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Vanilla Masala Granola (Grain and Sugar Free)

Carrot Cereal has been the only thing satisfying my cereal cravings for quite some time now but it wasn’t quite giving me the hearty satisfaction that a bowl of granola used to give. All I knew when I began this little experiment was that it needed to have cacao nibs and that I was going for a no sugar, no grain recipe. The addition of garam masala was a last minute surprise and it made for the most uniquely delicious granola I’ve ever had! Be warned though- this is made from almost entirely nuts, seeds, and oil. You can’t sit down to a cup of it like you might with an oat-based granola. I tried. It hurt. I’d definitely recommend using a sprinkling of this to top some coconut yogurt or having a small bowl with almond milk as a sweet and savory dessert.

Vanilla Masala Granola (Grain and Sugar Free)



3 cups unsweetened shredded coconut

1/2 cup roughly chopped hazelnuts

1/2 cup roughly chopped almonds

1/4 cup pumpkin seeds

1/2 cup cacao nibs

2 Tbsp sesame seeds

2 Tbsp chia seeds

1/5 tsp ground garam masala

1/3 cup coconut oil

2 packets NuNaturals stevia

1/2 tsp vanilla bean

big pinch of sea salt

Preheat oven to 300 degrees. Mix ingredients thoroughly and layer onto a parchment paper laden baking dish or pan. Bake for 40 minutes, stirring occasionally. 

Vanilla Masala Granola (Grain and Sugar Free)



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90 Day Juice Feast. Day 48. Lazy Blogger.

So I’ve noticed that the less I blog, the less I feel a need to blog. During my first juice feast I felt like I really needed it to keep myself accountable. This time I’m not really worried about that. I do have a variety of topics I want to address and a stash of recipes I’d like to post but the daily “I’m feeling this way or that” doesn’t feel as necessary.

I will give a quick update as to the last few days and probably continue on from here with updates a few times a week. The last couple of days were really wonderful, I felt intensely relaxed and content and was really enjoying just about everything. Today I feel tight and tired and a little bit sad. I’ve gone from “90 days won’t be nearly enough!!!” to “90 days can’t come fast enough…how about 60?” I’m allowing myself to feel this way, trying not to escape it, just feeling it, asking myself questions to figure out why I might be feeling this way etc. I kind of feel like it might just be because I’m in the middle of an eleven day stretch of working with no days off and it just feels kind of depressing. I love time to myself, I love quiet, and I am truly an introvert extraordinaire. I’m feeling a pretty strong need to just crawl into my shell and stay there but it’s not an option at the moment. The really good news is I will soon be going from two jobs to just one and the thought of more than one day off a week with lots of time for long walks, sunshine, books, baths and some more water fasting sounds unbelievably appealing.

Cravings and cleansing. I’ve been releasing just heaps and heaps of mucus and at the same time craving cheese like crazy. I’m looking forward to the upswing of this low time for sure, it’s definitely feeling challenging. Rainbow Juices

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2014 Winter Juice Feast. Days 44 and 45. CinnaBeet Love Juice and How to “Juice” a Banana.

Today marks the HALF WAY point in this juice feast. Someone asked me the other day what day I was on and when I said 43 they were like “whoah, not even halfway yet!”…and I was sitting there thinking “it’s all going too fast!”.  It actually feels a little bittersweet to be halfway through. I’m just enjoying this process so much. High days, low days, and everything in between. Yesterday was a mish mash, I didn’t sleep well the night before (my one major complaint on this juice fast) and had some work stress on top of that. I’m a little embarrassed to admit that the highlight of my day was pure vanity. A dress that I bought last Fall that never really fit slipped on easily. Also a jacket that I’ve owned for years but never been able to shut buttoned up with no problems. I was asked recently if I knew how much weight I’d lost and I had to admit that I have no idea! It doesn’t feel like a ton, just like things have tightened up and my clothes fit differently.

Today was lovely, lovely, lovely. I went for a walk in the park afterwork and it was completely dreamy…I kind of just wanted to hug everyone…and I’m not really much of a hugger! I haven’t talked a lot about colon cleansing on this fast but I’d really be nowhere without all the waste that’s leaving my body. The past couple of days it has truly just smelled awful for the first time that I can recall. Yesterday I also had a really horrible taste in my mouth. Thank goodness for tongue scrapers! Alright. Enough of the gross. Here is a vibrant pink juice in honor of Valentines day (which I have to admit, we don’t actually celebrate) that includes the sweetness of fresh banana! The trick to “juicing” a banana is just to blend it with your juice and strain the pulp through a cheesecloth or nut milk bag. I don’t do it often but it’s a great treat!

