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The Fruit Centric Kitchen??

For a couple of years I cut sugars out of my diet almost completely, including fruit. Last March another flight attendant gifted me with a huge bag of freshly picked oranges and I devoured the entire thing in two sittings. It felt great. Ever since then I’ve experimented with the amount of fruit in my diet, cutting it out from time to time for fear of any old yeast issues coming back. The past few months have seen me eating more, and more and MORE fruit and feeling really great on it…so might it be too extreme to try a diet that’s mostly fruit? Until very recently I would have said yes.


I’ve followed along with proponents of the 80/10/10 diet for probably a year, first because I thought they were crazy and I was entertained, then because I was intrigued but still thought it wasn’t for me and more recently…because I secretly really, REALLY wanted to give it a try. I won’t go into a ton of detail today but it’s basically a low-fat, raw-vegan diet that gets 80% of it’s calories from carbs (fruit), 10% from protein (greens and veggies) and 10% from fat (avocado’s, nuts, seeds etc). The diet is based on Dr. Douglas Graham’s book 80/10/10 and “a day in the life” usually ends up looking like 2-3 big fruit meals and a huge (HUGE) salad at the end of the day. It’s a lot of food and my massive appetite is loving it.

Now it’s only a 30 day trial (am I crazy to do this in December??) and I have no commitment beyond that but I’m excited to see how I feel making such a big shift. A veggie-focused diet has been really good to me and I do always seem to go back to it regardless of what else has caught my attention but I’m open to whatever the results might be. I also have no intention of giving up green juices or colon cleansing, neither of which are on the “program”. I don’t know what recipe posts will look like this month but I have a HEAP of thoughts to come so stay tuned!



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