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Jalapeño Thyme Cashew Cream

I haven’t ventured into nut/seed territory since ending my juice feast- avocados have been plentiful but nuts still seem a bit dense. That being said I still have ridiculous amounts of fun creating things for Britney, especially when they result in the phrase “you’ve cured me of cheese!!” – yes, that actually happened. This particular batch of cashew cream was spread on thin slices of eggplant with a homemade marinara and baked ’til the apartment smelled like a pizza factory. It would also be wonderful over zucchini noodles or wherever you would use a creamy cheese spread.

Jalapeno Thyme Cashew Cream


1 cup raw cashews, soaked

juice of one lemon

sliver of jalapeño (up to you, depending on how hot you like it)

1 Tbsp fresh thyme leaves

Blend in a high speed blender until perfectly creamy, adding water to assist if needed.


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Raw Vegan Taco Night

The other night I promised Britney a batch of sweet potato tacos wrapped in corn tortillas with a yummy cashew cream drizzled on top. I decided to attempt a raw version for myself and came out with what you see below! The recipe is approximate and everything is to taste.

Raw Vegan Taco Night

Mushroom “Meat”

mixed mushrooms

fresh orange juice

coconut coconut aminios

minced garlic


Roughly chop mushrooms and toss with remaining ingredients. Dehydrate for 12-24 hours at 115.

Chipotle Avocado Cream

ripe avocado


lime juice


chipotle powder

water for blending

Blend ingredients until creamy.

Mango Salsa





lemon juice

Chop and mix.

Cauliflower “Rice”

Cauliflower florets

Pulse in food processor to a rice like consistency.

Layer ingredients into romaine leaves and roll up like tacos.

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Mango Curry Veggies over Parsnip Rice

I realized as I started putting this post together that this is the third recipe in a row that’s featured mangoes! This one is extra special, I really don’t think I’ve ever had anything quite like it. It’s incredibly flavorful without any salt or oils and the only overt fat comes in the form of a little fresh coconut milk. I’ve also been really enjoying sprouting since the juice feast and this recipe has a good helping of sprouted chickpeas tossed in. Enjoy!


Raw Vegan Mango Curried Vegetables over Parsnip Rice


3/4 cup coconut milk (meat and water from a young coconut, blended)

flesh from 1.5 juicy mangos

 1/4 cup sun dried tomatoes, soaked

1/2 a shallot

1 clove garlic

2 small dates, pitted

dash of cinnamon

1 Tbsp curry powder

3/4 cup broccoli or cauliflower florets, chopped

 3/4 cup zucchini, chopped

3/4 cup carrots, chopped

1/4 red bell pepper, seeded and chopped

1/4 cup orange bell pepper, chopped

1/4 cup yellow bell pepper, choped

1/2 cup celery, chopped

big handful cilantro, chopped

2-3 parsnips, peeled

Chop parsnips and grind them in the food processor to a rice-like consistency. Blend coconut, mango, dates. tomatoes, shallot, garlic and spices until creamy. Toss chopped veggies with mango sauce and layer over a bed of parsnip rice.


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Spicy Mango Green Juice and My Post-Juice Feast Diet

