeds to keep them well combined.

In other news, Ana has invited me to join her 14 day Sugar-Free Challenge and we’d love for you to join us as well! I’ve had really good experiences in the past removing sugar from my diet for periods at a time and even in my day-to-day I’m quite conscious of it. After all of my indulgences in New York though, this is just in time! Ana has outlined the dietary details for us:

Avoid: most grain and grain products, all fruit, sugar sweetened treats such as dark chocolate and Laloos Ice-cream, caffeine and alcohol

Bask in the glory of: veggie juices, greens, raw and cooked neutral veggies, sweet root veggies (yes, they are “sugary”, but low glycemic),”fruit-veggies” such as cucumbers and tomatoes, avocados, young coconut meat, lemons and limes, daily mediations, morning pages, yoga, rebounding, dry brushing, saunas, baths, regular bowel cleansing, Candigone, probiotics, 3% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide, tea and stevia!

Include moderately: cooked starchy vegetables such as sweet potatoes and winter squashes, mushrooms, organic young coconut water, small amounts of raw organic nuts and seeds, cocoa powder and raw cacao.

I’m looking at this as a time for indulging in new recipe ideas (maybe playing with the extra ideas I had when creating my Sugar-Free Dessert E-book) and taking bars of Lily’s or Coco Polo stevia-sweetened chocolates to work.

If, as Ana says, you’ve been dealing with skin issues, stubborn weight, brain fog, lethargy, sleeplessness, reproductive problems, moodiness (especially when you are hungry) and cravings, then this is a great jolt in the right direction.

Leave either of us a comment or an e-mail if you’d like to join us and be looking forward to our updates and recipes over the next couple of weeks!


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Traveling With The Detoxinista- A Guest Post

Hello, veggie-centric readers! My name is Megan, over from Detoxinista.com, and I am honored to be guest posting here today. Rande actually had perfect timing when requesting this post, because I happened to be traveling for work at the time, myself!

While I don’t have to travel too often for my job, when I do, I am usually gone for a week or more, making it necessary to maintain my healthy habits, if I want to feel any sense of normalcy. Sticking to a detox-friendly lifestyle may sound daunting at first, but it definitely gets easier with practice, and keeps me feeling great while I’m on the road.

Here are some of my favorite tips to keep your trip detox-friendly:

1. Bring whatever essentials you can. My carry-on bag is always a treat for the TSA security agents. I typically bring a stash of shelf-stable produce, including cucumbers, lemons, and not-too-soft avocados. In my experience, avocados are a bit of a gamble on flights— usually one or two of them will be affected by the altitude, and will turn to total mush! But, most of them will survive just fine. Also in my bag? A bottle of liquid stevia, raw almonds, herbal teas, plenty of dark chocolate, and my trusty enema kit.

2. Avoid eating anything dense during your flight, if possible. I try to book early morning flights, to avoid eating before flying altogether, but if I find myself in a situation where I must eat something, I’ll stick to hydrating fruits and veggies. Baby carrots are my favorite travel snack! Otherwise, I stick to sipping pure water and try to get as much rest as I can on the plane.

3. Hit the ground running… to a local grocery store. Before I even settle down, I always make a grocery store run to pick up my perishable essentials, like boxed salad greens (instant bowl!), cherry tomatoes, baby carrots, Dijon mustard and a few blocks of raw, or soft, goat cheese. Already, you have everything you need to make a delicious dinner! Simply dress your greens with fresh lemon juice, Dijon mustard and a few drops of stevia, then toss with your favorite toppings!

4. Take advantage of the opportunities in your new area. Being in a new place means there are fun and different things to be enjoyed! When I’m in Kansas, the local Whole Foods carries a smoked raw goat cheese that I can’t find when I’m back in Los Angeles, so I really savor it while I’m there! And New York offers some of the best colonics around, so I make sure to book an appointment when I know I’ll be in that area. If you have time to do some online-research, I highly recommend checking out the local resources before you go. This is especially helpful for finding good juice bars!

The Roasted Vegetable Salad from California Pizza Kitchen is one of my favorite meals on the road!

