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Flourless Goat Cheese Ravioli

Happy Friday! I’ve had this recipe idea in the back of my head for quite some time and am very pleased with how it turned out! I was never really a ravioli fan to begin with but I’m a huge goat cheese lover and if you ARE a ravioli fan, these are a lighter, less sticky version of the original. A good marinara makes ALL the difference too, it’s expensive but if you want to splurge the Rao’s brand is pretty unbeatable.


a large parsnip
soft goat cheese
your favorite organic marinara sauce

Preheat oven to 400. Peel the parsnip. Slice as thinly as possible on the madoline. Place parsnip slices single layer in a baking dish. Spoon a dollop of goat cheese on to each slice. Top with another parsnip slice and press down. Top with marinara and bake for 5-15 minutes, depending on how soft and warm you want them.



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Raw Kale Pecorino Pesto

Yesterday I intended to post in “What I Ate Wednesday” style…and then I realized my commute was catching up to me and that I left my camera cord in Seattle by mistake! So I dug into my “Emergency Backup Recipe Stash” and pulled out this deliciousness to share:


1 bunch fresh kale
3 oz raw pecorino romano (sheep cheese!)
1 clove garlic
1/4 tsp olive oil
1 tsp oregano
salt and pepper to taste

Remove kale leaves from stems and discard stems (or save them for your juicer). Shred cheese. Place all ingredients in food processor and blend to your desired pesto consistency.

I ate mine on lettuce wraps with red bell pepper slices!


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Dark Chocolate Honey Cups and 1 Year Blogiversary!

Dark Chocolate Honey Cups

Good Stuff Friday is being postponed for a very good reason: Today is The Vegetable Centric Kitchens birthday!

One year ago today I ventured into the blogging world after waking up one morning with the name “The Vegetable Centric Kitchen” stuck in my head and knowing that was the name of my new blog.

I’d had no plans of starting a blog but was in the midst of The Artists Way and inspiration was flowing freely. I had no hesitations once the idea came to me, I’d been feeling like I was about to burst with healthy recipe ideas and wishing there was a way to share them. This has been my perfect outlet and along the way I’ve made friends and am headed in a direction that I never would have anticipated when I started!

So how to celebrate? Dark Chocolate Honey Cups.

I made an attempt at re-creating my favorite honey patties from Heavenly Organics, an frequent “impulse buy” at one of our local health food stores. If you saw little packets of individually-wrapped, dark-chocolate-coated-honey could you pass them up? The honey is sweet enough to use a solid dark chocolate on the outside and they don’t end up with any more sugar than my favorite dark chocolate bars! So happy birthday Veggie-Centric Kitchen, let’s take a break from veggies today shall we?

Honey Patties from Heavenly Organics


1 oz baking chocolate (100% cacao)
1 tsp raw honey
2 cupcake liners

Melt chocolate over low heat and scoop half an ounce into the cupcake liners. Place a half teaspoon of raw honey on top of the chocolate lining. Top with the remaining chocolate and place in the fridge or freezer until solid.

P.S. Taking a break from veggies? Completely kidding. So not happening 😉


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For the Love of Sweet Potatoes

Did you know that February is National Sweet Potato Month? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered, we’re sweet potato freaks around here:

Sweet Potato Enchilada Salad

Sweet Potato Croutons

Smoky Raw Sweet Potato Hummus

Rosemary Black Pepper Sweet Potato Stew

Chili-Cinnamon Sweet Potato Fries

Sweet Potater Tots with Creamy Cumin Guac

Rosemary Black Pepper Sweet Potato Rounds

Sweet Potato Sushi (a guest post)

Vegan "Bacon" wrapped Sweet Potatoes (a guest post)

Salted Chocolate Sweet Potato Cake

Let the celebrations commence.


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Good Stuff Friday

For your pre-weekend reading/viewing/noshing enjoyment…

Sun Dried Tomato Salsa from Food.com

One Year Later from Nourishing Flourishing

Create Flow, Cleanse the Liver and Feel Great from Donna Gates

Braised Belgian Endives from Local Foods

Diet and Age Comparisons from Jinjee Talifero

The Alchemy of Food from Wake Up World


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Half-Time Show Veggie Snack Attack

Okay, okay, you know what I mean. I’m sure there are a *few* of you out there to whom this whole football deal is an epic event. Honestly, it’s so far off my radar that if my entire blogroll weren’t doing “Superbowl Snacks!” posts I’d be completely clueless.

Oh, and my girlfriend is a Madonna-crazed fangirl 😉 The half-time show is where it’s gonna be at around here.

These are pretty much on the *extreme health nutty* end of the Superbowl-snack-spectrum but I’ve gotten the feeling that there are some serious health foodies out there and I’m not the only one who will be avoiding buffalo wings and nachos (although if you want nachos…)

Happy munching and happy…superbowling? Yeah…clueless 😉

Chili-“Cheese” Cauliflower Popcorn

Chili-Cheese Cauliflower Popcorn- try it raw or roasted!

1 head cauliflower

1/2 cup (or more) nutritional yeast

1 tbsp chili powder

sprinkling of cayenne

1 tsp onion powder

sea salt, to taste

drizzle of olive oil (optional, omit for a lighter version).

These can be done raw or roasted. Remove leaves from cauliflower and break into popcorn-sized bites. Place in a large bowl and toss with spices and optional olive oil. Eat raw or roast at 400 for 30 minutes.