While on the one hand I would consider the juice feast officially “broken”, on the other I still feel like I’m navigating dietary life cautiously as I continue to be surprised at how different this feast breaking process is. The first time I did this I went back to food with gratitude…and fear. I was afraid of gaining weight before my wedding and I was afraid of what I might eat if given the chance and I spent too much time restricting and feeling the rebound effect of that. This go-round I feel so much more at peace, what and when to eat feels fairly simple. I still love food, I still think about it maybe a little more than is healthy (but wow has that part improved!) and I still have a hearty appetite, even if it’s just for gorgeous salads. Something I love about this particular feast breaking is how much I’m just enjoying the process. The months following the first juice feast saw a lot of dietary experimentation. Everything from a super restrictive diet of green juice and salads to a free-for-all, “I’m going to eat whatever I want” phase, to a super high fruit, high starch, high volume of food in general plan. I tried things I hadn’t eaten in years since getting into cleansing and I’m so grateful for all of it! Even though I put on some weight, even though I went through periods of my skin looking worse than it had ever looked (my body was so clean after the juice feast that it just didn’t tolerate much), and even though I felt like I was floundering and all I wanted to do was juice feast again, I am grateful. So here’s what feels so different this time: I’m still experimenting a little but I’m doing it without fear and with my eyes wide open. I’m present to all the little quirks of what’s working and what’s not and I find that I’m letting go of things that don’t work a lot more quickly. If I spend a night feeling physically miserable because I ate something that my body doesn’t like anymore (mass quantities of anything dry: dates and seaweed specifically), it doesn’t really get me down. I’m just like “oh hey! there’s a new thing that doesn’t work!”. And I move on. So what does my diet look like at the moment? I’m currently loving just having juice during the day (carrot, orange, and jicama based juices with greens are my favorites) with a fairly giant (though not as giant as they once were) salad in the evening. I spent several years juicing, or trying to juice until dinner and I’ve never found it as effortless or enjoyable as I do now. Including fruits is heavenly and great for my state of mind and energy. I’m much more balanced than I was on just green juices and I’m also drinking more (2-3 quarts). The other thing I’m paying attention to is keeping the fats in my diet pretty low- I know there is plenty of controversy around this but I’ve experimented in just about every direction and this really feels best to me. At the moment that’s looking like a half an avocado on my salad at night though I imagine I’ll play with nuts, seeds and coconut as time goes on. I also really thought I’d stay 100% raw  for awhile but I was craving cooked veggies and find I do really well as long as they are the smaller part of a giant, juicy salad. I’ve taken a lot from my experimentation with the 80/10/10 diet, I love my simple fruit and veggie based meals, no salt, no oil, really clean. That being said, I just don’t feel as much of a need for that volume of food, I love juicing, I can’t get enough sprouting, and I’ve even got a batch of cultured vegetables happening atop the fridge.

I got a comment once asking why I’m always changing my diet. Can’t I ever just eat and be happy with it? Well here’s the thing…looking back over all my years of experimenting, I wouldn’t change it! I rather love it, it’s kind of a hobby! Since I was a kid I’ve been fascinated by the connection between food and how we look and feel and I’m still going with it. I love reading diet books, getting other perspectives, trying them on for myself and usually moving on while keeping some things and tossing the rest. I don’t pretend that my diet now will be my diet for the rest of my life but it feels really great for right now.

Here’s a recipe from my juice feasting days (all of about 10 days ago), you can juice the mango but I found I got a lot more out of it by blending it with the juice and straining it through a nut milk bag.


Spicy Mango Green Juice


Spicy Mango Green Juice 

 6 oranges, peeled

1 jalapeño (with or without seeds)

1 bunch parsley

1 mango, peeled

Juice oranges, jalapeño, and parsley and blend with the mango. Strain in a cheesecloth or nut milk bag.


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Breaking the Juice Feast

There have been ups and downs in this juice feast breaking process but never once have I regretted my decision. I really wondered, will I be disappointed in myself? Will I find eating to be a letdown and realize that it’s not what I wanted after all? Have I fooled myself into thinking I knew what was best for myself? No…I’m so glad I listened, or was forced to listen to myself (when my juicer broke) and ended the feast at 70 days. It feels very right.

The first few days of juice feast breaking can be kind of boring. All the foods that have been fantasized about are still days or weeks away and your left with solid versions of the things you’ve been juicing for weeks on end. I broke the feast with soaked figs dipped in raw blackberry honey. The first bite made me giggle- the texture in my mouth took me completely by surprise. I ate in the sunshine and couldn’t quite finish the amount I’d brought with me. Later on, since my juicer was broken and making juice was quite intensive, I had a light green soup. It probably would have been fine but I let myself get carried away with a packet of seaweed which did my body did not take to as favorably.


Day two was more soaked figs and some bananas, day three I dry fasted (a great experience!), day 4 was a sweet/savory smoothie and figs, and day 5 I’ve finally had my beloved salad. I of course kept in as much juice as I could, taking advantage of my citrus juicer and Blendtec but probably not as much as would have been ideal.

