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Portland Road Trip

I’ve been a bit MIA on my WIAW lately…honestly I feel like my weekly eats were looking rather boring and repetitive so I’ve decided to post “What I Ate’s” a little more randomly. Yesterday was a bit out of the norm, I have a dear friend visiting and we road tripped to Portland for the day so I could get a tattoo finished. I did pack a green juice but we also stopped at one of our favorite coffee shops where I got a deliciously nutty hemp milk latte.

Since I was going to be lying around in pain all afternoon and was hoping for as few bathroom breaks as possible I got a package of kale chips from the vegan grocery next to the tattoo shop.

My gorgeous phoenix was finished up in *just* 4.5 hours.

Before driving back that night we stopped for dinner at Blossoming Lotus. I got a tasty Kale and Wakame Salad…

Brit got an even more tasty raw falafel wrap dish…

and we shared a yummy raw lemon cheesecake for dessert 🙂


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Thursday&Friday in NYC- a recap

For as much as I learned in three days with Natalia, I feel like I learned almost as much in two hours with Gil. Renae and I had appointments with him and Lola came along for the ride, believe it or not, we actually sat in on each others sessions! That’s how much we wanted to pick his brain. For the record, it was not the slightest bit awkward, I’m not sure how that’s possible but I guess we’re into some pretty weird stuff. Gil was kind enough to let us record our “interviews” while he was working away, as soon as I get a copy (Lola and Renae…hint, hint ;)) I’ll be sharing in the form of quotes or audio clips. I do recall drilling him on the following:

Why colonics are more important for someone eating cleanly than someone living a mainstream lifestyle.

Why some people have more success with a paleo-style or an 80/10/10 lifestyle.

What are some things that can be done to offset radiation (especially as a Flight Attendant).

His thoughts on probiotics and fermented foods.

Helpful tips for someone prone to nausea (myself).

His thoughts on living a long-term clean lifestyle in a city environment.


I did not take this particular video but I’m loving the series of clips that have been posting on Youtube:

Thursday afternoon I met up with my mom, stepdad, and baby sister who live in Maryland. It was their first trip to New York so of course I took them to Pure Food and Wine for my THIRD sundae of the week.

Friday morning we drove into Philadelphia where I used to go to school. I met up with several friends including getting to meet a couple of ladies that I’ve enjoyed getting to know in the online world! Courtney of Spirulina Junkie and Sarah of Queer Vegan Food are just the sweetest couple doing so much good in the world and it was a heap of fun getting to chat with them over green drinks at Philly’s Jar Bar. If you’re not familiar with their websites, definitely go have a look!

…Well that’s the end of the NYC updates but I have so much planned as a result of this trip. I’m very much looking forward to starting my own health coaching practice in the near future as well as looking at attending the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. For now, I will see you next on What I Ate Wednesday!

My adorable baby sister and I

Rainbow love on the drive between NYC and Philly.

Sarah, Courtney and I at Jar Bar.


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Tuesday in NYC- a Recap

Tuesday’s class started at one of NYC’s many fantastic health food stores, Health Nuts. Natalia walked us through the store and pointed out her favorite products and foods for transitioning detoxers.

While here I picked up a green juice and a bottle of Lemon Stevia which I now can’t imagine living without. It completely transforms my veggie juices and in a pinch it was even amazing in plain water, turning it into a sweet tea like beverage. Not bad when you’re stuck in an airport with limited options!

After class Jen and I met up at Organic Avenue to get to know each other better. I had a super tasty cultured coconut yogurt with blueberries while Jen had a green juice. I found it very fascinating to know that just a couple of years ago Jen had quite severe allergies but since she’s been detoxing they’re hardly noticeable! We heard all sorts of stories like this during the class which was incredibly exciting and inspiring.

Renae, Lola and I decided another trip to Pure Food and Wine was in order, deciding this time to keep it simple with salads and sundae’s. While waiting for our dinner, Lola subtly pointed at the table behind us and whispered “Is that Gil Jacobs??”. Gil Jacobs, for those who don’t know, is a brilliant colon hydrotherapist and someone we all respect and admire immensely. Really, it was like a celebrity sighting. We managed to squeeze in a “hello” and let him know we were a little star struck 😉 You know you’re running with an unusual crowd when you all fawn over someone who cleans excess waste out of peoples bums 😉 We had an appointment booked with him for that Thursday which was completely unforgettable, I’ll chat about that on Thursdays summary! Evidence of Tuesday fun:

Jen and I at Organic Avenue

Lola, Jen, me, and Renae at Organic Avenue

One of the outrageously delicious salads from Pure Food and Wine

The incomparable sundae from Pure Food and Wine


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Monday in NYC- a Recap

Monday was the first day of class and we woke up giddy despite having slept less than 5 hours (it beat 3 the night before!). I remember feeling a little nervous to finally meet the woman who has had such an impact on my life and who I’ve admired for so long.