5. Enjoy dining out. If you find yourself dining out often while traveling, don’t stress! When I meet up with friends or family, I happily bring along my own salad toppings and dressing, so I can enjoy my very favorite goat cheese salad at whatever restaurant we happen to be dining at. I’ve never come across a restaurant that isn’t happy to serve me a simple green salad and a glass of wine! If I’m meeting with co-workers or clients, I’ll usually try to stick to something on the menu, like a salad topped with grilled salmon, or a green salad with an extra side of roasted vegetables. As long as you look comfortable and happy with your choice, I’ve noticed that no one really cares what you eat, anyway. Make sure you bring plenty of dark chocolate to share for dessert, too!

6. Keep moving! Whether you’re stuck on a plane, or sitting in a meeting, it’s easy to end up sitting in a chair all day long while traveling. Make sure to squeeze some movement into your day when you can! I actually bring along my favorite Physique 57 DVDs, so I can get my heart pumping in the most efficient amount of time. The 30-minute Total Body Workout doesn’t require the use of hand weights, so the only equipment you need is an (optional) inflatable playground ball—which easily fits into a suitcase, too!

After a challenging workout like this, you’ll sleep like a baby. Bonus!

I find that sticking to a detox-friendly lifestyle makes traveling more enjoyable than ever, so I hope these tips prove to be helpful the next time you find yourself on the road, too!


Thanks so much to Megan for all the inspiring tips- go check her out at The Detoxinista and fall in love with her detox-friendly treats and always-enjoyable blog posts!


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Red Velvet Juice and Rose Cleanse Complete

The cleanse is officially over! I plan on doing a re-cap in the next few days but I have something a little bit different today that I’m only comfortable sharing because I feel like the moment I’ll be describing below was a little “turning point” for me. I’ve had a lot of turning points in my life, this one just happened to be journaled.

This post is quite a vulnerable one and I really debated whether or not I should post it. But alas, here we are. Over the holidays I had a great time making beautiful veggie-centric dishes for myself and whoever I was cooking for. It was, overall, the best holiday season I’ve had yet but I didn’t make it through without a handful of tumultuous days and anxiety-fueled, food “extravaganzas”. I was finding it extremely frustrating that after all of the physical cleansing and emotional work I’d done I would still find myself in a painful situation because of my poor or very excessive food choices. I journaled this late one night, not able to sleep because I’d eaten poorly and heavily while stressed out before bed. Natalia Rose often quotes spiritual teacher Almine saying “Pain is a call for change.” and this is what was running through my head when I sat down to write.

…Please forgive me if it seems a bit dramatic, I’m not always such a drama queen but it’s what I was feeling in the moment.

“”Pain is a call for change.”? Well its time for a change. This emotional eating shit is getting in the way of my life and I will have it no more. I get in these frantic states where I’m bored or stressed and I feel like I might be “missing out” on anything delicious that might be available in my world at that moment…It’s not true. The supposed “deliciousness” of whatever edible thing is in my face at the moment is getting in the way of my living. It’s getting in the way of my creativity and my energy. I will have no more of it. I want vibrancy and lightness, not scrambled eggs at 10 p.m. I want real energy stemming from a clear body and mind, not a large americano at noon. I want real excitement, not stimulation. If I so happen to wake up at 4 a.m. (ahem…) I want to be filled with gratitude for my warm cozy bed, a few more hours of sleep, the fresh air blowing in from my window, and the rain outside…not filled with midnights macaroons…even if they were for “ebook testing purposes” (amazingly, they don’t digest any better, even with the “best intentions”)…I don’t want to feel angry with myself anymore, to feel like I can’t trust myself. There was a time when this was about weight. I’ve pretty much got that under control these days. I’ve carefully practiced loving myself no matter what I look like and while I’m not always perfect at it, it’s a habit I’ve pretty well got down. Not to mention I take care of myself to a degree most of the time now that my weight stays in a pretty happy range. This is beyond that. This is about not wanting to use food as a crutch to get through a difficult workday (I’m reading the book “Positive Energy” and “emotional empath” describes me to a “T” making airplane work incredibly overstimulating) or a tool to get through a boring evening. Come on, I’m more creative than that!! I can be bigger than this. I love food. I. love. food. Like, a lot. I write a freaking food blog!! But at the moment…the way I’m using it…it’s blocking me from living as myself completely. Not all food of course, just food at inappropriate times, when it’s being used for something other that nourishment and is hardly even pleasurable because I’m not even hungry, just avoiding something. It’s all too often used as a drug, masking whatever awesome self is under that layer of fullness. No more nonsense. I am strong enough for this now. I’ve been in this place before and I know how to get out. I trust that I can learn not to hurt myself physically or emotionally this way anymore.

