About the Blog:
The Vegetable Centric Kitchen is dedicated to my passionate love of vegetables, spending hours in the kitchen concocting deliciousness from them, and shoving heaps of their goodness through my juicer. I share my experiences enjoying a detox diet-lifestyle inspired by the work of Natalia Rose whom I’ve studied under and whose books, without a doubt, have changed my life.

About the Blogger: Twenty-Something. Vegetable-Obsessed Foodie. Yoga Lover. Singer of Showtunes. Introverted Bookworm. Collector of Skin Decor. Seattle Dweller. Detox Nerd and Diet Experimenter. I eat salads the size of my head.

I make my home in beautiful, rainy Seattle with my gorgeous wife (and Veggie Kitchen Taste Tester) Britney.

In June 2012 I took Natalia Rose’s Advanced Detox Training in New York City and plan on one day soon starting a health and detoxification coaching practice. Learning about and dedicating myself to a lifestyle of health and detoxification has saved my life. In the past few years I’ve seen how powerful a vegetable centric diet combined with juicing and colon cleansing can be. I’m infinitely clearer and easily happier living this way, not to mention having lost 30 pounds in the process. More before-and-afters along with my story here. On March 13th, 2013 I embarked on a 90 day juice feast and blogged daily about my journey.

My Jalapeno-Cilantro Green Juice is featured in Kris Carr’s Crazy, Sexy Juice. I’ve also guest posted for Oooh Lola, Queer Vegan Food, and Modern Hippie Mag and have an interview posted at Hooked on Health.

You can contact me at veggiecentrickitchen@gmail.com


25 responses to “About

  1. Kayla

    🙂 Love it!

  2. Mom

    The recipes sound really yummy! Sylvia did a great job on the photos also. Sounds like Dorian is doing all the hard work though….

  3. Rande
    Just wanted to say I love the website!! Oh, you should give your photographer a RAISE…:)) and ..where is Dorian?

  4. Chocolate sweet potato cake is genius! Love your site and I’ll be visiting again. ^_^

  5. Your website is wonderful! Thank you for doing this! xox Nicole Parton

  6. Hey! I nominated you for Versatile Blogger! Apparently there is a tradition of doing the three following things:

    1. Seven random things about yourself
    2. Nominate 15 bloggers that you follow
    3. put the “Versatile Blogger” picture on your post.

    My latest post is about it!

  7. Whoa. Just noticed the hairless cat. Crazy! Love the photos!

  8. hey! thanks for stopping by and leaving me a comment! Love your blog! 😀 and love that you eat salads the size of your head 😉

  9. go team head-sized salads!! thanks for finding my blog, and i’m happy i get to read yours, too!

  10. Pingback: Guest Post By Rande: Vegan Bacon And Coming Alive With Vegetables «

  11. Hey Rande, would you like to guest post for http://www.mindbodygreen.com on how to stay well on on the go and maybe share some recipes? I am their wellness editor and love your posts! I would love to feature your work. Email me at nadyaand @ gmail dot com!

  12. Awesome! Thanks for the follow! I quite enjoy Natalia Rose’s approach to eating as well – she rocks! Looking forward 🙂

  13. Its always cool to arrive along a web site like yours that has this sort of topics to read about. Thoroughly enjoyed and will undoubtedly be returning often

  14. I really liked reading your post!. Quallity content. With such a valuable blog i believe you deserve to be ranking even higher in the search engines

  15. Hello! So wonderful to have happened upon your blog through 30BAD. Been looking for Seattle vegan and raw friends to swap stories, recipes, and ideas with! Looking forward to reading more of your blog!!

  16. delaney

    Can you tell me the name of the home colonic unit you have? And where you purchased it?

    • Rande McDaniel

      Hi Delaney! What I have is a combination tubing from the Woods Institute and a water filtration unit that you can find out about if you’re a member at DetoxTheWorld.com. It’s also possible to set up a full home gravity unit with pieces from momentum98.com although I have never ordered from them.

  17. Hi Rande, It’s Jackie from EGD. how do I join your site and create a password so I can get in and read stuff?

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