Food has been so many things this week: exquisite, boring, heavenly, disappointing, sweet, savory, satisfying, mundane. I knew from my last juice feast to not have too high of expectations surrounding eating. I felt some pretty severe letdown previously and learned quickly that food was never going to be what it once was: a satisfying but not truly satisfying emotional crutch. A compulsive addiction. Not that I didn’t fall back into some bad habits but I learned a lot. This time I learned even more, not in a really straightforward “this-is-exactly-what-I-learned” way but in sort of an inner body shift and knowing.

Today I got my juicer all put back together and got to eat a creamy salad so it was a double whammy of goodness. Keep in mind that I haven’t eaten salad in over two months but, as of today, this is one of the tastiest dressings I’ve ever had:

Savory Mango Heaven Dressing

Savory Mango Heaven Dressing:

flesh of 1 ataulfo mango

1/2 a ripe avocado

1 stalk celery

3 cloves garlic

juice of one meyer lemon

Blend with just enough water to make creamy.

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Rawket Juice – A Review

To my knowledge and experience, there is nothing better than Norwalk pressed juice. I’ll admit, what I find more daunting than the large price tag attached to this magical juicer is the “lifestyle”. It’s serious business! This juicer takes so much work and time, I won’t even get into the details, I’ll just say that I’m not quite ready for the commitment! Thankfully, there are committed businesses out there who are willing (and excited!) to do the work for me 🙂 One such company is Rawket Juice, a brand new venture located in the Portland area. Why do I find them so extraordinary?

1. They are 99% organic.

2. Since their juice is cold pressed rather than made in a centrifugal juicer (like I have), the juices last in the fridge for THREE DAYS. 

3. They are packaged in glass bottles. No leeching of plastic into your precious juice and you get $1 refund when you return your bottle.

4. The Norwalk extracts the most vitamins, minerals, and enzymes possible from the (very high quality) produce.  Little to no heat and no oxygen is introduced in the juice making process.

5. It. Tastes. Amazing. If for no other reason, this alone is worth it. It made going back to my “normal” juice just a little bit sad.

Rawket Juice in Portland

Rawket offers 5 varieties to choose from: 

Tai Dai Sunrise (beet, apple, pineapple, ginger, lemon)Chocolate Illusion (carrot, kale, romaine), Straight Up (carrot)Love In Green (apple, kale, romaine, ginger, lemon), and Apple-elation (apple). The Chocolate Illusion made me swoon and I just melted into the Tai Dai Sunrise. They are all amazing however and if you are located or happen to find yourself in the Portland area (Hilsboro to be exact), I highly suggest gifting your body and tastebuds with these extraordinary juices. 

Check out their website for more info and a great FAQ on juice fasting!

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Juice Feast. Day 70. The Day my Juicer Died.

When Wellah and I started this juice feast 70 days ago we were a little overambitious. We thought we would *say* we were going for 90 but really we were thinking like a hundred. I even had 120 in my mind at one point! Well, we both eagerly agreed this last weekend that 90 was plenty! In fact…60 was plenty. I knew it on day 60. I wanted to stop. I felt like I’d gotten what I’d come for. But I didn’t stop…I worried would people would think, I worried about what I’d miss out on, I worried that Wellah would be upset I was stopping without her. As the days past 60 crept on, I wished even more that I’d stopped when it felt right! But who stops on day 64? Who wants to say that they did a 64 day juice feast?? I like round numbers. I got over the hump and accepted the final days but was never really excited. Fast forward to today. Day 70. The day my juicer died. I was smashing morning activities into a tiny slot before an earlier-than -usual shift and one of my juicer parts gave out. I quickly placed an order for new parts and ran to Trader Joe’s for some of their unpasteurized orange juice and spirulina. I ran through all the ways that I could continue. I could buy pre-made juices, I could blend my produce through the blender and strain it, I could use my citrus juicer…anything so I wouldn’t look like a quitter, so that I’d appear determined, rise above it all and all that. Then I let myself feel into the idea of stopping…and it felt great. I felt happy and at peace and perfectly content with what I’d accomplished. I felt free! I bought some dried figs 🙂 Tomorrow, on what would have been day 71 of a 90 day juice feast, I’m eating some soaked figs and I’m thrilled about it.

70 Day Juice Feast Breaking

I’ve let go of so much on this juice feast and reminded myself who I am and how I want to feel. I am so grateful.


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