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2014 Winter Juice Feast. Days 44 and 45. CinnaBeet Love Juice and How to “Juice” a Banana.

Today marks the HALF WAY point in this juice feast. Someone asked me the other day what day I was on and when I said 43 they were like “whoah, not even halfway yet!”…and I was sitting there thinking “it’s all going too fast!”.  It actually feels a little bittersweet to be halfway through. I’m just enjoying this process so much. High days, low days, and everything in between. Yesterday was a mish mash, I didn’t sleep well the night before (my one major complaint on this juice fast) and had some work stress on top of that. I’m a little embarrassed to admit that the highlight of my day was pure vanity. A dress that I bought last Fall that never really fit slipped on easily. Also a jacket that I’ve owned for years but never been able to shut buttoned up with no problems. I was asked recently if I knew how much weight I’d lost and I had to admit that I have no idea! It doesn’t feel like a ton, just like things have tightened up and my clothes fit differently.

Today was lovely, lovely, lovely. I went for a walk in the park afterwork and it was completely dreamy…I kind of just wanted to hug everyone…and I’m not really much of a hugger! I haven’t talked a lot about colon cleansing on this fast but I’d really be nowhere without all the waste that’s leaving my body. The past couple of days it has truly just smelled awful for the first time that I can recall. Yesterday I also had a really horrible taste in my mouth. Thank goodness for tongue scrapers! Alright. Enough of the gross. Here is a vibrant pink juice in honor of Valentines day (which I have to admit, we don’t actually celebrate) that includes the sweetness of fresh banana! The trick to “juicing” a banana is just to blend it with your juice and strain the pulp through a cheesecloth or nut milk bag. I don’t do it often but it’s a great treat!

CinnaBeet Love Juice

CinnaBeet Love Juice

4 oranges, peeled

4 beets

1 very ripe banana, peeled


Juice oranges and beets and pour juice into a blender with the banana. Blend until completely smooth and strain through a nut milk bag or a cheesecloth. Sprinkle with cinnamon.



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2014 Winter Juice Feast. Day 43. Unusual Juiceables: Jicama

I’m definitely in a weird place with my body the last couple days. On the one hand, I had the best night of sleep I’ve had in a while and woke up feeling really positive. I also went out of the house with *no* makeup and felt pretty great about the way my skin looked. On the other hand, I’m getting nauseous more often and not feeling super strong. I’m really craving *texture*. I was looking at the carrot pulp from my juicer and thinking about how it would make a delicious mock tuna salad 🙂 Anyways, lows like today seem to be always followed by really great highs so I’m riding it out. I would love to be able to ride it out at home but I’ll be working late tonight, thus the early post.

Jicama juice! Wow. Milky, creamy, and sweet, it’s a perfect base for any vegetable juice combo and it’s really replaced cucumber for me at the moment! Everyone I’ve shared this with has absolutely loved it and lately I just can’t get enough.

Jicama Surprise Juice

Jicama Surprise Juice

2 large jicama

1 bunch cilantro

1 lime, peeled

1/2 a jalapeño, seeded

Today’s Juice Feast: 32 oz carrot/chard, 3 oz wheatgrass, 32 oz CinnaBeet Love Juice (recipe to come), 32 oz Jicama Surprise Juice, 32 oz celery/apple, 32 oz carrot/kale.


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2014 Winter Juice Feast. Day 36. Juicing Without Fruit.

There is so much I want to say about the last 24 hours but it’s so late, I’ll try and get to most of it. Last night I cried myself to sleep…for no apparent reason. I didn’t feel sad, or overjoyed, I just felt like crying. Every time I tried to figure out why I was crying it brought on a new wave of tears. It felt like I was crying for every time that I’ve wanted to cry and wasn’t able to. I have no answer as to where it was coming from but I’ve always felt like tears were very cleansing and I feel strangely grateful.

