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The Juice Feast Chronicles – Day 49 of 90

What a day filled with highs and lows. I woke up feeling really great, probably the best I’ve felt waking up on the entire feast. I was rebounding a couple hours later and just felt so buzzy and high and fantastic. I had this feeling like, if I could feel like this all the time nothing else would matter! I’ve worried about things like, what if I lose my amazing new job? Or, what if we have to leave Seattle? Or, what if I’m never cast in a show again? The sensation I was having today was so delightful, I felt like none of those things would matter if I could maintain that state of being.

Later on I went to Whole Foods for a shot of wheatgrass. I’ve spoken in the past about how wheatgrass used to make me nauseous. The past couple times I’ve had it I’ve felt absolutely incredible! Today, the girl at the juice bar accidentally made way too much and my shot was massive. I knocked it back and spent the rest of the afternoon feeling terribly queasy. I even fell asleep on the grass outside in the sunshine (which I’m not complaining about). I didn’t have much of an appetite for the rest of the day and ended up going out without juice…which was a huge mistake. After the nausea mostly passed I really needed some juice and ended up having to leave choir practice early to hunt some down. I got a container of Evolution brand orange juice (cold pressed) and some super salty (but oil-free) broth from the soup bar. I guzzled it in the car and am feeling rather bloated and tired. I’m unsure if it’s from the wheatgrass early on, the salty broth or the guzzling. I’ve also kept my salt to a minimum for a good while now so I’m hoping I don’t wake up super puffy from this little venture.


32 oz carrot/spinach/kale juice with a pinch of carob and Himalayan sea salt

32 oz cucumber/grapefruit/pineapple/parsley/kale juice

34 oz jalapeno/orange juice with a shot of wheatgrass

30 oz cucumber/romaine/corn/dill/garlic/lemon juice with Himalayan sea salt and pepper

12 oz very salty, store bought veggie broth

32 oz Evolution brand orange juice (cold pressed)


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The Juice Feast Chronicles – Day 48 of 90

I woke up this morning in good spirits but with a head full of gas pressure. It left when I did a colonic, lots of gas, followed by waste, followed by more gas etc. I felt like I could have released more but sometimes I just don’t have the patience for it. I almost always enjoy the light feeling I get while juicing and releasing the old junk it brings up. Today it was almost too much and I felt like I was a little removed from my body. Orange juice always feels very grounding for whatever reason so I followed a shot of wheatgrass with a big jar of oj and felt great the rest of the day.

I’ve noticed my taste in entertainment has really shifted. When I was eating mostly fruit I started to notice my tolerance for watching anything violent went way down. The music, tv shows, and movies I’m drawn to are all changing. I feel much more sensitive, like I don’t need as much stimulation to entertain me. I don’t know if it continue to be this way after the feast, It will be interesting to find out.


12 oz orange juice

36 oz carrot/romaine/spinach/mint juice

water with kelp powder

32 oz cucumber/apple/cilantro/cabbage/lemon/jalapeno juice

8 oz coconut water

16 oz beet/carrot/celery/dill/lemon juice

32 oz orange juice with a shot of wheatgrass

16 oz cucumber/celery/kale/spinach/lemon juice with a pinch of sea salt

8 oz red cabbage/celery/apple/parsley/jalapeno/lemon juice

a shot of E3Live


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The Juice Feast Chronicles – Day 47 of 90

My cravings have really shifted lately. The things I was craving before (soy “meats”, Taco Bell, anything with juice feastmelted cheese) don’t even sound like food. I’ve started to salivate over the thought of avocado salad, bananas, dates, seaweed and ANY steamed vegetable. Tonight I made a mushroom based broth (inspired by Wellah!) which was fantastic but it was incredibly hard not to eat the mushrooms.

Energy and mood were good today. I’ve noticed that beets and wheatgrass are things NOT to include if I can’t keep the colon cleansing up. However, if I DO include both of those items AND keep up with the colon cleansing, I feel incredible!

aaaand those are all my thoughts for the day 🙂


water with kelp powder

32 oz cucumber/apple/cilantro/lemon juice

28 oz orange/pineapple juice

32 oz cucumber/celery/kale/parsley/lemon juice with a pinch of Himalayan sea salt

15 oz Evolution brand coconut water with pineapple juice and wheatgrass juice powder

30 oz orange/beet/pineapple/parsley juice

pot of mushroom/carrot/cabbage/celery broth mixed with zucchini/lemon/onion juice and a dash of coconut aminos


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The Juice Feast Chronicles – Day 46 of 90

A much better day today than I’ve been having. A couple of things I’m changing- usually my tendency is to save things like hot baths, naps and colonics for when I’m feeling bad. I’ve started making them a regular part of my routine, even if I feel great, and I feel like it keeps me from feeling bad enough to NEED them in a desperate way.

