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Creamy Noodle Sushi, New Friends, and New Treats

Hello from my third week in Arizona (oh yes, and Happy St. Patty’s Day. Go eat something green)! Today I was lucky enough to have my feet firmly planted on the ground (airplane-free!) and to connect with a new friend from the detox community!

Meet Renae. Renae and I met over green juice (of course) and had an absolute blast comparing notes on our home colonic units, exchanging stories about being the oddballs in our relationships, discovered we had each been to the same kooky colon hydrotherapist at different points, sharing post-Rose Cleanse thoughts, and were delighted to find we were both going to Natalia Rose’s Advanced Training Course in NYC this Summer! Another highlight was comparing our purse stashes: stevia galore as well as other goodies!

The Combined Stevia Stash

The best news of all: my lady came to visit me this weekend 🙂 I haven’t been able to make it home yet and having her here is absolutely wonderful. She got in around dinner time and I made her a kale/drunken goat cheese/avocado salad (in a bag!) that she nommed on with some Terra Chips. She managed to chew and sing a cute little ditty about “a-salad-in-a-bag-and-my-lovie-for-the-win”. She’s pretty much the cutest ever.

For myself I made a very un-Britney-friendly meal that included seaweed and tahini (two of her not-so-favorites). It was one of the best meals I’ve had since I’ve been here. I called it “Creamy Noodle Sushi” but “Seaweed wrapped in Seaweed with Sauce” would have worked too.


1 package kelp noodles, soaked for an hour
1/2 cup tahini
1 clove garlic, minced
1 Tbsp dijon mustard
juice of one lemon
water to thin
nori sheets

Drain the kelp noodles. Mix together sauce: tahini, garlic, dijon, lemon, and water, thinning to desired consistency. Pour sauce over noodles and wrap in nori sheets. Worth every messy bite.

Dessert was two fun new treats: a small chocolate tart from Hail Merry and a Yogi’s Caramel Bedtime Tea. The tart was yummy but didn’t live up to the hype I’d been hearing. Before we dug in Britney said “I bet this is gonna taste like coconut”. To her, all raw desserts taste like coconut because of the heavy use of coconut oil. She was right but we still ate every bit 🙂



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Beauty Detox Kale Salad and Rose Cleanse Day 15

Kimberly Snyders Dharma Kale Salad

Two weeks into the Rose Cleanse today! All the achiness and tiredness of the first week is gone, my body has adjusted quite nicely. Right now I’m cycling back and forth between the desire to eat during the day for emotional reasons and enjoying the freedom of not needing to eat in the middle of the day. I’m struggling a bit with the cold and planning on taking advantage of hot veggie broths more this week. I’m appreciating feeling like I’m more present in my body at work and in general. I wake up feeling clearer and have been sleeping very well. Yesterday I was loving the general feeling of excitement for life that I usually have to have a cup of coffee to experience 😉

Todays dinner comes from one of my favorite books, The Beauty Detox Solution by Kimberly Snyder. There are very few diet/nutrition books that I recommend and agree with but this one easily makes my top 5. I adapted the salad slightly- here is how I like to eat it:


1 bunch kale
2 handfuls sprouts
1 box cherry tomatoes
2 avocados
1 handful dill (I used dried but fresh would be great)
2 meyer lemons
1/4-1/2 cup nutritional yeast
red pepper flakes
a big handful of dulse
sea salt
nori sheets (I heart seasnax!)

Remove kale leaves from stems and tear into small pieces by hand. Kimberly makes a note that it’s important not to chop the kale with a knife but to use your hands instead, otherwise it is a different salad with a different energy. Sprinkle in a bit of sea salt and add one of the avocados, mushing into the leaves to wilt. Chop tomatoes, the other avocado, and dill and mix in. Add the juice of the meyer lemons, dulse, red pepper flakes, and nutritional yeast. Mix gently, I like to leave the flakes so they are not entirely mushed in with the rest of the salad. Wrap in nori sheets or eat as is.

For those on the cleanse: How did your second week compare with your first?


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Sushi-Ritos and Rose Cleanse Day 6

Today I was back to work after several days off and got to meet the challenges of Rose Cleansing on the airplane. I can’t say it was the easiest day but my energy was good and with practice I’m learning to breathe through uncomfortable situations instead of eat through them. I find the airplane to be a very difficult environment, trapped in a loud, vibrating, metal tube with stressed out travelers, and breathing recycled air. It’s not exactly the most harmonious or healthy environment. I love it for it’s flexibility and the time it allows me to do the things I really love. While this is the space that I’m working in I’m choosing to look at as my little life classroom. I’m learning patience and kindness. I am not always the most patient or kind flight attendant but I’m growing into one. Juicing during the day leaves me feeling clear and more able to step back and look at a situation before just reacting. OK. That’s enough chatter. On to the food 🙂

I was quite hungry by dinner time (I made a note to myself to bring more juice to work) and the feast I prepared was absolutely perfect! Please forgive the terrible cell phone picture, I hope you get at least a small idea of what it looked like.

I present to you: The Sushi Burrito. Also known as, The Sushi-Rito. The Sushi-Rito was an attempt at an Asian-Mexican fusion, wrapping a Mexican spiced kale salad into delicious, crispy nori sheets. I brought along some homemade Creamy Vanilla “Pumpkin” Soup from Diary of a Nutritionist and ended up using half of it as a Sushi-Rito dip!


nori sheets
1 head kale, removed from stems and chopped
1 tsp cumin
2 avocados
1 pint cherry tomatoes, halved
2 cloves raw garlic, minced
1 Tbsp Trader Joes Chili Sauce

Place kale leaves in a bowl and scoop out the flesh from one avocado. Massage into kale leaves with cumin until wilted. Chop the other avocado and leave in chunks. Add remaining ingredients and mix thoroughly. Wrap in nori sheets. Warning: This is messy and I have no good tricks for keeping the wraps shut 😉

Dessert was dark chocolate (nothing new to see here) and a large Ginseng Peppermint tea from the LAX airport.
Hope all the cleansers out there are doing well, have a great night!


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Goat Cheese Sushi

I love sushi but don’t tend to find it such a “light” meal as most people describe it. Sticky white rice combined with fish, cream cheese, or even avocado doesn’t always sit well with me so I like to make a more veggie focused version at home 🙂 The rice is made from ground parsnips (just try it, its surprising!) and you can play around with your own fillings. Here is one of my favorite at-home sushi combo’s:

Nori sheets (I love seasnax!)
Parsnips, ground in a food processor to a rice-like consistency
Soft Goat Cheese, crumbled
Cucumbers, seeded and thinly sliced
Nama Shoyu (I also really love Coconut Aminos)

Great directions for rolling sushi can be found here: I highly recommend a sushi mat!


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