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Monday in NYC- a Recap

Monday was the first day of class and we woke up giddy despite having slept less than 5 hours (it beat 3 the night before!). I remember feeling a little nervous to finally meet the woman who has had such an impact on my life and who I’ve admired for so long.

The place we stayed was about a 40 minute walk from Natalia’s and we left early enough to pick up tasty beverages from Organic Avenue. I absolutely fell in love with Organic Avenue while there and think I might be going through withdrawals now that I’m home. I do have to confess, I picked up a cold-pressed coffee along with my spring water and green juice. After getting so little sleep it felt like it was in order. While it’s certainly not idea, I have heard that cold-pressed coffee is significantly less acidic that your standard cup.

Natalia’s home was lovely and welcoming, she managed to fit twenty-something of us into her living room! Natalia herself was everything I had ever envisioned her to be, I wondered if maybe I would be let down, like I’ve idealized her too much but really, she’s a goddess. Completely glowing and lean, despite just having given birth and carries herself in such a calm, confident manner. Her teaching style is very clear and eloquent and without being dramatic in her presentation I felt completely inspired by the information. I wrote furiously that first day, filling up a third of my notebook. I also got to meet Jen of Jen’s Food Challenge! I had no idea what I was getting into with this lovely lady- what a heap of fun we had getting to know each other! I’ve encouraged her to put a “face” to the blog so we can get to know her beyond her delicious recipes!

I’m poring over my notes from this first day and feeling like I want to share but that I’m still absorbing everything. The introduction she gave really summed up the “why’s” of detoxification beautifully. If you have more specific questions about what I took in I’m happy to answer them in the comments section but it feels like too much to delve into.

After class was over, a few of us got together for dinner at Quintessence. I kept it a bit lighter than the night at Pure with a yummy veggie soup and a big kale salad. Alright, there was some raw pecan pie. It was fabulous. Fun was captured:

Every trip to Organic Avenue we got one of these adorable and handy cloth bags! I kept all of mine for future use.

Mountain Valley Spring Water, Green Juice, and Cold-Pressed Coffee.

I don’t recall exactly what this was but it was lovely enough that I snapped a shot on my way to Quintessence.

Live-Live! I’ve wanted to check this place out ever since The Raw Food Detox Diet came out! I got some delicious raw rye bread and some Dr. Cow’s nut cheese here.

Rejuvenation Balls anyone??

All of our options looked so delicious, it was hard to choose!

My “Buddha Bowl”- a big kale salad coated in sesame dressing.

The most impressive dish of the night- Lola’s raw Indian food!



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St. Louis Weekend and Red Wine Floats with Vanilla Goat Milk Ice Cream

Hello from St. Louis! I apologize for the lack of posting, we’ve had a very full weekend! Delicious eats have included the best Greek salad I’ve ever eaten (with outrageously delicious goat cheese, roasted red peppers, and hearts of palm. My own dressing was made up of lemon, sea salt, and stevia):

Chocolate Martinis:

Pea shoots sauteed with asparagus from our favorite restaurant, Local Harvest:

And red wine floats made by me 🙂


LaLoo’s Goat Milk Ice Cream in Vanilla Snowflake

your favorite red wine

Scoop one or two big spoonfuls of ice cream into a wine glass and pour red wine over the top. It get’s even more delicious as it melts!

We’ve kept ourselves busy with friends, outdoor yoga, the farmers market, sunny walks and visiting our favorite old spots and I’m currently stuck waiting to see if I can get out on ANY flight in the next few days. Oh the joys of flying standby…


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Rainy Day at the Super Foods Cafe

“Superfoods” really aren’t my thing. I’ve shelled out heaps of money for jars of E3live, spirulina, and various other green powders to never feel much of a difference. A jar of freshly pressed vegetable juice however, leaves me feeling light and high and buzzing with tingly-wonderful-goodness. All of that said, I sucked down a Superfood Shake at Seattle’s Healeo (a self-described Superfoods Bar) and absolutely savored every delicious sip. Spirulina is tasty stuff! Britney begged to differ and had an equally tasty, though less green, Coconut Almond Latte.

I could have ordered from the fantastic juice menu but a trip like this doesn’t happen every day and a shake of hemp milk, spirulina, barley grasses, and bee pollen (I subbed their agave for my stevia) sounded too wonderful for me to pass up. I also had a trunk full of Trader Joe’s produce waiting to be run through my juicer at home.

We also shared a fantastically spicy ginger tea with lemon and LOTS of cayenne! It made walking back out into the chilly rain a much less daunting task.

Despite not being particularly impressed by foods in the “super” category, I absolutely love this place. Though its not hard to impress me if green juice and free WIFI are involved 😉

Hope everybody is having a great weekend and enjoying the rain if you’re here in Seattle. I’d love to hear your thoughts on superfoods!

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Strawberry Shortcake Wheatgrass Shot

Like the Chocolate Coated and Gingerbread Coated Wheatgrass Shots, I love this for days when I want a little something extra that’s light, decadent, and wont dirty my juicer.


1 cup homemade coconut milk (or non-dairy milk of choice)
1-2 bags Celestial Seasonings Tropic of Strawberry tea
1/8 tsp strawberry extract
1/8 tsp coconut extract
1-2 cubes frozen wheatgrass
1 dropperful NuNaturals liquid stevia (or more if you want it sweeter)

Warm the tea very gently on low (you don’t want to let it get too hot) and let the tea bags steep. Remove from heat after the tea bags have sat a bit, add the remaining ingredients and let the wheatgrass melt.

I don’t go out to eat much for several reasons. Mostly its because I get so much pleasure out of preparing my own food that I often feel I’m missing out but also because I like to know what’s going into my meal. I’d been thinking, however, that it would be fun to stop in at one of the local vegan places while I’m in the middle of the Vegan Mofo and share my experience! Last night Britney and I found ourselves eating dinner at Seattle’s Chaco Canyon Cafe. I’ve had several truly incredible experiences at raw and vegan places in the past (Cafe Gratitude in San Francisco and Pure Food and Wine in NYC come to mind) but this unfortunately wasn’t one of them. We got a few lovely pictures, had some good conversation…and then went to Whole Foods because Brits raw pizza made her crave “real” pizza 😉 I have to admit I was not a huge fan of it myself and my Caesar salad unfortunately left me wanting in the taste department. In defense of Chaco Canyon, I have had a couple of dishes there in the past that I really did like (Cilantro Pesto Bowl FTW) and its a great place to get fresh pressed veggie juice! Britney mentioned something interesting as we were nibbling on our greens last night. She said she wished that places like that would just focus on making delicious food instead of trying to imitate traditional meals. I think I agree with her.

Rande with the Hearty Greens Caesar

Britney with the Raw Pizza

...and we're off to Whole Foods Market.

What are the other experiences of raw or vegan restaurants out there? Do you have any favorite places?


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