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Winter Juice Feast. Day 12. Curried Carrot Juice.

I was about at this duration in my last juice feast when I started to feel symptomatic. My throat swelled up and my nose dripped for at least a week if not longer. I feel like I may be headed towards that very situation again (despite keeping up with removing as much awakened waste as possible through colon cleansing, sweating, dry brushing, etc). I’ve woken up the past few mornings with a sore throat, my nose has been drip, drip, drip all day and I don’t have much of an appetite. I don’t think I’ve EVER gone below a gallon in my daily juice drinking but I didn’t make the mark today! I just felt completely disinterested. Despite all that, I enjoyed work and didn’t feel any less focused and energetic. Now that I’m home I’m ready to get as much sleep as I possibly can so I can get through this cleansing reaction as gracefully as possible.

Curried Carrot Juice

Curried Carrot Juice 

4 lbs carrots

small knob ginger

2-4 cloves garlic

1 tsp curry powder

big pinch cayenne powder

4 drops NuNaturals Lemon Stevia

black pepper or DoTerra black pepper essential oil, to taste

Juice carrots, garlic, and ginger. Add remaining ingredients and stir or blend.

Today’s Juice Feast: 16 oz “Carrot Coffee” (recipe to come!), 24 oz orange/apple/kale, 2 Tbsp bee pollen,  28 oz carrot/banana with ginger essential oil and nutmeg,  32 oz pear/romaine.



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Winter Juice Feast. Day 11. A Friend’s Juice Feasting Testimonial!

A brief synopsis on today: Day 11! I remember last juice feast, I was so excited to reach day 11 as it was the longest I’d ever fasted! Now of course, I barely feel like I’ve gotten started 🙂 Today was back to great energy, great mood, and so much old waste released in a colon cleansing session this morning.

This last week my friend Lauren decided to join me in juice feasting and she completed her first ever three day fast! I was so touched by her Facebook post this morning that I asked if I could use it here:

“If you think juicing is: A. Too time consuming, B. Too expensive, C. Not filling enough, or D. You will experience too many detox symptoms….You are just like me. I thought all these things before doing my first ever 3-day Juice Feast this week.

I decided to be pro-active with all my objections. I don’t have a juicer nor do I want to clean up, so I didn’t buy one and I never cleaned up. I did itnearly entirely on Whole Foods juices (the ones cold-pressed on site and sold in the produce section). I never spent more than $25 a day which is less than what the cost of purchasing produce would be. 

I’m sure I lost weight but the number is irrelevant when compared to how great I feel in my body. I seriously can’t believe I’ve never tried this before. I have in the past done mono-mealing and blending on all fruit diets, but this is different.

Juicing takes out the fiber so that your body immediately absorbs all the nutrients. It’s high impact nutrient enrichment. My body just soaked them right up. The first day I couldn’t stop shitting. And that’s will all the fiber removed, so don’t be scared of becoming constipated. 

The second day I woke up already feeling amazing. I had barely any detox symptoms. I was already off of coffee and do eat a high raw diet, though, so I’m sure my pre-condition helped. Had I been in the grips of coffee or baked-goods addictions, as I’ve been so many times in the past, I’m sure I would have suffered from detox symptoms. 

I continued to feel great through all three days of the feast. I did not pre-determine a specific quantity of juice per day, it’s a feast after all! I drank around a gallon a day, consistently. And I did not go to bed hungry. 

Coming off the feast on Thursday morning, I planned ahead and had an organic sweet potato on hand. I baked the sweet potato and ate it in the morning. It was sooo delicious and soooo filling. I had to wrap up half and eat it two hours later. I realized how little food I have to eat when my body is soaked in nutrients. 

Thank you Rande and Gina for guiding me through this amazing experience in self-healing!”

I’m so proud of you Lauren and I’m looking forward to hearing about your next few days of fasting that I know you’re so excited about 🙂

juice feast

Today’s Juice Feast: 32 oz orange/pineapple/kale, 20 oz Ana’s Cream of Celery Juice, 32 oz Savory Autumn Carrot Juice with Sage, 32 oz grapefruit/apple/pineapple/cilantro, 32 oz cucumber/kale/pear, 36 oz orange/apple/turmeric/wheatgrass with cayenne.

