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New Year, New Bod…No Wait, New Blog!

Every year I can remember up until 2013, I had some sort of resolution involving changing my body (more specifically, losing weight). Last year I finally broke that spell when I resolved only to say kind things to and about myself and my body. Was I perfect? Does anyone ever accomplish their New Years Resolution perfectly? January 1st, 2014 is also when I began a 70 day juice fast. Why? Sometimes I wonder. Mostly I think I was looking for an extraordinary experience of some sort. I had highs and lows but the more extraordinary experience came in the latter part of the year when I finally felt I’d moved on from the years of disordered eating, began a regular meditation practice and started taking internal adventures that had nothing to do with green juice or dress size. This year it didn’t even cross my mind to make any sort of resolutions to “get a hot bod” or “achieve my bikini body, finally!!!”…All I want at the end of 2015 is to see a woman in the mirror who is more peaceful, more loving towards herself and others and more grounded in who she is.

In the next month or so I’ll be launching my new website which will mark the end of The Vegetable Centric Kitchen. My new space will continue to offer vegetable magic with the addition of services: coaching in intelligent detox, juice fasting, and guidance through the rocky world of emotional eating and challenging relationships with food and body. I’m so looking forward to sharing that with you and will announce the new site name shortly!

Much love.



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