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The Final Green Juice Giveaway and Homeward Bound!

Four exciting weeks of green juice giveaways have come to an end! The final winner is Ritchie Benevedes so Ritchie, just shoot me an e-mail at and I’ll let you know what I need from you 🙂 If you are not Ritchie do not despair! We are going to make everybody a winner. If you’d like to try out these fabulous juices, Michael is offering a discounted sample pack, just like the winners got, for one time only and the offer expires April 15th.

All you need to do is head on over to Vegus Juices and put in an order for one wheatgrass pack (don’t worry, you’ll get the whole sample pack of 4 wheatgrass and 3 broccoli sprout juices). In the “notes” section of Paypal when you’re checking out, just enter “Veggie Centric”. I definitely recommend that you try these if you’ve been looking for a juice substitute that’s 100% raw, full of life, and easy-peasy to travel with.

On the rare occasion I’ve been able to get to a Whole Foods this month I’ve snatched up this extraordinary treat from Exotic Superfoods: frozen, raw young coconut water. No need to risk your life hacking open a coconut (in a hotel room no less). Actually I quite enjoy a good fresh coconut but in this situation, the bottled version was perfect. I’ve been making travel-friendly (are you sick of that phrase yet this month?) versions of my Coconut Water Green Juice which you can do by tossing in a shot of Vegus Juice or a scoop of spirulina. I had Britney try a sample while she was here. She deemed it “horrific” and said it tasted like “cereal milk”. She managed to say it sweetly 😉 All that to say, this one may not be for your less-than-green-crazed friends.

I’ll leave you with a fun sign that was outside my hotel. Not that I was interested in their hormone-laden, pasteurized cow dairy offerings, but I was amused by the stevia factor. As I write this, I’m in the Phoenix airport waiting to go home! The extra dose of sunshine was appreciated but I could not be more excited to get back home. Happy weekend!



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What I Ate Wednesday

I’m home for about 24 hours. I had an appointment today but it’s back to Arizona tomorrow for another day on call. I realized last night how much I’d missed my cat-friend (he totally missed me too) and this morning how much I missed my rebounder! I miss Britney all the time so there was no realization there.

Today I’m taking a cue from Megan, who’s “What I Ate” posts have been so enjoyable and inspiring, and I’m sharing my day’s eats with you.

This morning I had around 32 ounces of herbal teas in various flavors. Acai Berry and Mint were both on the menu along with a Dr. Ohira’s probiotic.

By early afternoon I was quite ravenous and after I dropped Britney at work I headed to the Whole Foods Jamba Juice for a 16 ounce carrot juice. Probably not organic but it worked in a pinch.

While at Whole Foods I picked up ingredients to make 32 more ounces of carrot-kale-romaine juice for later. I added a few drops of chocolate stevia and split it into 2 servings.

Bell peppers were on sale so I went colorful for dinner. A big bowl of these chopped up with arugula, about 5 ounces of shredded Zamarano Mitica (a raw sheep cheese), minced raw garlic, and a meyer lemon-stevia dressing.

Post-dinner I broke off a little under 3 ounces from my ONE POUND Trader Joe’s dark chocolate bar. I didn’t photograph it but it was eaten completely melted. Absolutely delicious.

And that folks, is a pretty standard day at The Vegetable Centric Kitchen 🙂


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Salsini Dip

Despite not being particularly appealing to look at, I love this dip because it requires NO crazy kitchen tools. It can be whipped together in a matter of seconds with a fork and a bowl and used as a dip for veggies or a dressing for salad! Creamy, as-spicy-as-you’d-like it, and completely travel-friendly.


1/4 cup your favorite organic salsa
1/2 cup raw tahini

Mix with a fork.


