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The Juice Feast Chronicles – Day 19 of 90

The NUMBER ONE rule of juice feasting is this…

Stay away from Pinterest and it’s drool-worthy food items.

Just kidding.

Really, it’s marry a colon hydrotherapist and live blissfuly ever after.


Cravings. I’m craving romaine lettuce. The juice isn’t cutting it. I want to chew on it’s crunchy juice feastgoodness.


Some of you asked me about my “life-changing news”, I’m so sorry to leave you hanging! Here’s the scoop: I’ve been a Flight Attendant for five and a half years. That’s about four and a half years longer than I’d planned when starting. I’ve had some amazing adventures and I even met my sweet Britney on a flight so I wouldn’t trade those years but I’ve been aching for something new. Something not in a loud, vibrating, low-oxygen, metal tube. Something that let me feel I was doing some good in the world and that I could get excited about. Yesterday I received news that my favorite raw vegan restaurant here in Seattle was offering me a job. I’m thrilled. It’s a pay cut but it’s exactly where I want to be right now. I know working in a restaurant doesn’t sound as glamorous as working for the airlines but I really love this place and am excited to be working with other raw food nerds 😉


Today was pretty excellent and yoga while I’m feasting is just delicious. I can breathe deeper and every movement feels amazing. I still appreciate the strength and tone I’ve gained with my Tracy Anderson workouts but mixing it up right now is feeling really great.


Green Juice with Chipotle powder is ahhhhmazing.


So is any recipe by Ana Zaharia.


These were my thoughts in random order.


The goods:

water with kelp powder and probiotics

40 oz pineapple/orange juice

32 oz cucumber/celery/romaine/lemon juice with chipotle chili powder

20 oz Ana Zaharia’s Cream of Celery Juice

40 oz pineapple/orange juice with cayenne

Lots of Ana Zaharia’s Tomato Broth with extra spices and lemon

1.5 Tbsp raw buckwheat honey



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The Juice Feast Chronicles – Day 18 of 90

Things from today:

Carrot/spinach juice tasted like “chocolate milk” for the first time ever. Oh, and the cafe I got it from has much tastier carrots than I’ve been getting at the store.

My gums are looking pinker and healthier than I remember them looking in a long time! I’ve had issues with my gums for ages but they are doing very well at the moment.

I am super sniffly and keep sneezing and wiping my nose. Gross.

My colonic released super dark, super hard looking matter. Gross but awesome.

I’ve received amazing, life-changing news today after which I had a few sips of wine. It was tasty but I didn’t want more, nor do I think I’ll make a habit of having alcohol.

That’s it. Here’s the juice:

32 oz orange/pineapple/beet juice

32 oz orange/grapefruit juice with cinnamon

32 oz carrot/spinach juice with spirulina

32 oz cucumber/celery/romaine/lemon juice with cayenne

2 Tbsp bee pollen

16 oz coconut water with a pinch of kelp powder

2 Tbsp bee pollen

32 oz orange/pineapple/romaine juice

a few sips of wine


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The Juice Feast Chronicles – Day 17 of 90

The cravings for childhood foods rage on. Today I couldn’t keep myself from salivating over the thought of a “big frank” (a vegetarian hot dog) wrapped in a soft piece of wheat bread with ketchup and mustard. I attempted to soothe my craving with a savory broth this evening and it’s working. I’m absolutely melting into a huge pot of corn, sweet potato, onion, and celery broth with delicious spices and lemon juice. I also can’t say enough about adding lemon to my broth, it really takes away the need for added salt!

I’ve been having this recurring dream where I forget that I’m juice feasting, start chowing down on something (usually something I’ve been craving like burritos) and then remembering and being just juice feastdevastated. It always seems to happen right before I wake up because I end up feeling so relieved that it was just a dream! Eating a burrito isn’t the end of the world I suppose but it doesn’t exactly line up with my goals at the moment.

I feel good today. My energy is decent though still not always up for an intense workout. My mood is good and I continue to feel very easy in my body. It seems like I can go about one day without colon cleansing and then I start feeling off again. It’s also sunny and it’s almost impossible to be unhappy when it starts “sunning” in Seattle again after Winter.

The Good Stuff:

32 oz orange grapefruit juice with vanilla stevia

32 oz cucumber/celery/green leaf lettuce/lemon/jalapeno juice

34 oz orange juice (12 oz pasteurized)

34 oz cucumber/celery/romaine/lemon juice with cayenne

lots of corn/sweet potato/onion/celery broth with paprika, cayenne, cumin, mustard seed and lemon

lots of herbal tea and water


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The Juice Feast Chronicles – Day 16 of 90

Did I really put red onion in my pear juice? I guess that’s what happens when I let myself get too low on groceries! I was really craving savory green juices all day but used up what I had and the results were pretty bizarre. I did however discover that watermelon with parsley, lemon and jalapeno is pretty tasty and a bit like gazpacho!

