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Pizza Wraps and Bookworm Bloggers

As delicious as this was, it would have been much better warm. But alas, resources on an airplane are limited. I ate these cold but I’ll be posting directions for a warm version below. I was pleased with my attempt at a simple, oil-free, marinara using a plain tomato sauce with dried herbs.


raw goat cheddar
plain tomato sauce (I used Pomi)
Simply Organic spaghetti seasoning
fresh or frozen spinach
cabbage leaves
sea salt

Heat the sauce and spinach in a saucepan. Add seasoning and sea salt to taste. Shred the raw goat cheddar. Layer into cabbage leaves. Eat with lots of napkins.

I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy a few days “off” (I’ve been on call)- we’ve gotten a new batch of Flight Attendants so things haven’t been quite so crazy. So here I am. In my hotel room for the last few days…feeling slightly guilty.

Martha Beck. Always a win.

Since I do have to be ready to leave at a moments notice and I am car-less it’s not like I can go far…but my brain is telling me I need to “be more productive!”. I should be writing life-changing blog posts and discovering every inch of the 5 mile radius that the hotel shuttle will deliver me to. Instead I’ve been indulging in my bookworm side by the pool. For days. I break it up with little yoga sessions, sunny walks, Pinterest, and long distance movie dates with my lady. It’s really been lovely.

Reminder** This week is your LAST CHANCE to enter the Vegus Juice Giveaway. Thank you so much to everybody who has entered, it’s been so fun reading your comments and getting packages sent out to the winners! This Friday I’ll announce a winner for the final time.


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A Day at the Book Shop and the Gourmet Grocery

I had the loveliest day off yesterday. I had planned on going home for a couple days but when my plans fell through I thought there would be no better place to spend my day than the book store! I had the shuttle driver drop me off at the nearest B&N having no idea it would be right next to a gorgeous gourmet grocery shop. I was in heaven.

I spent about a little over an hour enjoying this book:

…Which inspired me to head over to Amazon and order these books:

…Which I plan on reading while sipping hot cups of this:

For dinner I had the most glorious salad with the softest, gooiest, local dates, pine nuts, Arizona greens, lemon-stevia dressing, and chopped garlic. I generally keep my sugars low but I’ve been craving dates like crazy and I’m so glad that I happened to find these ones to indulge in!

Treats to try out later included this bag of herbs to flavor-up an avocado salad:

A huge branch of fresh aloe- I never notice much of a difference when I take the bottled aloe (even the raw one) but fresh is a totally different story! I’m going to try running it through a juicer this time around, we’ll see if it works 😀

And a newly discovered bar of dark chocolate from Hagensborg:

I loved this day.


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Whole Foods Treats and The Giveaway Continues

So I may have spent three hours of my day off on a bus…just to go to Whole Foods….and it was completely worth it 😀 I took in my book, took in the sights (Welcome to Tempe!), and happily parted with a chunk of my paycheck when I got there.

The juice bar served beautifully massive veggie juices that I sucked down while meandering the aisles looking for new treats. I like to hunt for things I can’t find at MY local health food store, here is what I discovered and what I did with of my new items.

Black garlic!! Oh my god, this stuff was amazing. The cloves looked just like regular garlic cloves but they were (obviously) black. Not only that, they were soft and creamy, I squeezed them out of their little shells and ate them as is with some raw carrots!

I wouldn’t call these noodles an every day menu item as they seem to me to be heavily processed but the ingredient list was simple: yam flour and lime. They were very tasty and I consumed them with organic marinara and avocado chunks.

Ahhh the local salsa. Pretty much everywhere I go has a salsa made in-state and I always have to try it. This one was pretty good, a little milder than I’m usually like but tasty tossed into salad and as a dip for carrots.

Smoked. Raw. Goat. Cheddar. I can hardly hope for anything more wonderful. I shredded this, added it to baby greens and sun-dried tomatoes and was a happy camper…or whatever you call someone hanging out in a hotel 😉

Flavored Seasnax goodness! These are toasted with a teeny bit of olive oil but I’d never seen this flavor before and was anxious to sample. I made simple avocado wraps and was very pleased with the outcome.

Oh sweet, wonderful, raw chocolate goodness. I wasn’t always a big fan of raw chocolates but lately I’ve been so pleasantly surprised I’ve had to change my opinion! This Lulu’s Chocoalte was truly amazing and made somewhat locally in Sedona (a place that I can’t wait to road trip down to!). There were multiple flavors but I went with the Sedona Sunrise, the hint of spice was absolutely perfect.

