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Sweet and Spice Green Juice

My favorite item at the Farmers Market this year has been pea shoots and it turns out they make a delightful green juice! Paired with jicama and ginger this juice is slightly sweet and as spicy as you want it.

Sweet and Spice Green Juice


2 jicamas

1 bunch of pea shoots

one lemon, peeled

1 large chunk of ginger



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2014 Winter Juice Feast. Day 36. Juicing Without Fruit.

There is so much I want to say about the last 24 hours but it’s so late, I’ll try and get to most of it. Last night I cried myself to sleep…for no apparent reason. I didn’t feel sad, or overjoyed, I just felt like crying. Every time I tried to figure out why I was crying it brought on a new wave of tears. It felt like I was crying for every time that I’ve wanted to cry and wasn’t able to. I have no answer as to where it was coming from but I’ve always felt like tears were very cleansing and I feel strangely grateful.

Today I tried to do a day without fruit juice. When I did short fasts in the past few years (3-10 days) I always did them on vegetable juice alone. I never had any momentous experiences or felt any different during or after the fasts. This was also during the few years when I’d cut sugar almost completely from my diet. I never realized how terribly restrictive that felt until I introduced fruit back into my life. I love fruit. I thrive on fruit. I love living on mostly fruit! I don’t know if this would have been the case if I hadn’t gone through several years of intense yeast/candida type cleansing but once I brought it back into my life there was no going back. After the last juice feast I made an effort to go on an extremely low sugar lifestyle and it brought me back to the tight, restrictive, diet-y, emotional place that I thought I’d left behind. It really threw me off and I had such a hard time getting back to a place of feeling really good and balanced again. That being said, I attempted a day of all veggie juices (just to see what the experience would be like) last month and as soon as I woke up that day all of those awful feelings came rushing back and I couldn’t do it. Today I made it ’til evening and after nearly gagging on my last juice, gave in and juiced some tangelos. Fruit makes me feel alive. Am I addicted to it? I don’t think so. That feels like saying I’m addicted to air or water or life. I feel so light and free on fruit sugar. I know that’s not everyones experience but it is currently mine.

On the positive side of the veggie spectrum, I got a sprouting tray today! I’m thrilled to begin sprouting and juicing my own wheatgrass!

Wheatgrass Sprouter

It was a rough day. Emotional. Crave-y. Cooking and being around food was challenging. I realized that sometimes I try too hard. I have such a to-do list in my brain of things that I think are really important to get done in a day (journal, yoga, meditate, get some sunshine, hot/cold shower, body brush, colon cleanse, read great books, oh yeah and go to work, make sure my juices are made, and sleep 8-9 hours) and sometimes I find myself doing this things just for the sake of doing them when what I really need is to tune into my body and figure out what it wants. Today it wanted to lie in bed and read. I did as much of that as I could and tried to let go of the mind chatter telling me I wasn’t being “productive enough”.

Britney and I went out to dinner at the only place we can enjoy together. I got  carrot juice and some tea and she enjoyed a smorgasbord of vegan goodness:

Chaco Canyon

The recipe of the day really hits the spot for savory cravings. Salty, creamy, and spicy, even if I won’t give up fruit sugar I’ll definitely be doing this one again!

Spiced Cream of Celery Juice

Spiced Cream of Celery Juice

1 bunch celery

4 zucchini

1 lemon, peeled

1 jalapeño, with or without seeds

4 green onions

4 drops DoTERRA cilantro essential oil (optional)


Today’s Juice Feast: 34 oz Spicy Cream of Celery Juice, 3 oz wheatgrass, 32 oz Carrot Comfort Juice (recipe to come), 36 oz The Real V8 Juice, 32 oz jicama/dill/lime/jalapeño, 16 oz carrot juice with cinnamon, 16 oz tangelo juice with cayenne, 32 oz tangelo juice blended with dates and strained.


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Winter Juice Feast. Day 18. Hosting a Dinner Party While Juice Feasting.

I’m a little more tight and tired today, nothing too extreme and my yoga practice was still strong, I just find that I’m fading a little sooner than usual. Colon cleansing has been ultra productive, it’s been pretty ridiculous to be only drinking juice but releasing dark, rubbery looking stuff. You would think after this long I wouldn’t be amazed but the amazement inducing releases seem never to end.

I have a friend from college staying with us for a few days! We’re having a great time catching up and I’ve been taking advantage of her new interest in healthy eating. We went to a little vegan restaurant today (I had a pineapple, apple, kale, mint juice) and I threw a mini dinner party tonight. I even managed to make myself feel included while not eating! What I did was save the broccoli stems from the hot broccoli stew I made and juiced them up with cucumbers, lemons, garlic and kale, sprinkled it with black pepper and poured it into a soup bowl along with the others! A scoop of raw honey for dessert and I was set 🙂

Juice Feasting and Dinner Parties


Today’s Juice Feast: 36 oz apple, lemon, beet, fennel, dandelion, turmeric, mint (from The Life Regenerator newsletter), 24 oz Casey McCluskey’s Anti-Inflammatory Green Juice, 12 oz “Pure Bliss” (pineapple, apple, mint, kale) from Chaco Canyon!, 32 oz pineapple/grapefruit/cilantro/jalapeño,  32 oz cucumber, broccoli, kale, lemon, garlic, black pepper, 1.5 Tbsp raw honey.

Raw Honey

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Winter Juice Feast. Day 13. “If I were just drinking juice I would be the grumpiest person on earth!”

“I could never just NOT eat for 90 days!!”

“Why would you DO that??”

