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Jalapeno-Lime Carrot Juice for Fathers Day

My dad likes his juices spicy. He often tells me of of the latest adventures with his Champion juicer, almost always spicier and stranger than the last one. I recall a time he drank a quart of rhubarb juice…then there is his “whatever’s in the fridge” specialty…he has interesting tastes that one 😉

The last time I had a visit from my dad this was the concoction I came up with to please his taste buds. Be careful with the jalapeno- a little goes a long way!

Happy Father’s Day dad!


3 pounds carrots
as much jalapeno as you can stand, with or without seeds (he’s up to two whole jalapenos WITH seeds these days. I like half a pepper, minus seeds.)
2 limes, peeled
a bit of stevia (optional)
a handful of cilantro (optional)

Juice and drink! Prepare to sweat.



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