…I remember writing this and feeling a lot of peace. I’ve felt it all the way through the Rose Cleanse and, despite ups and downs emotionally I have been able to use the tools that I’ve learned over the last year or so to use food in a way that serves me (and I manage to enjoy it immensely 😉 ) instead of leaving me feeling defeated or obsessive in any way. It’s felt very balanced and I’ve felt very confident that this is the right thing for me right now.

Now that the month is officially over, I’d love to hear your experiences! Did you have any turning points or moments worth sharing?

Below is a delectable crimson treat that is almost entirely veggie based. It was the one day on the cleanse when I had a little cacao in one of my juices and for this one, it was totally worth it 🙂

1 lb carrots
1 bunch spinach
1 large or 2 small beets
1/4 cup water or homemade nut milk
1 tbsp cocoa
1 tbsp carob
vanilla stevia to taste

Juice spinach, carrots and beets. Pour into a blender with remaining ingredients and blend until frothy. Sweeten to taste.

On a final note, if you haven’t already, you have to watch a video entitled “Stuff a Rose Cleanser Says” by Lola York. I’m pretty sure I’ve said every one of these things at some point!


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Questions for a Cleanser with Ana Zaharia

This is the last in the Questions for a Cleanser series and it’s brought to us by Ana Zaharia of Brave Lil Juicer! Ana’s blog is packed with drool-worthy recipes (you’ll find one below!) as well as health and detox tips. She has studied with Natalia Rose, and also gives health consultations.

Who are you?

I am an art school veteran, who discovered the vital importance of juicing and detox eating at a time in my life when most people would have considered “inconvenient”. I was running off 2-4 hours of sleep, and just like bathing, it was a luxury people in my program couldn’t afford. I started my blog to give people a place to go and find my tips and recipes that I would always go on and on about. Now I am halfway through my health councilor certification at IIN, and have taken Natalia Rose’s advanced detox seminar ! I have always been passionate about natural healing, but the past few years I feel like I have really found the key to all the “chronic” and “hereditary” problems that plagued me, and the rest of the world. I love helping people heal, and being able to spread the word about the deliciousness that is found in nature 🙂

What were your reasons: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, etc for embarking on the cleanse?

I was already juicing until dinner a few days per week, having been following the detox for women lifestyle for a few years now. I love the thriving energy and community spirit that is always found in the Detox The World events. People want to genuinely bring each other up and support one another. That is something that lacks in the design world, as well the place I grew up and the schools I attended. The genuine pure intent of helping and caring for others is probably a big reason why I was drawn to this work as well. With this cleanse I wanted to deepen my understanding of my body, and its interconnectivity to everything else. I also wanted to deepen my healing, having battled painful chronic UTIs and feeling self conscious about my “incurable” hereditary Keratosis Pilaris my whole life.

What detox symptoms, if any, have you experienced?

Hahaha… I feel like I have experienced every detox symptom in the book. If this cleanse did only one thing for me, I would say that it made me realize how much cleansing the body really has to do in order to reverse the damage of living in our modern world per its mainstream standard of normal and “healthy”. I have had crazy waking dreams which have left me feeling exhausted in the mornings; I have been moody and susceptible to intense highs and lows; I have had some bloating, and a few skin reactions; I have had all my old issues resurface so that they may leave, and some intense cravings after a really hmm.. “productive” colonic. It has a been a really wonderfully satisfying roller-coaster though.

What positive changes have you noticed?