CinnaBeet Love Juice

CinnaBeet Love Juice

4 oranges, peeled

4 beets

1 very ripe banana, peeled


Juice oranges and beets and pour juice into a blender with the banana. Blend until completely smooth and strain through a nut milk bag or a cheesecloth. Sprinkle with cinnamon.


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2014 Winter Juice Feast. Day 30. Detoxing with Essential Oils.

“The route of cleansing: clear the bowels, clean the blood/lymph, rebuild. Look to essential oils, herbs, and diet.”  -Julia Holt

Detoxifying with Essential Oils

In my opinion, there is nothing more effective for detoxing than juicing and colon cleansing. If you aren’t awakening old waste and releasing it in copious quantities then no amount of herbs, superfoods, or essential oils will “detox” you. They may make a dent but nothing truly substantial. However, in my experience, if you do the hard work of truly cleansing first, then a lot of these other things can be added in as support and will actually be more effective than they would have been when your body was clogged up. I love therapeutic grade essential oils- after discovering DoTERRA  there was no way I could ever get a run of the mill bottle of essential oil again! Not all essential oil brands can be taken internally so make sure to do your research first. Here are a handful of my favorite oils to support cleansing:

Oregano:  Antibacterial, antifungal, antiparasitic, and antiviral.

Lemon:  Antidepressant, antifungal, antiviral, antiseptic, antioxidant, refreshing, astringent.

On Guard: Antibacterial, anti-infectious, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antiviral, antidepressant, anti-carcinogen, anti parasitic,immune system booster.

Zendocrine:  Assists in releasing toxins from the liver and skin, a combination of clove, grapefruit, geranium and rosemary. 

These are just a few. I’ve been taking a drop or two of oregano every morning this month and it is potent. I wouldn’t recommend taking it like this if you’re at all sensitive, it goes down much more easily if you put a few drops in a capsule! I’ll be switching over to the Zendocrine next month just to change it up a bit. I love the lemon in my water and the OnGuard is great once in a while in a carrot juice! I usually find one drop to be plenty.


Today I’m moving a little more slowly and grateful that I only had to work a few hours this morning. My mood is very good, I feel very happy and excited to be enmeshed in this world of juice feasting but my energy is a little on the low side. Really, a lot of these days are just like any other days. There are high energy days and low energy days, challenging days and relaxing days, moments where I want to respond with frustration or stress and moments of laughter and connection. The difference is the way I’m experiencing everything. It all feels very close, there is no food to buffer me from the world. I’m more easily able to slow down and watch my reactions. Choose my reactions. It’s not automatically that way- it’s because I’m intending it to be that way. I could busily buzz through the juice feast and do very little other than juice and come out on the other side physically cleaner and that’s it. I’m having fun exploring the options beyond just the juice 🙂

Arnold Ehret

Today’s Juice Feast: sweet tea, 30 oz celery/apple/pear, 1 oz E3Live, 32 oz Green Peppermint Crisp (recipe to come), 24 oz tomato/lime/shallot juice with cilantro essential oil, 30 oz carrot/chard with OnGuard essential oil, 2 oz wheatgrass, 32 oz cucumber/cilantro with coconut water, 32 oz pineapple/apple/beet/ginger with cayenne.

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Winter Juice Feast. Day 17. Unusual Juiceables: Burdock Root

I woke up this morning feeling intensely grateful. Grateful to be alive and grateful to be in this body. My energy has been fantastic all day, no food cravings, and actually now that I think about it, I don’t think I’ve really thought about food once! I’ve been taking care of Britney who is home sick and even the delightful smell of the hot, comfort soups I’ve made haven’t tempted me. I don’t expect it to last…I’m sure there are challenging days ahead so I’m soaking up the ease and effortless good feelings while I have them.

I’ve been making an effort to get a variety of produce, it’s way too easy to slip into my favorites and stick with them. I first heard of burdock root when I got the book Eating for Beauty by David Wolfe. It was my initial introduction to raw foods almost ten years ago and I’ve been hooked ever since! Burdock root basically looks like a stick but you do get a bit of juice out of it. Although slightly bitter and very earthy, you can hide the taste easily enough if you find it off putting. It is best known as an excellent blood purifier, is wonderful for the liver and kidneys and has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits as well.