I’ve felt really excellent today. Going into the juice feast, I had a hard time pin pointing why I wanted to do it. I had a feeling I would figure it out along the way. The past day or so I’ve really felt like some sort of barrier has been removed and I’ve more easily been able to just relax and be myself. I’m quite introverted and often feel like I have to fake my way through social situations so “being myself” doesn’t always come naturally. I’m figuring out what I want with all this. I want to strip away anything that’s keeping me from being fully myself in the best possible way. Reading Wellah’s blog posts are such a reminder of the depth of the waste in our bodies and how much it can keep us feeling stuck and stagnant. I expect that as I continue to awaken things I’ll have low days again but I’ll be doing my best to keep things moving (yay colonics).

Physically my body seems to be going through cycles. One day I’ll be feeling super lean and the next (even if I’ve changed nothing that I’m doing) I’m as puffy as if I’d never been fasting to begin with. It’s kind of exhausting if I let it get to me but I’m treating myself gently on “puffy” days and wearing clothes that make feel like I look nice and am comfortable (yay leggings).

the slow down dietFinally, I’ve picked up Marc David’s “The Slow Down Diet” for the 3rd time and am reminding myself how important it is for our health and well being to relax and BREATHE and pay attention to what’s in from of us rather than rushing through life. I’m usually much better at this but lately I’m appreciating the reminder.

Today’s Juice:

30 oz orange/pineapple/kale juice

32 oz sweet potato/wakame/parsley/onion/garlic broth

32 oz watermelon/parsley/lemon/jalapeno juice

1.5 Tbsp raw buckwheat honey

32 oz watermelon/cucumber/jalapeno/lemon juice

36 oz red onion/jalapeno/lemon/pear juice

20 oz cucumber/celery/kale/lemon/anaheim chili juice


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The Juice Feast Chronicles – Day 15 of 90

Today felt pretty great. I had some hot broth this afternoon which was just wonderful! I didn’t use any salt but added a bit of lemon which was really yummy. Colonics are back on track since I’m not working and, as I’ve said at least once a day since I’ve started journaling this, it makes ALL the difference in the world. I have my own colonic unit and while I’m taking care of things, I like to have something interesting on in the background. Today I really enjoyed this talk from Elwin Robinson:

Later on today I had an unfortunate situation where my (or rather Britney’s) car ended up getting towed so that’s added a chunk of stress, especially since half my juices for the day were in there. We’re getting that situated, Britney has been more patient than I deserve and I feel intensely grateful to have her.

The Juice:

40 oz grape/red leaf lettuce juice with cayenne

40 oz hot turnip/sweet potato/garlic/onion/tomato/celery broth with a squeeze of lemon

8 oz orange juice

40 oz orange/pineapple/kale juice

8 oz orange/pineapple/red leaf lettuce juice

8 oz cucumber/celery/kale/lemon/anaheim chili juice

24 oz orange juice


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The Juice Feast Chronicles – Day 14 of 90

Two weeks. I woke up a little dizzy but it passed. Today I felt sensitive, vulnerable, and tender. I’m definitely close to my period which is a time where I seem to like to cry a lot, although I was curious if it would be any different while juice feasting. So far it’s not, and I don’t have food for “comfort” which is interesting. Orange juice has become comfort food but mostly I’m just watching what it’s like to not eat something when I’m uncomfortable. I was freezing and hungry this morning (much like the rest of the day) so I took a hot bath and drank 2 huge jars of cold orange juice. It was wonderful and I did the same thing tonight. I felt like my appetite was massive. I’ve had several days without a colonic and I’m looking forward to catch up on all that’s being stirred up in here. I know I’ve said it before but I’m just stunned at the difference between days with and days without any colon hydrotherapy. Enemas don’t cut it, though they’re somewhat helpful. I don’t know how so many people have gotten through 90 days or more without.

I’m exhausted so I should get to bed. If you’re wanting more juice-feasty goodness you really should check out my friend Wellah’s blog. She is on her FOURTH juice feast and I’ve been devouring every bit of her shared experiences. We also started this particular feast on the same day so it’s been wonderful to have the support!


64 oz orange juice

32 oz celery/cucumber/beet/lemon juice with garam masala

32 oz grapefruit juice

32 oz celery/cucumber/beet/lemon juice with cayenne

16 oz coconut kombucha

32 oz orange juice with cayenne

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The Juice Feast Chronicles – Day 13 of 90

juice feast I had to laugh as I was juicing yesterday, I was using a box from my Costo groceries for my pulp and produce bags an as it filled up I noticed it’s label 😀 No bacon around here lately!

In other news, carrot juice is making me gag. I don’t know if it’s just the season but the last two bags I’ve purchased have been absolutely choked down and I just don’t think I’ll be buying anymore for awhile. Today’s pear/carrot (which I couldn’t stop calling “parrot juice”) actually gave me heartburn. In addition to nixing the carrots, I’ve been really craving something warm and comforting so I’ll probably give some vegetable broth a try this week. I particularly like Gena’s version.


32 oz celery/romaine/cucumber/serrano chili/tomato/lemon juice

24 oz carrot/pear juice

28 oz orange juice

32 oz grapefruit/celery juice

12 oz can oj (work emergency)


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