1. I have become really in touch and attracted to nature

2. I have realized how the artist inside myself can help me visualize myself into a better place

3. I have created better communication between my physical, spiritual and emotional body and have been subconsciously adhering to my intuition;

4. I have developed a more loving relationship with myself, leaving some of the old self-hatred and criticizing self behind

5. The areas of myself that I want to keep working on seem much more attainable and within reach

6. My clothes fit better.. and I am more attracted to the colors vibrant green, soft pink and violet

7. I crave more vegetables (not having realized that was even possible)

8. I’m experiencing more genuine effortless happiness and gratitude for life

What was your lifestyle like (regarding food and health) prior to the cleanse and what are you planning for after the cleanse?

I have been on and off juicing until a well combined (mostly yeast-conscious) dinner on days that feel right. On most days I would enjoy a salad in the late afternoon or a green smoothie. I would occasionally go out for brunch and enjoy a veggie omelet, and have people over for home made cocktails and treats. I introduced colonics right before the cleanse and they have really taken my detox to the next level. This level has been kind of a solitary one, so coming off the cleanse I will be introducing some of the late mid-day meals again for the social aspect. On weekends especially it’s been hard to spend time with my boyfriend, family or friends without eating. I have found it hard to ground myself and socialize while juicing. This will also slow down the cleansing to a more manageable level which I know my boyfriend will appreciate 😉 I will still allow myself the occasional high quality wine or cocktail but haven’t really felt the desire for it as much, so I will respect that. Mostly, I will be listening to what my newly cleansed and intuitive body tells me, and honor it with my best judgement.
I fully intend to spend more time outdoors, and in nature whenever possible. This has been a really nurturing aspect of the cleanse that hasn’t involved food. I especially want to go hiking!

Are there any tips or inspiration you would like to share with fellow cleansers or those curious in a cleansing lifestyle?

Cleansing is a really individual experience, so it’s hard for me to say. But also on the same note, I think it’s hard to cleanse with someone. Take plenty of time to be with yourself and explore the things that are coming up for you. At least take note of them. Also, really focus on the aspects of the cleanse that you are loving! Try not to linger in what you miss.. this is not helpful.
Overall, I have been inspired by the noticeable differences in my whole body and outlook and knowing that so many others are experiencing the same thing. Positive change and high vibration living has become so attainable, and it can be for anyone that will allow themselves to go down the rabbit hole!

My favorite recipe that I discovered during this cleanse is:

Raw Coconut Cream Yogurt w/ Chocolate Raspberry Crumble

Serves 1


Meat 1 young coconut
Juice 1/2 lemon
1/4 vanilla bean scrapped
1 tsp vanilla extract
10 drops stevia
1/3 bio-k dairy free culture
Let sit for 1-3 hours

Top with mix of:

1/4 cup muddled frozen raspberries
1-2 crushed dark chocolate squares
3-5 drops stevia

Please check out my blog for more recipes and tips: BraveLilJuicer.tumblr.com

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Cinnamon Lemonade and Rose Cleanse Day 13

Today was the first day on the cleanse that I really struggled. I had a long commute back to work, a quick jump into my uniform, and an afternoon feeling claustrophobic and freezing cold on the airplane. I had some wicked cravings coming up and was just hungry all day. I went through a heap more juice than usual. Mid-afternoon I guzzled a huge Chocolate Milk Juice, dug some of those shakeable hand warmers out of my bag and breathed. Breathing through discomfort has a much more desirable effect than eating airplane snacks I’m learning. I’m pretty beat tonight, dinner was leftovers: a big salad of greens, steamed broccoli, marinara, and hard boiled eggs. Aaaaand a delicious little container of dark chocolate tabs.

Cinnamon Lemonade is something I’ve wanted to post for awhile, I love finding new and interesting ways to stay hydrated and nourished during the day. Pics are from a few days ago, today I looked much more frazzled than this 😉


2 cups water
2-3 droppers vanilla (or regular) stevia
juice of 2 lemons
1/4 tsp cinnamon

Gently stir all ingredients.

Happy Friday the 13th!


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