Sweet Roots Juice

Sweet Roots Juice

3 lbs carrots

2 apples

4 inches burdock root

Today’s Juice Feast: 40 oz coconut water with E3Live, spirulina, and Vitamineral Green, 8 oz apple/celery/ginger/basil/lime/cilantro, 2 oz wheatgrass, 52 oz FullyRaw Kristina’s Juice 4 Beauty, 32 oz Sweet Roots Juice, 18 oz cucumber/zucchini/dill/lemon, 20 oz Anti-Inflammatory Pink Love Juice (recipe to come). 

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Winter Juice Feast. Day 15. Detox Yoga.

The first several days of the fast felt like an early morning yoga session- one where I’m not feeling balanced or warmed up yet, and I might be a little grumpy or groggy and questioning whether I really want to be doing this or not. Fifteen days in and I’m feeling fully warmed up and so much more in the flow of things. This morning I had several hours worth of “is my body really feeling this way?? Could it always feel this way if I keep heading in this direction???”. I felt so light and effortless, my head felt like it was just floating on top of my shoulders, not in a weird spaced out way, my body felt really grounded but buoyant at the same time. After getting to work I felt myself tense up a bit throughout the day and had my challenges but even at the end of it I feel really positive and happy and confident that I’m doing the right thing for myself right now.

Speaking of yoga, I’ve been alternating pretty challenging days with some lighter, stretchier, twistier classes. Here is a series of “detox” themed classes that I’ve loved and that also happen to be free on YouTube!

Today’s Juice Feast: 32 oz cucumber/apple/zucchini with lemongrass essential oil, 24 oz celery/zucchini/lemon, 32 oz carrot/kale, 32 oz grapefruit/orange/apple/kale, 32 oz orange/parsley.

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Winter Juice Feast. Day 13. “If I were just drinking juice I would be the grumpiest person on earth!”

“I could never just NOT eat for 90 days!!”

“Why would you DO that??”

“If I were just drinking juice I would be the grumpiest person on earth”

Here’s the thing…if I were JUST drinking juice I would likely be really grumpy too. These are some of the things I’ve heard lately when people find out about the fast and I just thought I’d take a moment to address them. The majority of the people who I’ve seen do a “juice cleanse” are usually doing it for one reason only: to lose weight. Not that there is anything wrong with that but I do tend to encourage having well established, good eating habits in place first before embarking on something like this. It’s very likely that if you jump from your regular diet, into a long juice fast, you’ll go right back to your old habits (or worse) when it’s all over. It’s important that you’re doing more than just drinking juice and it’s important that you know what you’re getting in to.

What do I mean when I say “more” than just drinking juice? Well, if I decided to embark on all of this and change nothing in my life but what I’m consuming then really, that’s all I’m doing. If you’re not actively removing the old waste that’s being awakened through colon cleansing (and other methods that I’ll get in to another time) then it’s almost impossible not to run into fatigue, breakouts, headaches, bloating, and all manner of signs that the old waste in your body isn’t leaving. If your bowels are strong (more common in men like you see in “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead”) you’ll do alright for awhile but for most of us, this isn’t the case. I’ve read a lot from people who are skeptical about this whole cleansing journey but I have tried fasting with and without colon cleansing and I can tell you that I’ve seen headaches, tiredness, grumpiness, and all manner of uncomfortable symptoms leave within the space of time that it takes to have a colonic (usually an hour-ish) and that trying to go without turns into a situation where I’m hardly functioning optimally.

So. You can go on a juice fast. Drink all the juice you like. But know that all you’re doing is drinking juice and very little substantial change is happening in your body. I’ll be discussing what exactly a colonic is and more about their  benefits in future posts. By the way, I know most of you are well into this lifestyle but this is largely for the people I know who have been attempting juice fasts and struggling or who have had a lot of questions about how to do one properly 🙂

Finally, why would I keep doing this? Am I crazy? Do I have an eating disorder? Do I really think my body isn’t clean enough yet? I can say with certainty that this is the most sane I have ever felt. Every time I fast or clean up my diet a little bit more I understand my body and myself better. I shed things that were never meant to be there or that have kept me from being the most “me” I can be (cheesy but true). I feel more alive. I go into dark spaces, shed old waste, old belief systems, old fears, old ways of thinking and come out a little lighter and a little freer every time.

juice feast

Today’s Juice Feast: 32 oz orange/apple/kale/jalapeño, 32 oz cucumber/celery/dill/lime, 32 oz cucumber/apple/kale/lime, 16 oz Flu Shot Carrot Juice, 34 oz orange, 2 Tbsp bee pollen, 16 oz coconut water.


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