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Extremely Green Detox – Friendly Recipes

The weeks following the juice feast have been a little bit of a free for all. Not that I’m eating pasta or cheese sandwiches or anything but there has been a mish mash of fruit, gourmet raw food, a lot of nuts here, a little cheese there (raw and goat of course), forgoing of the green juice for straight carrot, some complicated combinations, and a smattering of wine, coffee, chocolate and emotional eating. The basic principles are still there but my body is definitely asking for a little simplicity and a LOT of greens. I’ve been pretty lazy about greens, especially dark ones. Enter, Natalia Rose’s Extremely Green Detox. Nothing sounds more ideal right now and I’m so excited that a lot of you will be involved as well. I’m ready to get my wheatgrass on!

The recipes you find below are my collection of Extremely Green Detox friendly recipes. The only thing you’ll need to tweak is using raw green stevia powder in place of NuNaturals stevia in the recipes that call for it.

Cardamom Roasted Cauliflower

Tahini Creamed Pico de Gallo over Kelp Noodles

Gingerbread Coated Wheatgrass Shot

Herbed Avocado and Hearts of Palm

Creamy Lemon Thyme Dressing

Aloe Lemonade

Chilled Cucumber Tahini Soup with Basil

Citrus Ginger Wheatgrass Cream

Hemp Butter Hummus

Sweet Citrus Kale Salad

Cinnamon Ginger Green Juice

Frontera Guacamole Salad

Salsini Dip

Cucumber Gazpacho

Chilled “Brocco-Cado” Soup with Smoked Sea Salt and Garlic

Guacamole Creamed Salsa

Spiced Avocado over Veggies and Romaine

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Baked Apples with Wine Soaked Figs and Banana “Ice Cream”

Baked Apples with Wine Soaked Figs and Banana %22Ice Cream%22


1 Fuji apple (or other baking apple)
1 cup dried figs (or half figs, half dates), chopped
1 cup red wine or port
sea salt
2 bananas, peeled and frozen

Pour port over dried fruit and let soak for an hour. Preheat oven to 375. Core apple and place in a small baking dish. Stuff apple with figs and dates sprinkling the remaining fruit around the apple and drizzling in the rest of the port. Sprinkle with sea salt and bake for 30 minutes. Place the bananas in a food processor and process until creamy. Serve alongside baked apple, dates and figs.

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Chilled “Brocco-Cado” Soup with Smoked Sea Salt and Garlic

Chilled %22Brocco-Cado%22 Soup with Smoked Sea Salt and Garlic

Not a gazpacho but not a piping hot bowl of soup either. The perfect Summer comfort food!


1 large head of broccoli
1 1/2 avocados
1 Tbsp garlic powder
1 tsp smoked sea salt

Chop broccoli into bite sized pieces and put into a medium sized pot. Pour in enough water to just cover the broccoli. Bring water to a boil, reduce heat and simmer until soft. When the broccoli is cooked through, pour the pots contents into a bowl and chill in the refrigerator for an hour (or until cold). Pour chilled broccoli and water into a blender and blend with remaining ingredients.


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What I Ate Wednesday

Delicious, delicious Wednesday. I didn’t take pictures of my juices- I honestly just forgot what day it was. Throughout the day I had 16 oz cucumber/celery juice, 16 oz carrot/romaine/lemon juice, 20 oz coconut water with Vitamineral Green, cacao, and vanilla, 32 oz carrot/romaine juice and 16 oz cucumber/zucchini/romaine/lemon juice with stevia. While cooking dinner I snacked on some cherry tomatoes and dinner itself was a bunch of delicious wraps: butter lettuce stuffed with coconut amino sauteed mushrooms, homemade sauerkraut, raw chipotle avocado sauce and warm broccoli avocado sauce. Dessert hasn’t been on my mind too often which is amazing, I used to not be able to stop eating unless I had dark chocolate to finish a meal!



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Conversations with Gil Jacobs – Part 2

Here is another snippet from our conversation with Gil, prior to this moment we had been discussing veganism vs. having animal protein in your diet and how differently our bodies responded to these things.

“If you need animal proteins, it’s a sign that the imperfect nature of the lineage that bore you has compromised your ability to max out. Do you know what I mean? We all have that in our inherited energies to given degrees. So the paleo diet, if I were doing it, once I got towards 50 you’re gonna notice your joints start bothering you from the uric acid build up. Then I would pull back and start doing egg yolks and unpasteurized goats milk which is much cleaner than the meats and eventually I’d just try and turn vegan and see what happens. I don’t think you could do all that animal protein that long without getting affected. Now there is a dude, that guy Vonderplanitz that I talk about, he does all raw meats. He’s 74 and he’s still kickin’…he says because the meat is raw, his belief is that the uric acid doesn’t build up in the joints. But there’s still the belief like Fred Bisci says, that if you cleanse enough, you can mutate everyone back to where they’re supposed to be, and I believe that but for a lot of people that’s a lot of work.”

So you think that everybody could potentially be vegan?

“Oh yeah, I mean I fully believe you could turn a midget tall. I believe you can turn a Down Syndrome kid normal. The last thing to cleanse is the DNA, the bone marrow is the last physical part of the body to cleanse. The bone marrow contains the chromosomes, so when you cleanse the bone marrow, you alter all damaged chromosomes back to normalcy. So Viktoras Kulvinskas talks about, if you took a Down Syndrome kid and brought him to Fiji, and dedicated your whole life to fasting the kid, giving him colonics and sitting him in the sun and all these things, he would turn normal. Now I grew a tooth back! I have molar that was yanked, back when I was dying that had just rotted out. I wasn’t paying attention to see “oh let’s grow back a tooth” but, 9 years later I was like “what the hell is this?” and I went to my dentist and said “didn’t you pull this?” and she said “oh my god, you grew it back!”. She showed me the x-ray, it was like two thirds back. I grew my hair back, I was bald, you know the actor Stanley Tucci? I was bald like Stanley Tucci and my hair grew back. Now that was not my intent, it just happened from being into the life. So that whole idea of regeneration and creating the impossible is very real. So if someone wanted to dedicate themselves I think they could overcome the inherited energy, but it’s a lot of work.”


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Protected: Emotional Eating – The Guidelines

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Peaches and Cream Juice

Peaches and Cream Juice

I’ll be honest, all you *really* need for this recipe are peaches. I remembered I had a bag of really ripe peaches in the fridge and when Britney found out she requested peach juice! I made it a little more gourmet but you really don’t need to. The almond extract gives it the sensation of being mixed with a creamy almond milk and the nutmeg adds a little extra spice. It is Summer breakfast perfection.


4-6 very ripe peaches
almond extract

Remove pits from peaches and run through juicer. Add a few drops of almond extract and sprinkle with nutmeg.

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