“If I were just drinking juice I would be the grumpiest person on earth”

Here’s the thing…if I were JUST drinking juice I would likely be really grumpy too. These are some of the things I’ve heard lately when people find out about the fast and I just thought I’d take a moment to address them. The majority of the people who I’ve seen do a “juice cleanse” are usually doing it for one reason only: to lose weight. Not that there is anything wrong with that but I do tend to encourage having well established, good eating habits in place first before embarking on something like this. It’s very likely that if you jump from your regular diet, into a long juice fast, you’ll go right back to your old habits (or worse) when it’s all over. It’s important that you’re doing more than just drinking juice and it’s important that you know what you’re getting in to.

What do I mean when I say “more” than just drinking juice? Well, if I decided to embark on all of this and change nothing in my life but what I’m consuming then really, that’s all I’m doing. If you’re not actively removing the old waste that’s being awakened through colon cleansing (and other methods that I’ll get in to another time) then it’s almost impossible not to run into fatigue, breakouts, headaches, bloating, and all manner of signs that the old waste in your body isn’t leaving. If your bowels are strong (more common in men like you see in “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead”) you’ll do alright for awhile but for most of us, this isn’t the case. I’ve read a lot from people who are skeptical about this whole cleansing journey but I have tried fasting with and without colon cleansing and I can tell you that I’ve seen headaches, tiredness, grumpiness, and all manner of uncomfortable symptoms leave within the space of time that it takes to have a colonic (usually an hour-ish) and that trying to go without turns into a situation where I’m hardly functioning optimally.

So. You can go on a juice fast. Drink all the juice you like. But know that all you’re doing is drinking juice and very little substantial change is happening in your body. I’ll be discussing what exactly a colonic is and more about their  benefits in future posts. By the way, I know most of you are well into this lifestyle but this is largely for the people I know who have been attempting juice fasts and struggling or who have had a lot of questions about how to do one properly 🙂

Finally, why would I keep doing this? Am I crazy? Do I have an eating disorder? Do I really think my body isn’t clean enough yet? I can say with certainty that this is the most sane I have ever felt. Every time I fast or clean up my diet a little bit more I understand my body and myself better. I shed things that were never meant to be there or that have kept me from being the most “me” I can be (cheesy but true). I feel more alive. I go into dark spaces, shed old waste, old belief systems, old fears, old ways of thinking and come out a little lighter and a little freer every time.

juice feast

Today’s Juice Feast: 32 oz orange/apple/kale/jalapeño, 32 oz cucumber/celery/dill/lime, 32 oz cucumber/apple/kale/lime, 16 oz Flu Shot Carrot Juice, 34 oz orange, 2 Tbsp bee pollen, 16 oz coconut water.


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Winter Juice Feast. Day 10. Spicy Cucumber Gazpacho Juice.

Shortly after yesterdays “spauna” (spa+sauna) adventures I got really, really grumpy. Snippy, tired, and wanting to do anything but clean my juicer. I call this mood “The Grumpy Cat”.


This morning I realized I’d started my period (if you can’t share TMI on your blog, where can you?) and the grumpiness was replaced with a little tired slowness for the day. To be honest, I was kinda hoping my period would just take a three month hike while I was fasting (it did last time!) but I’m sure this is a sign my body is handling things better this time around. My wish for the remainder of the day is to remain curled up on the couch with my book and my juice. The juice below in fact. Which is fantastic.

Spicy Cucumber Gazpacho Juice


4 cucumbers

1 lemon, peeled

1 serrano chili

big handful fresh dill

Today’s Juice Feast: several scoops of Essential Oil Cough Syrup, 40 oz mint infused coconut water with 1 oz spirulina and 1 oz E3Live, 12 oz apple/beet/kale/ginger, 32 oz Spicy Cucumber Gazpacho Juice, 32 oz Curried Carrot Juice (recipe coming soon), 34 oz pineapple/orange/apple/banana/kale.

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The Juice Feast Chronicles – Day 10 of 90

Wow, day ten!! After today this will be the longest I’ve ever gone on juices. I woke up feeling just awful, headache, a bit of nausea and exhaustion so ended up calling in sick for the day. After lots of rest, juice and the usual protocol I’m actually feeling pretty great! I’m sucking down the Photo on 3-22-13 at 1.31 PMlast of my juice today (pineapple/orange, omg) and loving it. Also, no pesky cravings which was nice.

A couple of things I learned while taking it easy today:

1. Boiling orange peels with cinnamon sticks and cloves an then letting it simmer makes our apartment smell amazing. A nice use for all those orange peels I would be throwing away!

2. I need to stick with basic juices I know I like more often than not. I think I’d generally be happy sticking with a couple basic green juices and a couple orange juices. They always satisfy me which is more than I can say for some of the more “creative” combos.

Lots and lots of juice:

24 oz celery/romaine/cucumber/lemon juice

32 oz pineapple/orange juice

8 oz coconut water/romaine juice

probiotics (sample from the natural foods store)

32 oz celery/romaine/orange/green onion/tomato juice blended w 1 Tbsp raw honey

40 oz pineapple/orange juice

plenty of spring water

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What I Ate Wednesday

Ahhh it’s so good to be back to normal days like this…

Yesterday I went in search of a thermos to bring on the airplane with me so I have hot tea all morning long. I had success with this one, opening it hours later, my lemon gingerade was still steaming!

Breakfast was Cinnamon Ginger Green Juice.

Lunch was carrot/romaine/fennel juice blended with avocado, raw sweet potato, maca, cocoa powder and stevia.

Dinner was the roasted sweet potatoes you see below wrapped in romaine leaves with a side of homemade marinara and delicious olives.

Dessert! I rarely splurge on these Omega Truffles as they are quite expensive but I do love the treat once in a while.


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