I am not recommending this next product, in fact I am warning: stay far, far away! I really don’t know what I was thinking…a calorie-free, fat-free, sugar-free, seemingly everything-but-chemical-free marinara sauce? I should have known better, I was just so curious! In case you’re curious as well, I’ll save you the trouble…it tasted like paint and was the most horrifically orange-ish color, I wish I would have stopped before dousing my beautiful salad with it. I choked it down whilst apologizing to my body for the mass of chemicals I was consuming. Never again.

On another note – the Vegus Juice Giveaway was a huge hit and is continuing for 3 more weeks. This means 3 more winners! If you’ve entered once, you’re still in the running. If you’d like to enter again, just leave another comment on the same post! You can leave as many as you like and I’ll announce the winner every Friday! Also, please be sure to leave your name and e-mail so I can get ahold of you if you win!


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Transparency and Travel Salads

I admit it: I chose to work in Arizona this month because…well…I didn’t think I’d be doing a whole lot of working. I anticipated a massive dose of sunshine, plowing through my stack of library books, and brainstorming brilliant recipes from my hotel room. Instead, I’m literally working twice the hours I normally work and grasping for my sanity.

On today’s agenda:

1. A blog post I wrote a couple days ago but refrained from posting- I always hesitate on the really personal stuff but I’ve gotten some really wonderful comments from people who could relate to things I’ve posted in the past so I’m attempting to censor a little less.

2. Another day in the life: what happens when your flight gets diverted and you’re sent overnight to a hotel…without your wallet…or your juicer…

3. Travel salad recipe number 2!

From 03/03/12:

“How much transparency is too much? Apparently, in the blogging world, there is no such thing. *sighs* here we go. How does a blogger *ahem* go on and on one day about the importance of meditation, self-love, and properly feeding the body only to “fail” the very next day? And how does this blogger, who very much wants to be a good example to her readers, admit that she isn’t perfect without appearing overly dramatic/whiny/attention-seeking etc?

I share, on occasion, my struggles with emotional and binge-eating. While I don’t want that to be the focus of my blog I believe authenticity is important. I shared every day of the Rose Cleanse with you, told you when I was feeling awesome and the days I wasn’t. I’ve been in such a good flow, and although I knew that abusing myself through food was still possible, I thought I was doing everything I could to prevent that from happening. And then I spent three days working more flights than I usually work in two weeks. And I crumbled to bits in the middle of a loud, vibrating metal tube (AKA an airplane) while aching for sunshine, fresh air, and a creative outlet. I binged. I had brief waves of self-loathing, disappointment, and a body that did NOT appreciate the sudden interruption of non-food items in the midst of all that juice and veggie-loving-living.

And then I moved on.

I’ve learned that no good comes from punishing myself. If anything, I need EXTRA self-love and care after a day like this. Bingeing means I’ve found myself in a situation that I wanted to escape from and I turned to unhealthy methods of distraction and soothing. So why would I punish myself for that?? I journaled. I wrote down the things I was feeling pre-and post-binge and what I could have done differently. I rested. I had green juice the next day. I looked at myself in the mirror: naked, bloated stomach, under-eye circles, and puffy face: and told my reflection she was beautiful. I apologized to my body and thanked it for putting up with a really tough day. I gave myself a literal hug.”

It has been a long week. Just the other day I was working a flight, we were making our descent…and then we weren’t. Our landing was aborted last minute due to weather and we ended up spending the night in a completely different city. Sans juicer with only enough time between flights to sleep, I felt completely unprepared for the next day! I dug into my work bag and found some wheatgrass powder, grabbed some fruit from the hotel, and (yes, I must admit it) drank some really bad coffee to carry me through to green juice time. Having carried the Rose Cleanse through February, I’m feeling pretty “off” after this week. After a couple of teary, discouraged, and exhausted phone calls to Britney (my poor lady) I sent myself on an online mission for some positivity and found some of the most beautiful, encouraging spots on the web. For some serious feel-good, definitely hop over to Cynosure and Divine Winks (thanks, Sam!).

If you scrolled all the way down for the recipe I don’t blame you (I do it all the time!).

Rande’s Other Favorite Travel Salad

Because it's awesome...and because I ate the salad before taking a picture...

1 5 oz box baby greens
1 jar organic salsa
1 ripe avocado

Chop avocado and add to greens. Pour salsa over the top. You may only use half the jar, I like to use the whole thing and sometimes even an extra avocado to make it really creamy.

P.S. You still have until Friday the 9th to enter the Vegus Juice Giveaway!

P.P.S. I’m late in the game but Pinterest and I are now friends 🙂


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