The place we stayed was about a 40 minute walk from Natalia’s and we left early enough to pick up tasty beverages from Organic Avenue. I absolutely fell in love with Organic Avenue while there and think I might be going through withdrawals now that I’m home. I do have to confess, I picked up a cold-pressed coffee along with my spring water and green juice. After getting so little sleep it felt like it was in order. While it’s certainly not idea, I have heard that cold-pressed coffee is significantly less acidic that your standard cup.

Natalia’s home was lovely and welcoming, she managed to fit twenty-something of us into her living room! Natalia herself was everything I had ever envisioned her to be, I wondered if maybe I would be let down, like I’ve idealized her too much but really, she’s a goddess. Completely glowing and lean, despite just having given birth and carries herself in such a calm, confident manner. Her teaching style is very clear and eloquent and without being dramatic in her presentation I felt completely inspired by the information. I wrote furiously that first day, filling up a third of my notebook. I also got to meet Jen of Jen’s Food Challenge! I had no idea what I was getting into with this lovely lady- what a heap of fun we had getting to know each other! I’ve encouraged her to put a “face” to the blog so we can get to know her beyond her delicious recipes!

I’m poring over my notes from this first day and feeling like I want to share but that I’m still absorbing everything. The introduction she gave really summed up the “why’s” of detoxification beautifully. If you have more specific questions about what I took in I’m happy to answer them in the comments section but it feels like too much to delve into.

After class was over, a few of us got together for dinner at Quintessence. I kept it a bit lighter than the night at Pure with a yummy veggie soup and a big kale salad. Alright, there was some raw pecan pie. It was fabulous. Fun was captured:

Every trip to Organic Avenue we got one of these adorable and handy cloth bags! I kept all of mine for future use.

Mountain Valley Spring Water, Green Juice, and Cold-Pressed Coffee.

I don’t recall exactly what this was but it was lovely enough that I snapped a shot on my way to Quintessence.

Live-Live! I’ve wanted to check this place out ever since The Raw Food Detox Diet came out! I got some delicious raw rye bread and some Dr. Cow’s nut cheese here.

Rejuvenation Balls anyone??

All of our options looked so delicious, it was hard to choose!

My “Buddha Bowl”- a big kale salad coated in sesame dressing.

The most impressive dish of the night- Lola’s raw Indian food!


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Somewhere Between Seattle and New York

San Francisco is officially my favorite airport ever, and I’ve been stuck in a lot of airports. I’m not “stuck” really, I just have a really long delay and wanted to share the amazing-ness that is this airport:

Other than the standard gift shop…

…I ran into this place right off the airplane. They serve freshly pressed fruit and veggie juices along with an assortment of vegan goodies.

This store made me wish I hadn’t already packed and eaten my own dinner! Local cheeses, chocolates, wines and veggies. I was in heaven.

The treats I collected included some stevia-sweetened, caffeine-free Green Tea Leaf Mints , an herbal sleep supplement for the plane tonight called Dream Water, and an organic candy bar with minimal ingredients (pretty much just coconut and dark chocolate) from a brand called Ocho.

And lastly, this fabulous airport actually has a yoga room. However, I wasn’t curious enough to try it out while stuck in my Flight Attendant dress 😉


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Headed to New York City!

Hello from 30,000 feet! I’m currently on my way to San Francisco, a brief stop before NYC! I’ll be attending Natalia Rose’s Advanced Detox Certification Training and could not be more excited to meet Natalia in person as I’ve admired her for years.

I’m also pretty darn jazzed to be connecting with Renae, Ana and Lola while I’m there, I know we’re just dying to hit up the bar scene…the juice bars that is 😉

Thank you Virgin America.

I’m stocked on treats for the trip: delicious olives, radishes, nori sheets, baked sweet potatoes and dark chocolate.

Airplane Snack Love.

Excitement abounds. I’ll keep you posted.

One chillaxed but very excited Flight Attendant.


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St. Louis Weekend and Red Wine Floats with Vanilla Goat Milk Ice Cream

Hello from St. Louis! I apologize for the lack of posting, we’ve had a very full weekend! Delicious eats have included the best Greek salad I’ve ever eaten (with outrageously delicious goat cheese, roasted red peppers, and hearts of palm. My own dressing was made up of lemon, sea salt, and stevia):

Chocolate Martinis:

Pea shoots sauteed with asparagus from our favorite restaurant, Local Harvest:

And red wine floats made by me 🙂


LaLoo’s Goat Milk Ice Cream in Vanilla Snowflake

your favorite red wine

Scoop one or two big spoonfuls of ice cream into a wine glass and pour red wine over the top. It get’s even more delicious as it melts!

We’ve kept ourselves busy with friends, outdoor yoga, the farmers market, sunny walks and visiting our favorite old spots and I’m currently stuck waiting to see if I can get out on ANY flight in the next few days. Oh the joys of flying standby…


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