Keep Calm and Eat Salads the Size of your Head

We interrupt your regularly scheduled Good Stuff Friday to bring you a rant from the resident Blogger/Flight Attendant/Salad Freak.

Being on an airplane all day can leave me feeling like a bit of an overstimulated crazy lady. When I’m at home, I have a lot of control over my schedule, when and how much I work. I know exactly how to maneuver my trips around so that I stay healthy, sane, and loving my life and job. Here at another base it’s a different story. Yesterday I ended up on a trip that was longer than anything I’d let myself work in over a year! I practice yoga and meditation on most days and have been learning how to ground my energy so I don’t fly off the handle (tricky at 20,000 feet) but some day’s are more challenging than others. Yesterday was one of those days. Here is what I learned:

I must bring enough food and it must be emotionally AND physically satisfying. If I don’t bring enough, I can’t just run to the store for something extra- I can’t run anywhere. My go-to stress response for as long as I can remember is to eat. To munch on anything. I’ve worked hard to overcome this and my habits are better but on certain days I’m reminded of how careful I need to be. That as much as I’ve practiced being kind and patient with myself, practiced healthier ways of dealing with stress, and fed myself in a way that my body appreciates: I’m still capable of bingeing. I didn’t, but I could have. Numbing myself out that way is still an easy reaction.

I didn’t go nuts. Well, ok I sorta did…in so far as my best snack option was roasted trail mix from the snack cart ;). Here’s the thing: yes, I was hungry but I didn’t simply sit down and relish a bag of delicious salty almonds and move on. I shoved several handfuls in my face to calm my nerves so I could keep on working. I knew exactly what I was doing, I forgave myself, and moved on. There was a time when I’d have beaten myself up, gotten depressed, and spiraled down into days of emotional eating because I “messed up”. Now I know I don’t have to be perfect, and it’s a weight off my heart and mind that saves me from a lot more nonsense.

I asked myself yesterday: why do I bother to live this way? Why do I insist on traveling with my juicer, stocking my itsy-bitsy fridge with produce, turning down the “treats” the other crew members are eating, and living a full on detox lifestyle complete with regular colon cleansing and the whole bit? Is it so I can be a “good detoxer”? A great dieter? Look impressive and disciplined so I can blog about it and feel good about myself? Nah. It’s too much work for just that. I do it because it frees me from feeling like my body is a burden. I get to feel light and clear more often than I feel stuck and tired. And it continues to get better as I learn to dance with the lifestyle. I can love myself through moments of supposed “slipping up”. I’m learning nothing is really a mistake if you learn and grow from it.

On the practical side of things I know the changes I need to make. I can’t leave for a day in the sky without knowing I’ll have satisfying nourishment and that my head is in the right place. This means never leaving for work without being sure to meditate (and consciously taking that new headspace with me instead of leaving it at the door). It also means going back to the basics with my lunch-bag and bringing what is simple and never fails to satisfy (note to self: a container of olives is NOT as satisfying as I previously thought…). For me that looks like lots of herbal tea, at least 32 oz of fresh veggie juice, a bag of carrots (my favorite veggie to nosh on), a big salad with plenty of goat cheese or avocado, a bag of frozen veggies and dark chocolate. This is my plane food and it makes me happy every time šŸ™‚

Travel Nomaliciousness

Rande’s Favorite Travel Salad

1 5 oz box baby greens

1 4 oz log herbed goat cheese (so you don’t have to bring along or buy extra flavorings)

1 bag frozen broccoli (defrosted by the end of your travel day)

juice of one lemon

drizzle of dijon mustard

Toss everything together in the salad box. The goat cheese, dijon, and lemon will cream together and make an amazing salad dressing for the broccoli and greens.

P.S. My absolute FAVORITE guided meditation lately is free here at Deeper Ground. Highly recommended!



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6 responses to “Keep Calm and Eat Salads the Size of your Head

  1. Thank you so much for your honest post today! I, too, struggle with the negative self talk that comes along with slipping up and eating something I know I shouldn’t. At times Its a battle to quiet that old voice. I truly appreciate you stating why you are living this lifestyle. Sometimes I get so focused on the combining and timing of food that I forget! Good luck with your continued journey!

  2. Jamie

    “Iā€™m learning nothing is really a mistake if you learn and grow from it.” Well put! I’m reading Courage by Osho and that is definitely one of the things that has really helped me grow. Anything that brings you the feeling of freedom is so worth it!

  3. I read this before I had a shower this morning and reflected on it for a little while (my post on the DTW site was part prompted by it). I’ve asked myself that same question from time to time. Funnily enough the first time I tried to go 100% raw (for a 2 week period only) I found the hardest thing was seeing all the happy people in Starbucks. When I recalled that, I was kind of amused at myself because it’s unlikely to even occur to me now! I stick to this path for similar reasons to you. Sure it’s harder at times, but I recall one time I was thinking I actually can’t and don’t want to eat anything off this menu, I spoke to the waitress and the chef made me a one-off salad creation that just made my day. Hopefully one day it will be more usual and normal, so that we don’t have to plan quite so much and cart so much around with us! Thank you for posting this & cheers to learning and moving onward & upwards šŸ™‚

  4. Awesome post, Rande! Have you every tried holy guacamole for traveling? It’s really awesome and doesn’t get destroyed in transit šŸ™‚

    • Rande McDaniel

      I think I’ve seen it…it comes in big packets, yes? I don’t get those often ’cause I like to eat the whole package which ends up being way too much avocado in my system! Tasty AND convenient though!

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