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The Fruitarian Mocha and Juice Feasting in the New Year

The great Winter juice feast is about to begin. If you had told me at the beginning of my first juice feast that I would be embarking on this journey again I would have thought you were crazy. I wasn’t even sure I would make it through that one! By the time I’d finished though, I knew I’d be planning another one within a year. When my extraordinary friend Wellah (who I juice feasted with all 90 days last time) mentioned that she would probably be at it again by New Years I  jumped at the chance to join her.

I’m excited to post more soon. I still don’t know if I’ll be posting every day though it’s likely I will. Or maybe I’ll be really bold and go all Youtube with it. Maybe I’ll go 100 days this time! I will definitely sit down and spell out my intentions for this juice feast, talk about how life has been since the first juice feast, the experience in my body since then, food stuff, expectations, and rant on and on about the ridiculous importance of colon cleansing.

For now I’ll leave you with a recipe similar to the last one but with a darker, richer taste added by the dates:


water from one young coconut

10 medjool dates, pitted

1 vanilla bean

1 tsp coffee extract

1/2 Tbsp roasted maca

Blend until creamy.


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The Juice Chronicles – Day 6 of 90

Today has been a huge improvement on yesterday. No headache but definitely hungrier and crave-ier than the first few days. I was walking through the plane today and even the faux cheese smelled good 😀 It’s such a funny thing to have cravings but not be worried in the slightest that they’ll throw me off track. As tasty as certain things have been sounding (burritos…cauliflower rice…anything with cheese…) I don’t actually want to eat them. It’s empowering being able to notice a craving and just be alright with it without indulging it.

I’m planning for a colonic tomorrow, thank goodness, which should help with the cravings and remove any awakened waste that’s keeping me less energetic than I was when I started. I’ve heard juicing and colon cleansing referred to as soap and water for your inner bits. The juice is the soap, awakening the old waste stored in your body and getting it ready to go, and the colonic is the water, removing what was awakened. I know a lot of people don’t believe in colon cleansing but I would imagine they also haven’t experienced what it’s like to wake up a bunch of old stuff and remove it. It feels like freedom in your body. It’s good stuff.

The Juice:

2 Tbsp bee pollen

32 oz Peppermint Mocha herbal tea with stevia

24 oz orange juice with sun chlorella

32 oz lemon/carrot/apple juice

50 oz orange/celery/romaine juice with stevia

2 Tbsp bee pollen

1 Tbsp raw buckwheat honey

16 oz apple/beet/spinach juice with buckwheat honey, cinnamon and cayenne

32 oz romaine/cucumber/pear juice


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The Fruit Centric Kitchen??

For a couple of years I cut sugars out of my diet almost completely, including fruit. Last March another flight attendant gifted me with a huge bag of freshly picked oranges and I devoured the entire thing in two sittings. It felt great. Ever since then I’ve experimented with the amount of fruit in my diet, cutting it out from time to time for fear of any old yeast issues coming back. The past few months have seen me eating more, and more and MORE fruit and feeling really great on it…so might it be too extreme to try a diet that’s mostly fruit? Until very recently I would have said yes.


I’ve followed along with proponents of the 80/10/10 diet for probably a year, first because I thought they were crazy and I was entertained, then because I was intrigued but still thought it wasn’t for me and more recently…because I secretly really, REALLY wanted to give it a try. I won’t go into a ton of detail today but it’s basically a low-fat, raw-vegan diet that gets 80% of it’s calories from carbs (fruit), 10% from protein (greens and veggies) and 10% from fat (avocado’s, nuts, seeds etc). The diet is based on Dr. Douglas Graham’s book 80/10/10 and “a day in the life” usually ends up looking like 2-3 big fruit meals and a huge (HUGE) salad at the end of the day. It’s a lot of food and my massive appetite is loving it.

Now it’s only a 30 day trial (am I crazy to do this in December??) and I have no commitment beyond that but I’m excited to see how I feel making such a big shift. A veggie-focused diet has been really good to me and I do always seem to go back to it regardless of what else has caught my attention but I’m open to whatever the results might be. I also have no intention of giving up green juices or colon cleansing, neither of which are on the “program”. I don’t know what recipe posts will look like this month but I have a HEAP of thoughts to come so stay tuned!


