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Jalapeno-Lime Carrot Juice for Fathers Day

My dad likes his juices spicy. He often tells me of of the latest adventures with his Champion juicer, almost always spicier and stranger than the last one. I recall a time he drank a quart of rhubarb juice…then there is his “whatever’s in the fridge” specialty…he has interesting tastes that one 😉

The last time I had a visit from my dad this was the concoction I came up with to please his taste buds. Be careful with the jalapeno- a little goes a long way!

Happy Father’s Day dad!


3 pounds carrots
as much jalapeno as you can stand, with or without seeds (he’s up to two whole jalapenos WITH seeds these days. I like half a pepper, minus seeds.)
2 limes, peeled
a bit of stevia (optional)
a handful of cilantro (optional)

Juice and drink! Prepare to sweat.



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“Big Mac” Breakfast Salad and Happy Mothers Day

Until I was 18 I had never tasted meat thanks to this lady:

That’s my mama (and my adorable baby sister). While I’m no longer a strict vegetarian (more of a pescetarian these days) I’m infinitely grateful for my upbringing and my mom’s incredible example to me growing up of someone who was in touch with her body and cared what she fueled it with. While she was making pancakes for us kiddos, she was also making a bowl of oatmeal and fruit for herself. Our lunches were stocked with carob chip trail mixes and we had a Champion Juicer on the counter for as long as I remember. The last few years have seen her becoming the Green Smoothie Queen, downing some things even I wouldn’t drink (ummm… I can’t handle whole heads of kale but she’s a superstar). I would absolutely not be the health-fiend I am today without her. I dug through the small pile of recipe’s she’s sent me and this one stood out, I used to love eating salads for breakfast although I ‘d find that a bit heavy anymore, this was great for a sweet and savory dessert. Thanks mom for not simply making us a tofu sandwich once in a while but really showing us what good choices looked like so that we would know how to choose them for ourselves as adults. I wish everyone could be so lucky. Happy Mothers Day.

“Big Mac” Breakfast Salad


1/2 container alfalfa sprouts or microgreens
3 leaves romaine lettuce, chopped
3 Tbsp raw macadamia nuts, crushed
3 Tbsp currants
2 Tbsp nutritional yeast
Italian seasoning and sea salt to taste

Toss. Eat.


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Sweet Corn Chowder Green Juice

I absolutely love turning people on to juicing. To me there is nothing better than a the green juice “high” but if it tastes like dirt then I’m not interested. I’ve spent a lot of time figuring out how to make my juice so delicious that it’s actually worth cleaning my juicer every day (not exactly my favorite chore). Recently a few friends came over and I shared three recipes with them: a “Classic” Green Juice (cucumber, lettuce, lemons, and stevia or apple), a “Chocolate Milk” Juice (Carrots and Romaine), and the title of todays post, Sweet Corn Chowder Green Juice. I was surprised to find that it was the hit of the party, I sort of thought mine were the only taste buds that would be up for something so unusual. I ran into this idea last Summer when I was in the middle of a five-day juice fast and found myself at the Farmers Market desperately craving fresh corn. My curiosity about whether it could be juiced or not led me to take home a bag and try it out! The result: one very messy kitchen and one satisfied Rande.


6 ears fresh corn
1/2 – 1 head romaine
1 cucumber

Peel corn and slice off the kernels. Run it all through the juicer dropping the corn in by the handful. This particular recipe is one that works MUCH better with a masticating juicer like the Champion instead of the Breville that I use for everything else (embarrassing confession: I own three juicers…).

Juice Party in Session

On a non-juice note, I am two weeks in to the Chocolate Covered Katie Challenge and here are the favorites of the week:

32C Chocolate Cups

My personal favorite was the version of chocolate cups that I filled with tahini! I also made some with almond butter (a hit!) and hemp butter (not so much…).

Britney was a big fan of the Pumpkin Pie Parfait, we both agreed it had a yummy, honey-like flavor even though there wasn’t any honey involved.

Just over halfway done with my month of veganism and I find myself craving fish. I have yet to come up with a way to satisfy this craving without resorting to something heavily processed (which I’m not interested in doing). If there are any vegans or creative cooks out there with an awesome veggie focused plan for soothing my fish craving, we should be friends (or you can leave a comment 😉 ).


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