Well this is it friends! I’ve long wanted a space where I could not only share recipes but also offer coaching in terms of detox, juice fasting, and emotional eating. The Vegetable Centric Kitchen will remain as it is but to see any future posts from me, please visit and subscribe to!

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New Year, New Bod…No Wait, New Blog!

Every year I can remember up until 2013, I had some sort of resolution involving changing my body (more specifically, losing weight). Last year I finally broke that spell when I resolved only to say kind things to and about myself and my body. Was I perfect? Does anyone ever accomplish their New Years Resolution perfectly? January 1st, 2014 is also when I began a 70 day juice fast. Why? Sometimes I wonder. Mostly I think I was looking for an extraordinary experience of some sort. I had highs and lows but the more extraordinary experience came in the latter part of the year when I finally felt I’d moved on from the years of disordered eating, began a regular meditation practice and started taking internal adventures that had nothing to do with green juice or dress size. This year it didn’t even cross my mind to make any sort of resolutions to “get a hot bod” or “achieve my bikini body, finally!!!”…All I want at the end of 2015 is to see a woman in the mirror who is more peaceful, more loving towards herself and others and more grounded in who she is.

In the next month or so I’ll be launching my new website which will mark the end of The Vegetable Centric Kitchen. My new space will continue to offer vegetable magic with the addition of services: coaching in intelligent detox, juice fasting, and guidance through the rocky world of emotional eating and challenging relationships with food and body. I’m so looking forward to sharing that with you and will announce the new site name shortly!

Much love.


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Scrambled Eggs with Herbs and Curry

Happy day before Thanksgiving! I’ve been quietly enjoying my classwork with The Institute for the Psychology of Eating, scheming up blog plans for next year, and pretty much keeping my recipe creations to myself! This one however, was too good not to share. I was having a simultaneous craving for both ginger and eggs and this is where things ended up:

Scrambled Eggs with Herbs and Curry


grass fed butter

4 pastured eggs

1 green onion, chopped

1 tsp curry power

1 clove garlic, minced

1 thumbnail sized piece of ginger, peeled and minced

2 Tbsp fresh basil, chopped

2 Tbsp cilantro, chopped

sea salt, to taste

freshly cracked black pepper, to taste

chevre, to taste

Heat a pat of butter over medium-high heat in a small pan. Whisk eggs with remaining ingredients (except the chevre, salt and pepper). Pour egg mixture into the pan and stir until scrambled to your liking. Season to taste and top with chevre.

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Body Love, Eating Psychology and The Disappearing Blogger

Hello friends,

I’ve been fairly quiet since the end of my last juice feast. My recipe sharing has been scarce and I’ve been doing a lot of inner work. If you’ve followed this blog from the beginning, you’ve seen me through a million cleanses, juice fasts, and dietary experimentations. I’ve blogged about my struggles with emotional and binge eating many times, only ever really sharing the tip of the iceberg in what I was going through. Today, I am overjoyed to say that I feel more free than I’ve ever felt in my life and I truly love my body for the first time (even though it looks the same as it has for years). I no longer have hangups or obsessions about cleansing or having the “perfect” diet and I can’t imagine why it took me so long to see everything so clearly…Well, I guess I can. I was afraid of letting go of control and afraid to trust myself. I’ve wanted to be a health coach for years and I’m finally ready to take the steps that will allow that. Interestingly, I’m not as focused on detox or diet as I once was and I think I will be of much greater service to the world by focusing my efforts a little differently. In a few weeks I’ll be starting a course with The Institute for the Psychology of Eating and am unbelievably excited to expand my knowledge and gain skills in working with others. Don’t get me wrong, I still love my veggies. I’m still the nuttiest of the health nuts I know…but it doesn’t run my life anymore and I’ve freed up so much space and energy to experience more of life. Looking forward to sharing more in the days to come ❤


(Quote from the incomparable Danielle Laporte)


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Butter Roasted Purple Carrots with Truffle Salt and Rosemary

Butter Roasted Purple Carrots with Truffle Salt and Rosemary

All Summer I’ve been enjoying carrots in a rainbow of colors- any kind will work for this recipe of course but I found the purple to be particularly vibrant and beautiful.


1 bunch of purple carrots, tops removed

1 Tbsp organic butter, melted

1 Tbsp dried or fresh rosemary

truffle salt, to taste

freshly cracked black pepper, to taste

Preheat oven to 400. Slice carrots and toss with butter and rosemary. Place a piece of parchment paper over a baking tray, layer on the carrots, and bake for 20 minutes. Season to taste.

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Garlic and Herb Goat Yogurt Dressing

I’ve recently fallen in love with creamy, dreamy goat and sheep yogurts. I love them unsweetened, silky and tart, they make a lovely dessert or simple breakfast. In this recipe I blend a container with fresh herbs and spicy garlic for a bright, flavorful dressing that is great over baby greens, zucchini noodles, dipping veggies, or spreading on sandwiches in place of mayo.

Herb and Garlic Goat Yogurt Dressing


1 small container plain goat or sheep yogurt

1 small handful fresh chives

1 small handful fresh basil

1 small handful fresh tarragon

2 garlic cloves

juice of 1 lemon

sea salt, to taste

Blend until creamy.

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