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The Before, The After, and The Books That Changed My Life

For as long as I can remember, health and nutrition has been a fascination of mine. As a kid I would imagine those cans of spinach were giving me all the strength they gave Popeye, I munched on carrots like Bugs Bunny with a hearty “What’s up Doc?”, and I joyfully chewed my gummy bear multi vitamin with my oatmeal. My upbringing was entirely vegetarian and Mousercise was my exercise video of choice 😉

I was always pretty small but as a teenager I started filling out like most girls my age. I steadily gained weight throughout high school and while I was probably never considered overweight, I carried more than I was comfortable with. I became more than just interested in health but absolutely obsessed with dieting. I constantly read books, trying the latest diet or “cleanse” an worked out intensely. Outside of not being able to lose the weight I wanted I also struggled with migraines and spurts of depression and bulimia.

After high school I gained even more weight and continued searching for something that would make me look and feel the way I wanted to. I discovered a raw food diet through David Wolfe’s Eating for Beauty. I spent the next couple of years attempting to go “all raw” and succeeding for several months at a time. Despite eating nothing but raw foods I was still not getting the glorious benefits I was hearing touted (perfect skin! weight loss! clear mind! great moods!).

In 2007 I picked up Natalia Rose’s The Raw Food Detox Diet and was introduced to a completely new idea that would change everything…Here is what I learned:

Waste = Weight

Essentially, we’ve all spent a lifetime taking in an abundance of foods that were never meant for the human body and are thereby never fully eliminated. Whatever is left behind builds up in our body over the years and eventually becomes our excess weight, foggy headedness, colds and flus, bad skin, you name it. It may sound overly simplistic or even ridiculous and if I hadn’t experienced it for myself I may not believe it either.

It took me a couple of years to actually start implementing this new way of living (that is, removing the waste buildup or detoxifying) and in the meantime I tried in vain to go raw again and again. Even just playing with the dietary part of the program wasn’t getting me anywhere. I was consuming tons of sugary raw food items and fruits as well as heavy nuts and oils, gaining even more weight despite how hard I was trying.

Three years ago I finally got it right. Natalia put out a new book, Detox 4 Women which was written for people needing a more yeast conscious approach (my current diet was very yeast feeding with all the density and sweets I was taking in). I fully embraced juicing, food combining, a vegetable-centric diet…and colon cleansing. All of that waste had to get out somehow and my body wasn’t doing it on it’s own! I know it seems extreme but I have never, with all of my years of experimenting, found anything as powerful as a highly alkaline, highly water containing diet coupled with colonics. I went from continuously hitting walls, feeling puffy, bloated, heavy, tired, depressed, and achy (especially working on an airplane) to losing nearly 30 pounds, and feeling so much more light, happy, and present in my body. The fun part is, it continues to get better. I’m always tweaking things in my diet, listening to my body, and keeping up with removing the waste that juicing and raw fruits and vegetables awaken. It’s not always easy, I often feel like an oddball, my disordered eating tendencies still act up, and my weight fluctuates slightly. At this point though, I’ve set a high enough bar for how I like to feel most of the time and find it easy enough to get back to that even if I “fall off the wagon”.

It’s become my passion to share what detoxifying the body has done for me and finally getting to take Natalia’s Advanced Detox Training has brought me one step close to being able to work with other people to make a shift in their life experience as well.

Below are some “before and afters”, in the “before” shots on the left I often wore glasses, trying to hide my puffy face and dark under eye circles. These days I can comfortably go without makeup and my wardrobe has doubled now that I can wear Britney’s clothes 😉


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Questions for a Cleanser with Lola York

I want to thank the extraordinarily sweet and insightful Lola for agreeing to be a part of my Questions for a Cleanser series. I love that doing the cleanse and blogging about it has become a way to make incredible new friends! For the first in the series, see Sylvia’s (AKA The Roommate) post here. Also, make sure you read all the way to the end for a delicious dinner recipe from Lola herself!

Who are you?

Bonjour everybody, I’m Lola York (extends hand/hug)! I’ve been working as a professional modern dancer and dance instructor for the last couple of years and am currently transitioning to a brand new path. I recently took a job as the business development manager at Raw Shakti Chocolate (the most AMAZING chocolate I’ve had to date) in Asheville, NC. I started my blog, Ooh Lola! in October of last year and it’s been one of my favorite creative ventures to date. I’m a family girl, I love design and fashion, nature, sleeping in, drinking tea, talking for hours with friends, vegetables, romance, and I have a weakness for all things whimsical and eccentric.

