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Cinnamon Licorice Veggie Juice

I am not a fan of licorice. I have, however, fallen head-over-heels for a little vegetable called fennel which is strangely reminiscent of it in flavor (imagine licorice as a crunchy veggie if you can ;)). Along with juicing it and thinly slicing it into salads I absolutely love my Sweet-and-Salty Fennel Fries and frequently return to Lauren’s Iced Carrot No-Cappuccino. Today I’d like to bring to you that cappuccino’s cacao-free cousin:


2 lbs carrots
2 heads romaine
1-2 bulbs fennel
liquid stevia (I use 4-5 droppers, it ends up pretty sweet)
a hearty dose of cinnamon

Juice the fennel, romaine, and carrots and pour into a blender. Add stevia and cinnamon to your liking and blend. You can also just stir in the cinnamon and stevia but I like mine frothy.



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