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I’m moving on, come join me!

The Veggie Lover has become The Fruitarian Foodie! Come join me at my new blog for fruit-centric recipes, thoughts on fitness, cleansing, and life. I may return to The Vegetable Centric from time to time or maybe permanently in the future, this all still feels like a giant experiment that I’ll keep going with as long as it feels good! Thank you for joining me here and I hope to see you in my new fruit-obsessed space!


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Low Fat Raw Vegan Pesto

Low Fat Raw Vegan Pesto


2 large zucchinis
2 cups basil
2 cups arugula
1 cup parsley
juice of a lemon
2 cloves garlic
1/4 cup chopped red onion

Blend in food processor to desired consistency.

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90 Day Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis Workout Program Complete


At the end of October I decided it was time to really get in shape. I love having a project and I’d been pretty lazy about my fitness for a few years. After spending half a night researching programs online instead of sleeping, I decided on Tracy Anderson’s 90 day Metamorphosis. I took a look at the other popular workouts (P90X, Insanity, etc) and fell in love with Tracy’s feminine approach and promise of a lean dancer’s body. I loved the workouts immediately even though I was sore for a solid week and off-and-on throughout the program as the workout changes every 10 days. There were brief periods (every day of levels 2, 5, 7 and 9) that I would think, “can I really keep doing this every day??”. But I did and I’m so proud of myself. As for the results…

If I’d known that I wouldn’t have been transformed into perfect bikini fitness at the end of 90 days, I have to admit, I’d have been pretty mad. I had grand dreams of my “metamorphosis”. Here’s the thing though, I didn’t exactly follow the program the way Tracy recommends. All I committed to was 6 days a week of her muscular structure workout, omitting the dance cardio because it hurt my knees and completely ignoring the nutritional program. Looking back, I wish I would have just eased in to the dancing instead of going full force and then quitting. As a result, I’ve toned up but my weight is the same. The areas where I didn’t really have fat to lose, my backside and arms, look great! My abs…I’m sure they’re under there somewhere…I can tell my core looks stronger but I doubt anyone else would see a difference. On top of all that I’ve dived head first into a massive Vitamix full of whipped bananas- AKA fruitarianism, and I think my body has just been in shock.

So what now? Well I couldn’t imagine stopping! I want to get stronger and fitter and plan on doing so with the same method. After the first 90 days are complete, the remaining program (which lasts indefinitely!) is called “continuity”. At this point I really need to stop being timid about the cardio and really go for it. I plan on easing into the dance cardio and alternating with her rebounder workout. Today was day 91 and I’m excited to keep moving forward! If you’d like a little taste of a Tracy workout, this short one is a great example:


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Buddha’s Banana Ice Cream

One of the funnest (yes, funnest) things about becoming a crazy fruit eater has been discovering new-to-me fruits to gobble up. My friend Sylvia (hi, Sylverado!) recently brought me this mysterious treat from Whole Foods:

Rande eats Buddha

It’s called a Buddha’s hand…and it tastes like eating orange peels. After I came to terms with the fact that I was just not adventurous enough to choke down more than one bite, I googled the thing. It turns out, it’s perfect for zesting! So zest I did:

Buddha's Banana Ice Cream


frozen bananas
buddha’s hand
orange or vanilla stevia or dates with a splash of oj and/or vanilla

Place frozen bananas and stevia or dates in food processor and process until perfectly creamy. Zest in buddha’s hand to taste.

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Green Juice “Pearfection”

Green Juice %22Pearfection%22


1 cucumber
1 head romaine
1 lemon
1/2 bunch parsley
1-2 pears

Juice through juicer.


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