What were your reasons: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, etc for embarking on the cleanse?

All of the above! I think I was particularly excited to gain more insight from the Detox The World team and interact with the amazing community that has developed around them. I know from past experiences that a well-executed cleanse is sort of like hopping on a rocket ship to your highest potential. I’m one of those people who enjoys that sort of thing

What detox symptoms, if any, have you experienced?

The most significant detox symptom I’ve had is a heightened state of sensitivity which has been both a blessing and a challenge. Since starting the cleanse, I’ve been particularly intolerant of loud noises, areas where I feel another’s fear being projected onto me, and continuing along any path that feels wrong. It’s been the sense of my life’s volume dial being particularly turned up. I’ve had significant emotional purges – moments of screaming louder than I ever have (I could physically feel the unblocking of my throat chakra), tears flowing, and surges of joy with bouts of giggling.

What positive changes have you noticed?

Wow, where to start!? For starters, my life is completely different than it was 23 days ago! I have a new job, new creative goals, and many new individuals in my life. I’m watching my body morph into the one I’ve always wanted which feels like a miracle. I’ve become so much more in touch with the reality of my feelings and desires – the ones that come from my heart, rather than the ideas of who I thought I was supposed to be.

What was your lifestyle like (regarding food and health) prior to the cleanse and what are you planning for after the cleanse?

I returned to the Rose Program about 4 months ago after turning my back on the work for several years. I read Natalia Rose’s first book, “The Raw Food Detox Diet” in 2007 and knew that I’d found my guide. Since then, I’ve come back to the work and abandoned it, always knowing that it was my key to mental, emotional, and physical freedom. Prior to the cleanse I was following a relatively relaxed version of Natalia’s “Detox 4 Women” approach: Juicing until lunch, and having two properly combined meals centered around fresh vegetables. At this moment in time, I’d like to carry the Rose Cleanse fundamentals forward for an indefinite amount of time! I like feeling like superwoman.

Are there any tips or inspiration you would like to share with fellow cleansers or those curious in a cleansing lifestyle?

1. Be a bad-a$# and do some colon-cleansing. It’s not scary or painful and it’ll change your life forever.
2. Realize how lucky you are to arrived upon this path. I’m still trying to wrap my mind around this blessing.
3. Show off when you eat out. I’ve eaten out countless time since beginning the Rose Cleanse, and ultimately I feel like I win every time! I have the most beautiful food, the largest quantities, and I always have desert (chocolate in my purse, thank you)! I love to cook but navigating menus while adhering to the Rose Program/Cleanse is one of my favorite pastimes.
4. Read Rande’s blog because she is a beautiful person and her recipes are so creative and delicious!
5. Eat Chocolate.
6. Hold your choices up to the light. As many times as possible in a day, remind yourself that you choose to live a life based in love rather than fear.
7. Respect your natural cycles. Becoming more aware of my moon cycle has been one of the most life-saving practices on this journey. I blogged a little bit about it here and also on Natalia’s community board regarding more practical applications of these realizations. Certain times of the month radically alter how cleansing feels, and I often need to make adjustments to cater the program to my needs. Just the awareness gives me more compassion for myself, without the gentility and flexibility of which … I might fall right off the wagon!

Serves one very hungry Rose Cleanser!!

Sunday Evening Comfort Food:

1 Portobello Mushroom
4 Stalks of Kale
1/4 Onion
2 tsp Butter
1 package Kelp Noodles (opt: soak for 1 hour prior to cooking)
4 oz Pecorino Romano Cheese
2 eggs

In a pat of butter, saute chopped portobello mushrooms, kale, and onion until tender over medium-high heat. Add kelp noodles to veggies for 1-2 minutes, or until warm and softened. Turn off stove top, pour pasta into serving dish, and toss with cheese. Return pan to medium high heat and quickly scramble two eggs in another pat of butter. Top pasta with eggs and hot sauce if desired. Serve with a ginormous salad (duh!) topped with cheese, lemon juice, and stevia. I’ve really been enjoying raw parsnips grated on top of mine. Bon appetit!!!

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