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90 Day Juice Feast. Day 52. Spicy Vanilla Ginger Coconut Water.

It’s beet quite a week here in juice feasting land! I mentioned on my last post that I was in the middle of an 11 day stretch of work days- thankfully that’s now coming to an end! I did start to go a little crazy this week and my body wasn’t feeling so good. I backed off on the super cleansing/awakening stuff (beet and wheatgrass juice) and had a little spirulina and chlorella. The “treat” unfortunately did not help me feel any better and I was in pretty bad shape the day before yesterday. Soooo yesterday I had a short shift in the morning and took the day to water fast. I was pretty miserable and slept as much as I possibly could. This morning I woke up feeling sparkly and rejuvenated! I broke 36 hours on water with a diluted carrot juice spiced up with some DoTERRA ginger essential oil and a sprinkling of cinnamon.

Carrot Juice with Ginger Essential Oil and Cinnamon

I’m not sure why I keep trying all these pills and potions- I never really feel anything when I take them. Today I finished a jar of Healthforce Nutritionals SCRAM parasite cleanse. I’ve heard from people who have taken this before that it was intense. You’re supposed to take 10 pills a day so I was braced for something crazy! I felt nothing. Maybe I don’t have parasites or maybe since my system is so calm with no food going in there wasn’t a lot for the SCRAM to run in to. Alas, I can be a sucker for marketing. As the jar says: IT’S YOU OR THEM! Move them out!!- how could I resist?? I’ve heard a million times that we all have undesirable parasites in our bodies so why not take the chance to get them out? Well, I have no idea if I had them or if it did anything but I currently feel no better or worse off.

SCRAM parasite cleanse

I’ll leave this little update with the most delectable coconut water concoction I’ve had yet:

Spicy Vanilla Ginger Coconut Water

Spicy Vanilla Ginger Coconut Water

32 oz coconut water

pinch of vanilla bean

pinch of cayenne

2 drops DoTERRA ginger essential oil


Attempting some pre-work relaxation in the sunshine on day 50.

Attempting some pre-work relaxation in the sunshine on day 50.


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2014 Winter Juice Feast. Day 32. Green Peppermint Crisp.

The first day of my second month was really great energy wise. Zero cravings, excellent mood, lots of flow. I amped up my wheatgrass to three shots which was pretty intense! I got a mild headache shortly afterwards but felt very strong and wanted less juice than usual for the rest of the day. Wellah and I were texting back and forth today about how much much more quickly things are moving during this fast and how much more aware we feel. I feel like things are moving quickly and slowly at the same time. I feel very conscious of what I’m doing and am so enjoying being in the thick of things. I will say however that things fluctuate and tomorrow I could easily be lamenting 60 something more days without food! We shall see, I’m feeling ready for anything 🙂

Green Peppermint Crisp

Green Peppermint Crisp

32 oz coconut water

1-2 Tbsp Vitamineral Green

1/2 tsp vanilla bean powder

1 drop DoTERRA peppermint essential oil

Stir or blend until frothy.

Today’s Juice Feast: sweet tea, 32 oz carrot/chard,  34 oz celery/apple, 32 oz apple/beet/parsley, 3 oz wheatgrass, 24 oz blood orange.

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2014 Winter Juice Feast. Day 30. Detoxing with Essential Oils.

“The route of cleansing: clear the bowels, clean the blood/lymph, rebuild. Look to essential oils, herbs, and diet.”  -Julia Holt

Detoxifying with Essential Oils

In my opinion, there is nothing more effective for detoxing than juicing and colon cleansing. If you aren’t awakening old waste and releasing it in copious quantities then no amount of herbs, superfoods, or essential oils will “detox” you. They may make a dent but nothing truly substantial. However, in my experience, if you do the hard work of truly cleansing first, then a lot of these other things can be added in as support and will actually be more effective than they would have been when your body was clogged up. I love therapeutic grade essential oils- after discovering DoTERRA  there was no way I could ever get a run of the mill bottle of essential oil again! Not all essential oil brands can be taken internally so make sure to do your research first. Here are a handful of my favorite oils to support cleansing:

Oregano:  Antibacterial, antifungal, antiparasitic, and antiviral.