Today I tried to do a day without fruit juice. When I did short fasts in the past few years (3-10 days) I always did them on vegetable juice alone. I never had any momentous experiences or felt any different during or after the fasts. This was also during the few years when I’d cut sugar almost completely from my diet. I never realized how terribly restrictive that felt until I introduced fruit back into my life. I love fruit. I thrive on fruit. I love living on mostly fruit! I don’t know if this would have been the case if I hadn’t gone through several years of intense yeast/candida type cleansing but once I brought it back into my life there was no going back. After the last juice feast I made an effort to go on an extremely low sugar lifestyle and it brought me back to the tight, restrictive, diet-y, emotional place that I thought I’d left behind. It really threw me off and I had such a hard time getting back to a place of feeling really good and balanced again. That being said, I attempted a day of all veggie juices (just to see what the experience would be like) last month and as soon as I woke up that day all of those awful feelings came rushing back and I couldn’t do it. Today I made it ’til evening and after nearly gagging on my last juice, gave in and juiced some tangelos. Fruit makes me feel alive. Am I addicted to it? I don’t think so. That feels like saying I’m addicted to air or water or life. I feel so light and free on fruit sugar. I know that’s not everyones experience but it is currently mine.

On the positive side of the veggie spectrum, I got a sprouting tray today! I’m thrilled to begin sprouting and juicing my own wheatgrass!

Wheatgrass Sprouter

It was a rough day. Emotional. Crave-y. Cooking and being around food was challenging. I realized that sometimes I try too hard. I have such a to-do list in my brain of things that I think are really important to get done in a day (journal, yoga, meditate, get some sunshine, hot/cold shower, body brush, colon cleanse, read great books, oh yeah and go to work, make sure my juices are made, and sleep 8-9 hours) and sometimes I find myself doing this things just for the sake of doing them when what I really need is to tune into my body and figure out what it wants. Today it wanted to lie in bed and read. I did as much of that as I could and tried to let go of the mind chatter telling me I wasn’t being “productive enough”.

Britney and I went out to dinner at the only place we can enjoy together. I got  carrot juice and some tea and she enjoyed a smorgasbord of vegan goodness:

Chaco Canyon

The recipe of the day really hits the spot for savory cravings. Salty, creamy, and spicy, even if I won’t give up fruit sugar I’ll definitely be doing this one again!

Spiced Cream of Celery Juice

Spiced Cream of Celery Juice

1 bunch celery

4 zucchini

1 lemon, peeled

1 jalapeño, with or without seeds

4 green onions

4 drops DoTERRA cilantro essential oil (optional)


Today’s Juice Feast: 34 oz Spicy Cream of Celery Juice, 3 oz wheatgrass, 32 oz Carrot Comfort Juice (recipe to come), 36 oz The Real V8 Juice, 32 oz jicama/dill/lime/jalapeño, 16 oz carrot juice with cinnamon, 16 oz tangelo juice with cayenne, 32 oz tangelo juice blended with dates and strained.


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2014 Winter Juice Feast. Day 32. Green Peppermint Crisp.

The first day of my second month was really great energy wise. Zero cravings, excellent mood, lots of flow. I amped up my wheatgrass to three shots which was pretty intense! I got a mild headache shortly afterwards but felt very strong and wanted less juice than usual for the rest of the day. Wellah and I were texting back and forth today about how much much more quickly things are moving during this fast and how much more aware we feel. I feel like things are moving quickly and slowly at the same time. I feel very conscious of what I’m doing and am so enjoying being in the thick of things. I will say however that things fluctuate and tomorrow I could easily be lamenting 60 something more days without food! We shall see, I’m feeling ready for anything 🙂

Green Peppermint Crisp

Green Peppermint Crisp

32 oz coconut water

1-2 Tbsp Vitamineral Green

1/2 tsp vanilla bean powder

1 drop DoTERRA peppermint essential oil

Stir or blend until frothy.

Today’s Juice Feast: sweet tea, 32 oz carrot/chard,  34 oz celery/apple, 32 oz apple/beet/parsley, 3 oz wheatgrass, 24 oz blood orange.

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2014 Winter Juice Feast. Day 31. How do you want to feel?