Another thing I’ve been noticing is that having a little kelp powder and Himalayan sea salt actually makes me juice feastfeel more hydrated. When I was being hard-core about 80/10/10 I cut out salt and missed it desperately. I also felt like endless amounts of water was never enough. Now I feel like my tastebuds are much mor sensitive and I don’t need much salt to stimulate them but a large pinch added to my day feels beneficial. I particularly love this Himalayan rock salt that you grate into your food (or juice). It’s a bit of work but the flavor is wonderful!


water with kelp powder

30 oz orange/pineapple juice with a shot of E3Live

32 oz carrot/romaine with vanilla stevia and a small scoop of cacao (for flavor)

20 oz cucumber/celery/kale/spinach/lemon/jalapeno juice with a pinch of Himalayan sea salt

12 oz apple/carrot/parsley/spinach juice

24 oz cucumber/carrot/apple/pear juice

32 oz orange juice

8 oz cucumber/celery/zucchini/lemon juice with chipotle powder

1 Tbsp raw honey

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The Juice Feast Chronicles – Day 45 of 90

Half way. I kind of can’t believe it. As challenging as some of these days are, it feels totally doable.

I had a strange night. I woke up a couple times feeling dehydrated, dizzy (even though I was lying down and not moving), and anxious. I took a hot bath this morning and, while I was a little slower than usual, it wasn’t a bad day. I was able to squeeze in a colonic (are you sick of hearing about colonics yet?) later on today, thank goodness. The farther into this I go, it seems the less I can get away without colon cleansing. I don’t know if I’m just getting to older, deeper waste or what but I can’t pretend I can miss a day and be fine. Pre-emptying my colon of bizzarely heavy waste (for what I’m taking in) I was much more tense and anxious. Now I’m still a little tired but my back pain is gone and my head is clear. We’ll have to wait and see what tomorrow’s juice kicks up!

The Juice:

water with kelp powder

40 oz orange/pineapple/celery juice

32 oz carrot/romaine with vanilla stevia and a small scoop of cacao and carob (for flavor)

20 oz cucumber/kale/celery/spinach/lemon/jalapeno with a pinch of sea salt

24 oz green apple/ginger juice with cinnamon and cloves

28 oz cucumber/celery/romaine/zucchini/lemon juice with chipotle powder


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The Juice Feast Chronicles- Day 44 of 90

Today I am tired and PMS-y and really, really, really want to eat. An avocado-kale salad with warm brussel sprouts sounds like the most satisfying thing I’ve ever heard of. My energy and mood started off just fine ’til about halfway through the day and it’s been sloping downhill since. There was no time for a colonic, I was busy non-stop, and I’m so close to falling asleep without even caring that I haven’t brushed my teeth. A massage would also be intensely appreciated as I’m currently hanging out in a body full of tension.

It’s crazy that just the other day I was walking outside thinking “This! This is what the human body and experience is supposed to be like!” – I felt so peaceful and present and normal and content and just taking a deep breath was delicious. Fast forward to today and we’re digging up more junk that’s waiting to leave and in the meantime I’m attempting to patiently breathe through it.


28 oz carrot/spinach juice with stevia and a small scoop of cacao (for flavor)

32 oz Cucumber Grape Juice Cooler (cucumber/grape/celery/lime/mint)

a shot of wheatgrass

32 oz orange/grapefruit juice with stevia and a shot of E3Live

32 oz cucumber/celery/romaine/carrot/spinach/beet/apple juice

32 oz orange/pineapple juice

16 oz orange/pineapple/celery juice


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The Juice Feast Chronicles – Day 43 of 90

Another large order of fresh air and sunshine were on the menu today with a beautiful two hour hike. I felt pretty good most of the day- not 100% but pretty good overall. I did have some pretty serious back tension which has been off and on but other than that I’m symptom-free.

On another note, I have a treat for you today! The extraordinary Casey and Philip McCluskey of Vimergy have put together a gorgeous ebook by the name of juice feastRaw Food Smoothies and Elixirs and they have generously offered us all a copy! Casey and Philip are as passionate about liquid nutrition as I am and this book is filled with recipes and tips to make getting that nutrition super simple. Among the category’s (Sweet Smoothies, Savory Smoothies, Superfood Smoothies, Superherb Smoothies, and Elixirs) I am most excited to try out the elixirs which utilize the power of Chinese tonic herbs (a recent interest of mine). If a Fiery Gazpacho Green Smoothie or a Spiced Banana Cream make your tastebuds curious, or if you’re wanting to play with superfoods and herbs in your blended beverages you can get a free copy here.


hot water poured over 22 oz carrot/spinach/garlic juice with Himalayan sea salt and cayenne

16 oz orange/kale/parsley juice

28 oz pineapple/green apple/beet/lemon/ginger juice

20 oz cucumber/romaine/cilantro/lime/red cabbage juice

32 oz orange/grapefruit/kale juice

20 oz coconut water with a shot of E3Live

32 oz tomato/cilantro/onion/garlic/lemon juice with Himalayan sea salt, pepper and cayenne

16 oz pineapple/apple juice


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