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Simple Cauliflower Soup with Crunchy Garlic Bits

1/2 small onion, chopped

1 head cauliflower, broken into florets

butter or coconut butter to saute

fresh thyme

salt and pepper

handful Just Roasted Garlic


Saute the onion for 2-3 minutes, add cauliflower, cover with water and simmer for 20 minutes or until soft. Pour all ingredients into a blender and blend til creamy. Top with the Just Roasted Garlic.

This was an accompaniment to my salad topped with the “Rockin’ Avocado Dip”  from Raw is Sexy.


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Carrot Juice Vanilla Float

Carrot Juice Vanilla Float

1 cup fresh carrot juice
2 big scoops vanilla ice cream (goat, almond, hemp, and coconut milk are all great, I used coconut)
Vanilla Stevia

Sweeten your carrot juice with about a dropperful of the vanilla stevia and add the ice cream! I don’t often re-make recipes as I’m always excited to try something new but this one is definitely an exception!

Coconut Bliss Ice Cream

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Food Porn for a Friday: Frittata with Leafy Brussels and Roasted Onions

Frittata with Leafy Brussels and Roasted Onions

I made this delicious frittata with the individual leaves from brussel sprouts and roasted onions. There was also chocolate involved in this meal, but that came later 😉


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Cardamom Roasted Cauliflower tossed with Kale Salad

Cardamom Roasted Cauliflower over Kale Salad

Last weekend I was gifted with something I’ve been longing to add to my kitchen for quite some time now: a mortar and pestle. Not only is my roommate an awesome food photographer, she has perfected the art of gift giving for someone who is usually rather anti-gift. She has a knack for buying me things she knows I will love or won’t buy for myself (unusual bars of dark chocolate…hats with ears…sweaters for the hairless cat that resides with us…). So we have her to thank for inspiring the deliciousness that was tonights dinner, using whatever whole spices I could find in our cupboard and some beautifully colorful heads of cauliflower. The freshly ground spices really made a world of difference in flavor!

For the Cauliflower:

3 heads cauliflower, broken in to florets

1 red onion, thinly sliced

a little melted butter to coat

seeds from 8 green cardamom pods

1 tsp whole peppercorns

1 dropperful NuNaturals liquid stevia

sea salt to taste


For the Kale Salad:

1 bunch curly kale

1 avocado

sea salt


Preheat oven to 425.

Using a mortar and pestle or a food grinder, grind the cardamom pods and peppercorns. Toss the cauliflower florets and onion with the freshly ground spices and just enough melted butter to lightly coat. Add sea salt and stevia. Bake in greased pans for 45-60 min, stirring halfway through.

While cauliflower is baking, remove the kale from stems and chop. Massage the avocado and sea salt into leaves to soften.

When the baking is finished, you can toss it with your kale while its hot or wait for it to cool. I took this to work so I didn’t get to try it hot but the cooled version was delicious!


The best new chocolate discovery I've had in ages.


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Sweet Battered Zucchini Sticks

Sweet Battered Zucchini Sticks


zucchinis, sliced into fry-like wedges
coconut flour
coconut oil spray
sea salt and freshly cracked black pepper
NuNaturals stevia powder

Preheat oven to 400. Pour coconut flour, salt, pepper, and powdered stevia into a dish. Spray zucchini wedges with the coconut oil spray and coat them in the coconut flour mixture. Place, single layer, on a baking tray. Spray one last coat of coconut oil spray and bake for 30 minutes. They will become very soft, crumbly and bread-like, are wonderful as dessert OR dipped in BBQ sauce!

And Dessert. Of Course. Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Nibs.

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Food Porn for a Saturday- Parsnip Polenta from Emily Eats

Parsnip Polenta for an Autumn Night

I know its not Autumn, but I wanted to post a shot one of my favorite recipes I made again recently from the blog Emily Eats: Parsnip Polenta for an Autumn Night. Its lighter than cornmeal polenta and absolutely delicious with the caramelized onions and roasted brussel sprouts!

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Metropolitan Market Salad

Last weekend I spent a day in Seattle and went into one of my favorite stores, The Metropolitan Market. Gourmet food stores are one of my biggest guilty pleasures, I will wander down every aisle and almost always leave with something overpriced and delicious that I couldn’t find anywhere else. This visit involved hunting for that nights dinner ingredients and what I came up with was so delicious I had to share!


1 big bag mixed baby greens

1 avocado, scooped out in chunks

a handful of Just Carrots

a handful of Just Garlic

a spoonful of Moroccan Mustard

juice from one lemon


All of the ingredients were mashed together with a plastic fork and my on-the-go dinner was complete!


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