Desire Map

I’ve owned this book for less than two weeks and it’s already covered in fingerprints, green juice splashes, dog-eared pages, and pen marked moments. The Desire Map: A Guide to Creating Goals with Soul is already one of my most dearly loved reads. I’ve been a sucker for “self-helpy” type books for as long as I can remember but there are just a handful that I would actually consider life changing. What was really special about this one was the unconventional approach to setting goals. In fact, it’s hardly really about setting goals at all. The basic idea is to figure out first how it is that you want to feel and then go about building your goals, setting up your life and making decisions with those feelings in mind. The book was largely inspiring writing with a journaling section loaded with questions in the back. The questions were intensive and in support of discovering your “Core Desired Feelings”.  I didn’t expect the reaction I would have to doing this work but it felt so liberating! No longer will I make goals that just sound impressive or do things that I feel like I “should” want to do. I will really sit back and look at the feelings and experience I’m wanting to have and make my choices from there. It feels a bit vulnerable to share these here but I’ve so enjoyed reading the conclusions and Core Desired Feelings that other’s have discovered and I trust that this is a safe space. After much writing, question answering, and tweaking, the feelings I’ve realized I most want from life (at this time) are:

Core Desired Feelings

This juice feast is fully supporting all of these.

Another angle on this is to use how you want to feel when you go about making the little day to day decisions, not just the big life changing ones. For example, I had a really rough moment with a customer today. It was the very end of my shift and as we were trying to communicate, I could feel my body tensing up, and every defensive thought imaginable entering my mind. I was polite and professional but also short and clearly frustrated. I went home and cried (being yelled at is never something I’ve handled well). What was really bugging me was, why did I react this way? Why did I get so tense and so angry? I’ve been getting so much better at loosening up when I feel myself tensing but I didn’t do it in this case. When I was home I took a long, hot bath and pulled out my journal. It took about one minute to realize something: In the frustrating work situation I was technically “right”…but it didn’t matter. Tense and frustrated, “cordially” trying to prove my point, did not leave me feeling how I wanted to feel. I didn’t feel “free”, I felt trapped- trying to justify my “rightness” in the situation. I walked through the situation in my head again and in my imaginary version I was extra kind and patient, whether the other person “deserved” that or not. It felt like freedom. It felt light. It felt good and it felt how I wanted to feel.

How Do You Want to Feel?

In other juice feasting news, here we are at the end of the first month! I’m excited to dive into some other spiritual type work next month as well as play with some other supplements, herbs, and oils. As far as juices, I’ve found myself strangely off-put by onions and garlic but loving ginger and cayenne for heat. I also suddenly think light juices based in cucumber and celery are pretty gross, which is weird as that’s all I used to drink. My favorite oranges have been replaced by pineapples and beet juice cannot be drunk in too much abundance. That’s all for now, see you in February!

Today’s Juice Feast: 32 oz Green Peppermint Crisp (recipe to come), 32 oz Lemon Pie Coconut Water (recipe to come), 32 oz mish-mash juice, 2 oz wheatgrass, 32 oz carrot/chard, 40 oz orange/beet/apple/chard with cayenne.

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2014 Winter Juice Feast. Day 30. Detoxing with Essential Oils.

“The route of cleansing: clear the bowels, clean the blood/lymph, rebuild. Look to essential oils, herbs, and diet.”  -Julia Holt

Detoxifying with Essential Oils

In my opinion, there is nothing more effective for detoxing than juicing and colon cleansing. If you aren’t awakening old waste and releasing it in copious quantities then no amount of herbs, superfoods, or essential oils will “detox” you. They may make a dent but nothing truly substantial. However, in my experience, if you do the hard work of truly cleansing first, then a lot of these other things can be added in as support and will actually be more effective than they would have been when your body was clogged up. I love therapeutic grade essential oils- after discovering DoTERRA  there was no way I could ever get a run of the mill bottle of essential oil again! Not all essential oil brands can be taken internally so make sure to do your research first. Here are a handful of my favorite oils to support cleansing:

Oregano:  Antibacterial, antifungal, antiparasitic, and antiviral.

Lemon:  Antidepressant, antifungal, antiviral, antiseptic, antioxidant, refreshing, astringent.

On Guard: Antibacterial, anti-infectious, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antiviral, antidepressant, anti-carcinogen, anti parasitic,immune system booster.

Zendocrine:  Assists in releasing toxins from the liver and skin, a combination of clove, grapefruit, geranium and rosemary. 