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Pizza Wraps and Bookworm Bloggers

As delicious as this was, it would have been much better warm. But alas, resources on an airplane are limited. I ate these cold but I’ll be posting directions for a warm version below. I was pleased with my attempt at a simple, oil-free, marinara using a plain tomato sauce with dried herbs.


raw goat cheddar
plain tomato sauce (I used Pomi)
Simply Organic spaghetti seasoning
fresh or frozen spinach
cabbage leaves
sea salt

Heat the sauce and spinach in a saucepan. Add seasoning and sea salt to taste. Shred the raw goat cheddar. Layer into cabbage leaves. Eat with lots of napkins.

I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy a few days “off” (I’ve been on call)- we’ve gotten a new batch of Flight Attendants so things haven’t been quite so crazy. So here I am. In my hotel room for the last few days…feeling slightly guilty.

Martha Beck. Always a win.

Since I do have to be ready to leave at a moments notice and I am car-less it’s not like I can go far…but my brain is telling me I need to “be more productive!”. I should be writing life-changing blog posts and discovering every inch of the 5 mile radius that the hotel shuttle will deliver me to. Instead I’ve been indulging in my bookworm side by the pool. For days. I break it up with little yoga sessions, sunny walks, Pinterest, and long distance movie dates with my lady. It’s really been lovely.

Reminder** This week is your LAST CHANCE to enter the Vegus Juice Giveaway. Thank you so much to everybody who has entered, it’s been so fun reading your comments and getting packages sent out to the winners! This Friday I’ll announce a winner for the final time.

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Herbed Goat Cheese Stuffed Celery and Another Green Winner

First thing’s first: This week’s winner of the Green Goodness Giveaway is Holly! Congratulations 🙂 Everybody who’s already entered is still entered to win next week. If you’d like to boost your chances for the final package, keep commenting here! You never know when a stash of wheatgrass shots might come in handy!

Herbed Goat Cheese Stuffed Celery

Cooking from a (kitchen-less) hotel room has required a lot of creativity and simplicity. March is National Celery Month and this is my simple solution to the question “how to celebrate??”.

soft herbed goat cheese (or get plain and add your own herbs)

Stuff. Eat.

I’ve also done some celebratory juicing of the tasty green stalks. Do you have a favorite way to eat celery?

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Traveling With The Detoxinista- A Guest Post

Hello, veggie-centric readers! My name is Megan, over from, and I am honored to be guest posting here today. Rande actually had perfect timing when requesting this post, because I happened to be traveling for work at the time, myself!

While I don’t have to travel too often for my job, when I do, I am usually gone for a week or more, making it necessary to maintain my healthy habits, if I want to feel any sense of normalcy. Sticking to a detox-friendly lifestyle may sound daunting at first, but it definitely gets easier with practice, and keeps me feeling great while I’m on the road.

Here are some of my favorite tips to keep your trip detox-friendly:

1. Bring whatever essentials you can. My carry-on bag is always a treat for the TSA security agents. I typically bring a stash of shelf-stable produce, including cucumbers, lemons, and not-too-soft avocados. In my experience, avocados are a bit of a gamble on flights— usually one or two of them will be affected by the altitude, and will turn to total mush! But, most of them will survive just fine. Also in my bag? A bottle of liquid stevia, raw almonds, herbal teas, plenty of dark chocolate, and my trusty enema kit.

2. Avoid eating anything dense during your flight, if possible. I try to book early morning flights, to avoid eating before flying altogether, but if I find myself in a situation where I must eat something, I’ll stick to hydrating fruits and veggies. Baby carrots are my favorite travel snack! Otherwise, I stick to sipping pure water and try to get as much rest as I can on the plane.

3. Hit the ground running… to a local grocery store. Before I even settle down, I always make a grocery store run to pick up my perishable essentials, like boxed salad greens (instant bowl!), cherry tomatoes, baby carrots, Dijon mustard and a few blocks of raw, or soft, goat cheese. Already, you have everything you need to make a delicious dinner! Simply dress your greens with fresh lemon juice, Dijon mustard and a few drops of stevia, then toss with your favorite toppings!