Lemon:  Antidepressant, antifungal, antiviral, antiseptic, antioxidant, refreshing, astringent.

On Guard: Antibacterial, anti-infectious, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antiviral, antidepressant, anti-carcinogen, anti parasitic,immune system booster.

Zendocrine:  Assists in releasing toxins from the liver and skin, a combination of clove, grapefruit, geranium and rosemary. 

These are just a few. I’ve been taking a drop or two of oregano every morning this month and it is potent. I wouldn’t recommend taking it like this if you’re at all sensitive, it goes down much more easily if you put a few drops in a capsule! I’ll be switching over to the Zendocrine next month just to change it up a bit. I love the lemon in my water and the OnGuard is great once in a while in a carrot juice! I usually find one drop to be plenty.


Today I’m moving a little more slowly and grateful that I only had to work a few hours this morning. My mood is very good, I feel very happy and excited to be enmeshed in this world of juice feasting but my energy is a little on the low side. Really, a lot of these days are just like any other days. There are high energy days and low energy days, challenging days and relaxing days, moments where I want to respond with frustration or stress and moments of laughter and connection. The difference is the way I’m experiencing everything. It all feels very close, there is no food to buffer me from the world. I’m more easily able to slow down and watch my reactions. Choose my reactions. It’s not automatically that way- it’s because I’m intending it to be that way. I could busily buzz through the juice feast and do very little other than juice and come out on the other side physically cleaner and that’s it. I’m having fun exploring the options beyond just the juice 🙂

Arnold Ehret

Today’s Juice Feast: sweet tea, 30 oz celery/apple/pear, 1 oz E3Live, 32 oz Green Peppermint Crisp (recipe to come), 24 oz tomato/lime/shallot juice with cilantro essential oil, 30 oz carrot/chard with OnGuard essential oil, 2 oz wheatgrass, 32 oz cucumber/cilantro with coconut water, 32 oz pineapple/apple/beet/ginger with cayenne.

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Winter Juice Feast. Day 6. Lemongrass and Lightheartedness.

I seem to be very disinterested in juice. None of it excites me- a feeling I remember well from deep into my last fast. It’s very strange to start this way. On the positive side of things I felt pretty great today. I woke up with a clear head and was strong throughout my yoga practice. The work day was long but flowed well, one of the things I’ve really been working on is not escaping in my head at work (or in general). It’s so easy for me to just torture myself looking at the clock making the day agonizingly long. Not to mention, when food can be a distraction, breaks are that much  more looked forward to. Today I almost felt like I just floated through things, breaks were nice but since I wasn’t eating they didn’t feel as urgent.

juice feast

One of my favorite oils right now is lemongrass- I kept a bottle in my pocket throughout the day and would smell it and use it to help me let go of any tension or desire to escape. I really have a good job, one that I appreciate, and I see a version of myself that just enjoys it while I’m there, appreciates the people I’m surrounded by, and is able to laugh off “stressful” situations.

juice feast

Today’s Juice Feast: 32 oz apple/grapefruit/kale, 32 oz carrot juice with 2 wheatgrass cubes and ginger essential oil, 20 oz celery/zucchini/lemon/garlic, 8 oz cucumber/cilantro/lemon, 32 oz pineapple/grapefruit/beet.


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Detox your Skin: Goat Milk and Chamomile Facial

Detoxifying Goat Milk and Chamomile Facial

Between the moisturizing of the goat milk, the soothing properties of the chamomile, and the detoxing benefits of the bentonite clay, this mask left my skin looking tiny-pored and glowing. As an added bonus, the aroma of this combination was a sweet, warm perfection and a wonderfully calming before-bed treat.