These are just a few. I’ve been taking a drop or two of oregano every morning this month and it is potent. I wouldn’t recommend taking it like this if you’re at all sensitive, it goes down much more easily if you put a few drops in a capsule! I’ll be switching over to the Zendocrine next month just to change it up a bit. I love the lemon in my water and the OnGuard is great once in a while in a carrot juice! I usually find one drop to be plenty.


Today I’m moving a little more slowly and grateful that I only had to work a few hours this morning. My mood is very good, I feel very happy and excited to be enmeshed in this world of juice feasting but my energy is a little on the low side. Really, a lot of these days are just like any other days. There are high energy days and low energy days, challenging days and relaxing days, moments where I want to respond with frustration or stress and moments of laughter and connection. The difference is the way I’m experiencing everything. It all feels very close, there is no food to buffer me from the world. I’m more easily able to slow down and watch my reactions. Choose my reactions. It’s not automatically that way- it’s because I’m intending it to be that way. I could busily buzz through the juice feast and do very little other than juice and come out on the other side physically cleaner and that’s it. I’m having fun exploring the options beyond just the juice 🙂

Arnold Ehret

Today’s Juice Feast: sweet tea, 30 oz celery/apple/pear, 1 oz E3Live, 32 oz Green Peppermint Crisp (recipe to come), 24 oz tomato/lime/shallot juice with cilantro essential oil, 30 oz carrot/chard with OnGuard essential oil, 2 oz wheatgrass, 32 oz cucumber/cilantro with coconut water, 32 oz pineapple/apple/beet/ginger with cayenne.

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2014 Winter Juice Feast. Day 28. How to “Juice” a Date.

Ok so you can’t actually “juice” a date- even the freshest dates right off the tree don’t have a lot to offer in the way of juice. That being said, I was craving their sweet caramel flavor and decided to experiment! The following recipes will let you in on my little secret…

Caramel Nut Carrot %22Coffee%22

Caramel Nut Carrot “Coffee”

1 pound carrots

4 medjool dates, pitted

1 cup water

1 bag Dandelion Caramel Nut Teeceeno

Place teabag and water in a small pot and bring to a boil. Let tea steep for around ten minutes while you juice carrots. Remove teabag and pour tea and carrot juice into the blender with the dates. Once thoroughly blended, strain through a nut milk bag or cheesecloth.

How to %22Juice%22 a Date

Juice Feast Sweet Tea

2 cups water

your favorite teabags or loose leaf tea (this morning I used Dandelion Dark Roast Teeceeno, gotu kola, and chaga mushroom and later on this evening I brewed a blend of chicory, carob, and more chaga.

6-8 medjool dates, pitted

Brew tea and allow to steep for around ten minutes. Remove teabags or strain leaves and blend with the dates in the blender. Strain the dates pulp out through a nut milk bag or cheesecloth.


Today was alright, I woke up with a headache and a craving for packaged, processed, cheese product. Nope, not even good cheese, the fake stuff. I was going to save any necessary colon cleansing for later in the day, it was my one day off this week and I really wasn’t feeling up for it. My headache however got the best of me so I got it over with and my headache is now nonexistent. Journaling this morning was great, revealing a couple things I hadn’t been wanting to look at and my yoga practice was the strongest it’s been since I’ve started. All of that and I’m feeling a bit “blah”- I don’t know if it’s because Britney’s been out of town and we really need some time to reconnect or if I’ve been busy, busy, busy working all week and it’s weird to have a day at home. In any case, it’s just one day, I was able to cook for Brit (freshly steamed artichokes and avocado aioli!) without any major cravings and we’re catching up on a couple of our favorite shows. This, on top of a good night’s sleep, and I’m sure I’ll feel much brighter in the morning!

Today’s Juice Feast: Herbal tea blended with dates and strained, 2 oz wheatgrass,  24 oz Juicy Bok Choy in a Glass, 32 oz pineapple/cucumber/carrot/lemon/lime with cayenne, 34 oz carrot/chard, 34 oz beet/strawberry/apple/lime, 16 oz tomato/celery/lemon/garlic juice mixed with Broccoli Cilantro tea, 32 oz pineapple/apple/beet/basil, herbal tea blended with dates and strained plus a scoop of chlorella.


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