Zucchini Rolls with Curried Hummus Kelp Noodles, Sprouts, and Rainbow Peppers

zucchini rolls with curried hummus kelp noodles, sprouts, and rainbow peppers

Summer freshness at it’s best.


2 small zucchini, ends removed
1/4 cup raw tahini
1 jalapeño, stem and seeds removed
1 Tbsp curry powder
juice of 1 lemon
sea salt to taste
2 cloves garlic
handful of cilantro
red, yellow, and orange bell pepper slices
your favorite sprouts
1/2 bag kelp noodles

Use a mandoline to make thin, lengthwise slices of one zucchini. Combine tahini, jalapeno, curry, lemon, cilantro and garlic in food processor or blender and blend until creamy. Add salt to taste. Coat kelp noodles in hummus. Lay zucchini strips down across a couple of large plates, overlapping each other. Place a row of peppers, a row of sprouts, and a row of kelp noodles in the opposite direction of the zucchini and roll up like sushi. Cut into bite size pieces. Make a double batch of the dressing if you want more for dipping.



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4 responses to “Zucchini Rolls with Curried Hummus Kelp Noodles, Sprouts, and Rainbow Peppers

  1. Andrea

    Glad to see you back to sharing your great recipe ideas! I can’t wait to try this.

  2. Yum! That sounds awesome. I’ve recently discovered a bean-free hummus recipe that uses zucchini blended in it. I loovvee a good creamy sauce on kelp noodles.

  3. Wow, that looks totally delicious, love this recipe!

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