Enough for 2 faces


2 Tbsp bentonite clay
1 tsp powdered goat milk
2-4 drops Roman Chamomile essential oil
warm water

Place all ingredients in a small bowl and add just enough water to make into a thick paste. Spread paste over freshly cleaned face skin and allow to dry. Once dry, remove gently with a warm, wet cloth and moisturize skin with a natural moisturizer.

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Detox Your Skin: Chocolate Peppermint Facial

Detox your Face- Chocolate Peppermint Facial

Well this is certainly new territory for The Vegetable Centric Kitchen! I’ve found that over the years and especially since the juice feast, my body has wanted simpler and simpler foods. I tried to fight it a bit (and I’ll post more on that later) but ultimately my body and my desire to feel good have won out. That being said I’m feeling really excited to expand this blog in other directions. The kitchen will still be a big part of it but the bigger picture of clean recipes is detoxing the body…so why stop there? Why not detox our minds? and homes? and (for the purpose of this post) faces? Since I’m no longer in the beginning stages of detoxing my body, things on that front are simpler. I feel as though I’m currently maintaining all the hard work I’ve put in (with a few steps back once in a while but nothing that can’t be corrected). With my body feeling in a good space most of the time I’ve felt inspired to move into other areas. Detoxing old thought patterns with meditation, detoxing my home with some serious de-stuffing, and detoxing my cleaning and beauty products. Most of what I use, at the very least, comes from the “natural” section of the grocery store. Amazingly, not all of these things are very natural and contain heaps of ingredients. There are some great options but I’ve just been having too much fun making my own!

This facial recipe feels so festive and decadent, I don’t like chocolate or stimulants to be a regular part of my diet but my skin doesn’t mind the treat! In this recipe I used raw cacao, Doterra essential oil, and Aztec Secrets Bentonite Clay. The ingredients are interchangeable for similar things but these are all my favorites.


3-4 cups water
2 drops peppermint essential oil
1.5 Tbsp bentonite clay
1 tsp cacao powder
a small pot, a medium bowl, and a large towel
fabulous spa music or a great podcast (optional of course but 10 minutes of face-steaming can feel like a long time)

Begin music or podcast. Pour water into a small pot and bring to a boil. While waiting for water to heat, scoop your clay and cacao into a small dish. Remove boiling water from heat, pour into a bowl and add a couple drops of peppermint oil. Carefully lean your face over the steaming water, the peppermint can be a bit harsh at first so lean in slowly. Cover your head and the bowl with a towel so that you have created a sort of steam sauna for your face. Stay here for 10 minutes. When your 10 minutes are up, pat your face dry and scoop a couple spoonfuls of your peppermint water into the clay and cacao to create a thick paste. Smear the chocolatey peppermint goodness all over your face and wait for it to dry. I find removal to be easiest in the shower but you can also gently scrub it off with a wet hand towel.

One of the things I like most about this clay is the gentle pulling sensation I get when it’s completely dry. I like to imagine the clay just sucking at all my pores until they are completely clean. On the downside this does dry your skin out quite a bit so if you’re prone to dryness, wash it off before it’s completely set.

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Flu Shot Carrot Juice

Flu Shot Carrot Juice

Alright, so this isn’t exactly a flu shot but it is an excellent support to healthy immune function as we get into some chillier weather. Ultimately I believe that keeping your insides clean is the best way to stay well but it doesn’t hurt to have a little extra help! As I mentioned a few posts back, I’m head over heels for good quality essential oils. Not only do the oils in this particular blend have strong abilities to kill bad bacteria, mold and viruses but they add a wonderful sweet spiciness to fresh carrot juice. After I finished half of my concoction I topped off my glass with the juice of several kale leaves which created a gorgeous, colorful, chlorophyl-rich treat.


2 lbs carrots
2-3 drops DoTerra On Guard essential oil
a bunch of kale (or less, optional)

Run carrots through juicer, add 2-3 drops of On Guard essential oil and stir. For an extra boost, juice in some kale.

Carrot Juice Magic


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