Carrot Fries with Simple-to-the-Max Guacamole

Roasted Carrot Fries with Simple-to-the-Max Guacamole

baby carrots

veggie broth, coconut oil, or organic butter

4 avocados

2 Tbsp Trader Joe’s Chili Pepper Sauce

Preheat oven to 400. Give carrots a light coating of butter or oil. For an oil-free option, place in a baking pan and splash a little veggie broth over them. Or just dry roast. They are delicious any way you do it. Roast for 30-40 minutes. Mash avocados with Chili Sauce (told you it was simple!). Dip!

Goat Cheese Wraps with Salsa

Goat Cheese Wraps with Salsa

goat cheese slices (I found mine at Trader Joe’s)

collard greens

your favorite salsa (I’m obsessed with the Emerald Valley brand)

Place collard leaves on a plate and cut down either side of the stem. Keep the leaves and put away the stems to juice later if you wish. Cut each of the two leaves in half. Each collard green will give you 4 wraps. Place half a cheese slice (or half an ounce of sliced goat cheese) atop a collard wrap and roll. Secure with a toothpick. Dip in salsa.


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Red Velvet Juice and Rose Cleanse Complete

The cleanse is officially over! I plan on doing a re-cap in the next few days but I have something a little bit different today that I’m only comfortable sharing because I feel like the moment I’ll be describing below was a little “turning point” for me. I’ve had a lot of turning points in my life, this one just happened to be journaled.

This post is quite a vulnerable one and I really debated whether or not I should post it. But alas, here we are. Over the holidays I had a great time making beautiful veggie-centric dishes for myself and whoever I was cooking for. It was, overall, the best holiday season I’ve had yet but I didn’t make it through without a handful of tumultuous days and anxiety-fueled, food “extravaganzas”. I was finding it extremely frustrating that after all of the physical cleansing and emotional work I’d done I would still find myself in a painful situation because of my poor or very excessive food choices. I journaled this late one night, not able to sleep because I’d eaten poorly and heavily while stressed out before bed. Natalia Rose often quotes spiritual teacher Almine saying “Pain is a call for change.” and this is what was running through my head when I sat down to write.

…Please forgive me if it seems a bit dramatic, I’m not always such a drama queen but it’s what I was feeling in the moment.

“”Pain is a call for change.”? Well its time for a change. This emotional eating shit is getting in the way of my life and I will have it no more. I get in these frantic states where I’m bored or stressed and I feel like I might be “missing out” on anything delicious that might be available in my world at that moment…It’s not true. The supposed “deliciousness” of whatever edible thing is in my face at the moment is getting in the way of my living. It’s getting in the way of my creativity and my energy. I will have no more of it. I want vibrancy and lightness, not scrambled eggs at 10 p.m. I want real energy stemming from a clear body and mind, not a large americano at noon. I want real excitement, not stimulation. If I so happen to wake up at 4 a.m. (ahem…) I want to be filled with gratitude for my warm cozy bed, a few more hours of sleep, the fresh air blowing in from my window, and the rain outside…not filled with midnights macaroons…even if they were for “ebook testing purposes” (amazingly, they don’t digest any better, even with the “best intentions”)…I don’t want to feel angry with myself anymore, to feel like I can’t trust myself. There was a time when this was about weight. I’ve pretty much got that under control these days. I’ve carefully practiced loving myself no matter what I look like and while I’m not always perfect at it, it’s a habit I’ve pretty well got down. Not to mention I take care of myself to a degree most of the time now that my weight stays in a pretty happy range. This is beyond that. This is about not wanting to use food as a crutch to get through a difficult workday (I’m reading the book “Positive Energy” and “emotional empath” describes me to a “T” making airplane work incredibly overstimulating) or a tool to get through a boring evening. Come on, I’m more creative than that!! I can be bigger than this. I love food. I. love. food. Like, a lot. I write a freaking food blog!! But at the moment…the way I’m using it…it’s blocking me from living as myself completely. Not all food of course, just food at inappropriate times, when it’s being used for something other that nourishment and is hardly even pleasurable because I’m not even hungry, just avoiding something. It’s all too often used as a drug, masking whatever awesome self is under that layer of fullness. No more nonsense. I am strong enough for this now. I’ve been in this place before and I know how to get out. I trust that I can learn not to hurt myself physically or emotionally this way anymore.

…I remember writing this and feeling a lot of peace. I’ve felt it all the way through the Rose Cleanse and, despite ups and downs emotionally I have been able to use the tools that I’ve learned over the last year or so to use food in a way that serves me (and I manage to enjoy it immensely 😉 ) instead of leaving me feeling defeated or obsessive in any way. It’s felt very balanced and I’ve felt very confident that this is the right thing for me right now.

Now that the month is officially over, I’d love to hear your experiences! Did you have any turning points or moments worth sharing?

Below is a delectable crimson treat that is almost entirely veggie based. It was the one day on the cleanse when I had a little cacao in one of my juices and for this one, it was totally worth it 🙂

1 lb carrots
1 bunch spinach
1 large or 2 small beets
1/4 cup water or homemade nut milk
1 tbsp cocoa
1 tbsp carob
vanilla stevia to taste

Juice spinach, carrots and beets. Pour into a blender with remaining ingredients and blend until frothy. Sweeten to taste.

On a final note, if you haven’t already, you have to watch a video entitled “Stuff a Rose Cleanser Says” by Lola York. I’m pretty sure I’ve said every one of these things at some point!


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