4. Take advantage of the opportunities in your new area. Being in a new place means there are fun and different things to be enjoyed! When I’m in Kansas, the local Whole Foods carries a smoked raw goat cheese that I can’t find when I’m back in Los Angeles, so I really savor it while I’m there! And New York offers some of the best colonics around, so I make sure to book an appointment when I know I’ll be in that area. If you have time to do some online-research, I highly recommend checking out the local resources before you go. This is especially helpful for finding good juice bars!

The Roasted Vegetable Salad from California Pizza Kitchen is one of my favorite meals on the road!

5. Enjoy dining out. If you find yourself dining out often while traveling, don’t stress! When I meet up with friends or family, I happily bring along my own salad toppings and dressing, so I can enjoy my very favorite goat cheese salad at whatever restaurant we happen to be dining at. I’ve never come across a restaurant that isn’t happy to serve me a simple green salad and a glass of wine! If I’m meeting with co-workers or clients, I’ll usually try to stick to something on the menu, like a salad topped with grilled salmon, or a green salad with an extra side of roasted vegetables. As long as you look comfortable and happy with your choice, I’ve noticed that no one really cares what you eat, anyway. Make sure you bring plenty of dark chocolate to share for dessert, too!

6. Keep moving! Whether you’re stuck on a plane, or sitting in a meeting, it’s easy to end up sitting in a chair all day long while traveling. Make sure to squeeze some movement into your day when you can! I actually bring along my favorite Physique 57 DVDs, so I can get my heart pumping in the most efficient amount of time. The 30-minute Total Body Workout doesn’t require the use of hand weights, so the only equipment you need is an (optional) inflatable playground ball—which easily fits into a suitcase, too!

After a challenging workout like this, you’ll sleep like a baby. Bonus!

I find that sticking to a detox-friendly lifestyle makes traveling more enjoyable than ever, so I hope these tips prove to be helpful the next time you find yourself on the road, too!


Thanks so much to Megan for all the inspiring tips- go check her out at The Detoxinista and fall in love with her detox-friendly treats and always-enjoyable blog posts!


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Dollar Store Veggies and Life Since The Rose Cleanse

This week I bought a pound of organic kale…for a dollar. I’ve struck leafy green gold at a dollar store near my hotel! I hop in every morning to see what sort of organic selections they have to offer me. Lately it’s been packs of romaine for juicing and today I was thrilled to snatch up their last box of organic cherry tomatoes!

Dollar Kale!

Britney and I have been working our way through this box the last couple of days- yesterday I threw together a kale salad dressed with creamy avocado, fresh garlic, a bit of plain tomato sauce, and a scoop of dijon mustard. The tomato/dijon combo was surprisingly amazing as a sauce!

Adorable Banana Babies

I’ve also been melting over these cute-as-heck baby bananas- they are so dense and cake-like. I’ve fallen in love. Speaking of fruit, I thought I’d mention some tweaks I’ve made since doing The Rose Cleanse last January. I happily juiced-til-dinner for the majority of February and still do on most days now. As long as it feels good, that’s what I do. I did however, find myself feeling a little lackluster once in a while and thought I’d tentatively experiment with some fruit. I used to get really bloated and sleepy eating fruit and doing a sugars cleanse felt really right. The first time I had some fruit post-cleanse though (and I’ve been eating similarly for a lot longer than just this year) I felt incredible! It was so filling and light at the same time and while I don’t indulge every day I’m able to feel out which days it’s really going to feel awesome and which days I’m happy with my veggie juices. I’ve tried out coffee and tea and amazingly (which was never the case before) the fruit feels better. I’ve gone the coffee route a few times in a frantic work pinch but it’s definitely not the norm.

A few other changes I’ve made: I like to eat some nuts and seeds with my dinner sometimes (tahini dressings make the top of the list), early veggie snacks before dinner tend to happen on long work days, and I’ve been toying with raw-honey sweetened desserts. I try not to take in any more sugar than my usual dark chocolate bar feeds me and sometimes a raw honey/cacao treat really hits the spot! That’s about all the changes I can think of. How are all of you post-Rose Cleansers doing?


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