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Garlic Cilantro Savory Green Smoothie

I’ve become such a lazy blogger in the last few weeks. I definitely may have burnt myself out after the frequent juice feast posting. I’ve been playing again with a low sugar way of eating and am currently loving it! Ever since I started making savory jicama juices during the juice feast I dreamed of blending in an avocado for a creamy soup. Well the dream has finally been realized and the result was fabulous! I had a jar of this creamy goodness for lunch yesterday but I’m thinking it would also be great chilled as a side soup to a crispy dinner salad!

Garlic Cilantro Savory Green Smoothie


2 jicamas

1 bunch cilantro

1 lemon, peeled

2 cloves garlic

1 ripe avocado

Run jicama, cilantro and lemon through the juicer and blend with garlic and avocado until creamy. 


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Blueberry Ginger Green Smoothie Ice Cream and a New Year

Happy 2013! 2012 has ended along with my 30 Days of 80/10/10 Raw Vegan and 60 days of my Tracy Anderson Fitness Challenge.

So what now?

Well, the fitness challenge continues (update: my backside is much improved 😉 ), 90 days is the current goal. And the fruity lifestyle? I can’t imagine stopping. I don’t know if this is a forever sort of a thing for me but unless I stop feeling amazing, I have no reason to do anything else. I don’t know what this means for The Vegetable Centric Kitchen, I’m just going to give it time and let the blog evolve with me. And in the meantime…ice cream!

Blueberry Ginger Green Smoothie Ice Cream


1 cup coconut water
2 cups blueberries
3 frozen bananas
8 dates, pitted
chunk of ginger, minced
large handful of greens
dash of vanilla

Blend until smooth and creamy.


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Sugar-Free Nutella Green Smoothie


1 1/2 cups water or nut milk
2 Tbsp hazelnut butter
2 Tbsp cacao powder
NuNaturals Vanilla Stevia, to taste
2 big handfuls spinach or romaine

Blend until creamy.


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Holiday Spiced Cranberry Green Smoothie


1 cup water or coconut milk
2 big handfuls spinach or romaine
1 cup frozen cranberries
1/2 an avocado and/or 1 banana
1 big pinch cinnamon
a dash of nutmeg
NuNaturals Vanilla and/or Orange Stevia, to taste

Blend until creamy.


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What I Ate Wednesday

4 grapefruits and half a banana chopped up with vanilla stevia. Sorry for the lack of a real picture- I gobbled it all up before I remembered to snap a shot!

a smoothie of carrot juice, romaine leaves, avocado, cocoa, carob and vanilla stevia

Zucchini noodles with marinara and Spiced Sweet Potatoes from The Fresh Energy Cookbook

I’ve noticed when I eat more fruit during the day I don’t have a much of desire to put away half to a whole big bar of chocolate during the evening. Tonight this little nibble of raw chocolate was just right.

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Carob Pumpkin Pie Green Smoothie

Alright so it’s not exactly green- the greens are hidden among the delicious flavors of carob and pumpkin pie!


2 cups carrot juice
1 handful baby spinach
1 avocado
2 droppers NuNaturals Vanilla Stevia
2 Tbsp carob powder
1 tsp pumpkin pie spice

Blend until creamy.

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Chocolate Sunbutter Cup Green Smoothie

More evidence of my sunbutter love affair…


1 1/2 cups nut milk
2 Tbsp unsweetened sunbutter
2 Tbsp cocoa powder
1 tray of ice cubes
4-6 leaves of romaine or a big handful of spinach
2 dropperfuls of NuNaturlas Vanilla Stevia

Blend until smooth and frothy.


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