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Traveling With The Detoxinista- A Guest Post

Hello, veggie-centric readers! My name is Megan, over from Detoxinista.com, and I am honored to be guest posting here today. Rande actually had perfect timing when requesting this post, because I happened to be traveling for work at the time, myself!

While I don’t have to travel too often for my job, when I do, I am usually gone for a week or more, making it necessary to maintain my healthy habits, if I want to feel any sense of normalcy. Sticking to a detox-friendly lifestyle may sound daunting at first, but it definitely gets easier with practice, and keeps me feeling great while I’m on the road.

Here are some of my favorite tips to keep your trip detox-friendly:

1. Bring whatever essentials you can. My carry-on bag is always a treat for the TSA security agents. I typically bring a stash of shelf-stable produce, including cucumbers, lemons, and not-too-soft avocados. In my experience, avocados are a bit of a gamble on flights— usually one or two of them will be affected by the altitude, and will turn to total mush! But, most of them will survive just fine. Also in my bag? A bottle of liquid stevia, raw almonds, herbal teas, plenty of dark chocolate, and my trusty enema kit.

2. Avoid eating anything dense during your flight, if possible. I try to book early morning flights, to avoid eating before flying altogether, but if I find myself in a situation where I must eat something, I’ll stick to hydrating fruits and veggies. Baby carrots are my favorite travel snack! Otherwise, I stick to sipping pure water and try to get as much rest as I can on the plane.

3. Hit the ground running… to a local grocery store. Before I even settle down, I always make a grocery store run to pick up my perishable essentials, like boxed salad greens (instant bowl!), cherry tomatoes, baby carrots, Dijon mustard and a few blocks of raw, or soft, goat cheese. Already, you have everything you need to make a delicious dinner! Simply dress your greens with fresh lemon juice, Dijon mustard and a few drops of stevia, then toss with your favorite toppings!

4. Take advantage of the opportunities in your new area. Being in a new place means there are fun and different things to be enjoyed! When I’m in Kansas, the local Whole Foods carries a smoked raw goat cheese that I can’t find when I’m back in Los Angeles, so I really savor it while I’m there! And New York offers some of the best colonics around, so I make sure to book an appointment when I know I’ll be in that area. If you have time to do some online-research, I highly recommend checking out the local resources before you go. This is especially helpful for finding good juice bars!

The Roasted Vegetable Salad from California Pizza Kitchen is one of my favorite meals on the road!

5. Enjoy dining out. If you find yourself dining out often while traveling, don’t stress! When I meet up with friends or family, I happily bring along my own salad toppings and dressing, so I can enjoy my very favorite goat cheese salad at whatever restaurant we happen to be dining at. I’ve never come across a restaurant that isn’t happy to serve me a simple green salad and a glass of wine! If I’m meeting with co-workers or clients, I’ll usually try to stick to something on the menu, like a salad topped with grilled salmon, or a green salad with an extra side of roasted vegetables. As long as you look comfortable and happy with your choice, I’ve noticed that no one really cares what you eat, anyway. Make sure you bring plenty of dark chocolate to share for dessert, too!

6. Keep moving! Whether you’re stuck on a plane, or sitting in a meeting, it’s easy to end up sitting in a chair all day long while traveling. Make sure to squeeze some movement into your day when you can! I actually bring along my favorite Physique 57 DVDs, so I can get my heart pumping in the most efficient amount of time. The 30-minute Total Body Workout doesn’t require the use of hand weights, so the only equipment you need is an (optional) inflatable playground ball—which easily fits into a suitcase, too!

After a challenging workout like this, you’ll sleep like a baby. Bonus!

I find that sticking to a detox-friendly lifestyle makes traveling more enjoyable than ever, so I hope these tips prove to be helpful the next time you find yourself on the road, too!


Thanks so much to Megan for all the inspiring tips- go check her out at The Detoxinista and fall in love with her detox-friendly treats and always-enjoyable blog posts!


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Sweet Potato Enchilada Salad and Rose Cleanse Day 24

Day 24! As much as I’m loving this I can’t deny I’m pretty excited to have creamy tahini salads and the occasional glass of wine (which I cut out during the cleanse) back. Today felt really excellent all the way through. I went for an hour-long walk in the rain sans umbrella, I think I’m exhibiting signs of a true Pacific Northwester 😉

Speaking of exercise, I’ve noticed that lately it’s almost like I have to. Physically, my body just craves movement, not exercise in the “traditional” sense though. When I was in high school I was a runner. At one point I was running nearly 40 miles a week and was still quite a bit heavier than I am now. I ran to make up for my hidden binge eating, and to deal with all of the conflicting things going on in my head at the time. I’m so grateful to feel physically and emotionally balanced most of the time these days without needing to put myself through hours of running, intense aerobics classes, and weight lifting. Not that there is anything wrong with that if you like it! Nowadays, I happen to really love movement that is gentler on my body. And I actually enjoy the process. When I’m working in Bellingham I’m hooked on my rebounder and walking to work when I can. The days I spend in Seattle I love doing yoga from My Yoga Online, taking chilly walks around the lake, and…*hangs head in slight embarassment*…zumba. Youtube it. It’s nice for an especially rainy day 😉 I’ve linked a couple of my favorite videos at the end of the post…and now, Sweet Potato Enchilada Salad.

Sweet Potato Enchilada Salad

For the sweet potatoes:

1 large sweet potato
1/2 cup Frontera Enchilada Sauce

For the salad base:

1 avocado and/or 1/2 cup black olives
1 head romaine
1 lime
large handful cilantro
2 cloves fresh garlic
1 ear fresh corn

For the cumin-veggie saute:

1/2 cup mushrooms
1 small onion
1 can roasted green chilies
sea salt, black pepper, and stevia (optional)
1 tsp cumin
pat of organic butter

Preheat oven to 400. Dice sweet potato and dry roast for 30 minutes. Saute mushrooms, onion, and green chilies (with liquid) in a pat of butter until soft. Squeeze lime over veggies. Chop romaine, cilantro, and fresh garlic. Slice corn from ear. Toss in a salad bowl. When potatoes are finished, remove from oven and pour enchilada sauce over the top. Layer the salad greens, sweet potatoes, and lime-veggies in your salad bowl, topping with chunks of ripe avocado and/or black olives.

What sort of exercise do you enjoy?


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